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Considering giving ZipJob a go? To put together this ZipJob review, we submitted a genuine resumé to see just how much this service could improve our job search prospects. Here’s a detailed summary of what we found.


Everything we do these days seems to revolve increasingly around technology, and finding a job is no exception. Is it a human or an applicant tracking system (ATS) that you need to impress with your resume? In either case, using a professional resumé support service can do wonders for the number of interviews you get.

In fact, ZipJob is so confident of its ability to impress, that the company guarantees you’ll get two to three times more interviews after using its service. We set out to investigate just how ZipJob goes about this.

What is ZipJob?

ZipJob is an online service that helps you to land your dream job by reworking your resume. Professional resumé writers overhaul everything from formatting and writing style to keywords. The result? An ATS-optimised resumé that’s ready to speed through applicant tracking systems until it lands on the desk of the person who matters.

It’s a collaborative process – ZipJob assigns you a writer who will not only rework your resumé but who is there to chat to via the ZipJob dashboard. Based on your existing resumé, any major projects you’ve completed, and the kind of jobs you’re going for, the writer produces a unique, fully optimised resumé.

Find Zipjob here


Is ZipJob Legit?

ZipJob is a legit service that seems to have a good reputation online, with 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.  83% of the ZipJob reviews there are ‘excellent’ and 12% are ‘great.’ Impressive stuff.

While there are a few negative ZipJob reviews out there, ZipJob asserts that a rival company created these. My experience of using ZipJob, and its score on Trustpilot, would seem to back this theory up. I found the service useful and the staff polite and professional – and my resumé was certainly far more impressive once ZipJob had worked on it.

Why Do You Need to Optimise Your Resume for ATS?

A large number of  major employers now use applicant tracking systems. An ATS can filter applications electronically, based on keywords, years of experience, skills, former employers and schooling.

ZipJob states that applicant tracking systems filter out over 75% of resumes before a human ever sees them. That means that all the work that you’ve put into your resumé could be pointless, unless you’ve optimised it for ATS software.

Women shaking hands

How Much Does ZipJob Cost?

ZipJob offers a free review and three paid service options. The paid ZipJob service packages include:

  • Launch – $139
  • Fast Track – $179
  • Premium – $299

I trialled the Launch service option for the purposes of this ZipJob review. The service includes:

  • A professionally written resumé, with unlimited revisions
  • ATS keyword optimisation
  • 1-2-1 communication with a resumé writing expert

The Fast Track option also provides a cover letter, and Zipjob’s 60-day interview guarantee.  The guarantee states that if you haven’t had two to three times more interviews within 60 days, Zipjob will rewrite your resume for free.

The Premium option includes the cover letter and guarantee as well. It also provides an update of your LinkedIn profile (including keyword optimisation) and access to one of Zipjob’s most senior resume writers. Premium customers also enjoy lifelong updates to their resumes. This means you can use the service each time you want a change in your career. It also comes with expedited delivery, meaning you receive your resume in three working days, rather than the four to six days that the other services offer.

ZipJob pricing

The ZipJob Free Trial

If you’re not sure about paying for a resume review service, Zipjob’s free trial can give you a taste of the company’s expertise before you commit any money. The Zipjob free resume review service provides you with a resume review within 48 hours.

It includes expert insights into how you’re presenting your skills and experience and an ATS scanning test to see if your resume can make it through the scanning software. Zipjob’s free trial also includes a design and formatting critique – a pretty impressive cost-free option.

How to Sign up to ZipJob

Signing up to ZipJob is simplicity itself. You first create an account by entering your name, email address and chosen password. The site will then ask for payment for your chosen service.

Once you’ve paid, it’s time to provide ZipJob with a few details. I had a resume that I’d written previously, so uploaded that, but if you don’t have a resume, the site simply prompts you to enter the required details.

Next, ZipJob poses four questions in order to find out what kind of roles you’re looking for, your motivation for doing so, examples of jobs that you like the look of and what your recent notable achievements / projects have been.

The whole process took me just a few minutes.

ZipJob interface

ZipJob then assigns a writer ‘within 24 hours.’ I was pleasantly surprised that my writer contacted me just five hours after I uploaded my resume. You can message the writer at that point or wait until they contact you.

My writer reached out to me promptly to introduce herself and to check a couple of details about the kind of roles that I was seeking. She then got to work on my resume, which I received just over three working days later.

ZipJob Review: Our Experience

Overall, I was impressed with Zipjob’s service. The site was easy and intuitive to use, and the process was efficient.

My expert writer asked relevant questions that contributed to enhancing my resume while not taking up much of my time. She was polite, professional and knowledgeable.

Most importantly, the ZipJob version of my resume looked and sounded fantastic. There was a small glitch when I first received it, in that the writer had added the LinkedIn profile address of a different person with the same name as me, but she quickly sent me the corrected version as soon as I raised this.

ZipJob resume

One of the things that I found interesting about using ZipJob’s service was the language used on my resume. It beautifully described my skills, experience and career goals using terms that were clearly optimised for ATS software but that also sounded impressive to a human reader. This certainly bodes well in terms of modern recruitment processes.

Is It Worth Using the ZipJob LinkedIn Optimisation Service?

One element of the service that I didn’t experience as part of this ZipJob review was the LinkedIn profile optimisation that comes with the Premium service package.

Plenty of hiring takes place via LinkedIn these days. Personally, I’ve picked up more than one writing client through that platform, and that’s only from using it very casually. It stands to reason, then, that having an optimised LinkedIn profile could well be an investment in itself. It’s also a great way to support your resume’s messages.

Whether you feel that’s worth the Premium service price tag of $299 is of course a personal decision. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, then be sure to at least read our recruitment expert’s article on LinkedIn profile tips in order to ensure that your LinkedIn account is doing all it should be to support your career.


ZipJob is a useful service if you’re looking to improve your resumé. It seems very feasible that it could boost your chances of getting through applicant tracking systems, and secure you more interviews.

The staff are knowledgeable, courteous and laser-focused on helping each user to develop the best possible resume.

While I’m content freelancing at the moment, I would be more than happy to use ZipJob if I was planning to apply for full-time roles and wanted my resume to be in the best possible shape.


Is ZipJob Good Value?

Whether or not you see Zipjob as good value really depends on how much you are prepared to invest in your own future. If you’re job hunting and money is tight, then handing over $139 (or more) may seem a daunting prospect. However, it could be money well spent if it helps you to find work faster. Personally, I see it as a good investment in yourself and your future career.

Remember – ZipJob offers a free trial that can help to improve your CV while giving you a taste of the company’s services. As such, if you’re not happy with forking out $139+ then you can always opt for the free trial first.

Who is ZipJob Good for?

ZipJob is a handy service for anyone who is job hunting and wants to get ahead of the crowd. It’s a competitive world out there, so making sure your resume ends up at the top of the pile can be a tricky business. ZipJob can help you do just that.

Who is Zipjob Less Good for?

ZipJob is less suited to those who are applying for positions at smaller, independent businesses that don’t use ATS software. The service can still be useful in terms of CV presentation and showcasing your skills. However, it’s arguably less good value for money if you’re not going to benefit from the ATS optimisation in any way.

ZipJob steps

Is ZipJob Good for Freelancers?

Many freelancers said goodbye to traditional resumes when they opted out of the 9 to 5 lifestyle. There are still some freelancers, though, who use a resume to showcase their abilities, in which case ZipJob could be of use.

As a freelancer myself, I wouldn’t see a need to use ZipJob in order to further my working from home career. I find that freelance portfolios tend to be more useful than resumes when it comes to drumming up writing work.

ZipJob Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Expert writers ensure that your resume appeals to ATS software and humans alike.
  • No time limit for revisions to your resume – you keep going until you’re 100% happy with it.
  • Option to include cover letter, LinkedIn profile optimisation  and more.
  • Handy free version of the service.

The Bad

  • Not really suited to freelancers.
  • Premium package cost is a little eye-watering.

Find Zipjob here.

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