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At HomeWorkingClub.com, we have grand plans to one day become the ultimate resource for home workers and freelancers.

But to get there we need content; quality content and lots of it. And we know we’ll need to pay for it.

This is where you may be able to help. We are willing to pay for article submissions that meet our quality standards and add value for our readers.

What we need

We are interested in the following types of content:

Case Studies detailing successful freelance ventures, containing practical and actionable advice that aspiring freelancers can learn from. See this case study on Shopify for an example of what we mean.

Detailed reviews of everything from job boards to micro working sites to software tools for freelancers and home workers.

Articles containing freelance advice from people who’ve been there and done it. This is the kind of thing we mean. Please note that articles of this nature need to be the best around, and not the kind of “5 Things you Need in your Home Office” pieces that have been done 1000 times before!

What we will pay

If we accept your submission and commission a piece from you, we will negotiate a suitable fee, which we will pay by PayPal once the article is live (you are responsible for declaring your income!)

Rates can vary, but would typically range from $25 for a simple piece to $100 plus for a detailed review of several thousand words.

How to apply

If you wish to write for us, you must supply all of the following, by email, to [email protected] :

  1. The proposed title for your piece
  2. A brief description of exactly what you intend to cover
  3. Details of your personal expertise in the subject
  4. Some previous examples of your published work (live links please)
  5. A headshot and author bio (see the bottom of any article on the site for an idea of what we need)

Prior to applying, please ensure you’ve read some of the content on the site so you understand our tone and target market.

The process

If we are interested in you producing your piece for the site, we will be in touch by return email to discuss rates, deadlines and other details. If you don’t receive a response within three weeks, please assume that (for whatever reason) we don’t consider you or your content to be quite the right “fit” for the site.

Typical reasons for turning down submissions include:

  • Poorly worded pitches / poor grammar
  • Lack of writing samples, or samples that don’t meet our standards
  • Content that’s already too similar to articles already present on the site

Please note that all submissions will go through an editing process that may include SEO optimisation. 

All completed pieces will be checked for plagiarism and no payment will be made until this process is complete. Once you have been paid for an article, it becomes the property of HomeWorkingClub.com, so please don’t publish it elsewhere. However, we will of course be delighted to see you include it in your personal portfolio.

About links

We will only include outgoing links in your articles at our discretion – if they are genuinely useful to our readers and / or relevant to your content.

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