5 Easy Ways to Make Extra Income From Home  

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Sometimes it’s good to go right back to basics and brainstorm for new working from home ideas. This short article presents a handful of suggestions to start you off, along with links to some much more in-depth information.

According to studies by the TUC, over a quarter of a million more people in the UK alone have started to work from home in recent years. Research also suggests that over 35% of women choose to work from home. Reasons include the need to care for their families, reducing the cost of a commuting, and working around disabilities.

Not all home working jobs guarantee a full-time paycheck. As a result, some families find it difficult to rely on one stream of income to make ends meet. We all know the internet is full of “get rich quick” scams, but it’s also full of genuine opportunities to make extra income from home. So let’s talk about some of them now:

Selling Your Stuff Online

While selling food is subject to some tricky regulations, you can sell items you make or clutter you need to get rid of in your home. Plenty of online shops like Etsy, GumTree, and Shopify allow you to sell your stuff online. And don’t forget eBay, where it’s still possible to make good money for clutter.

Still got that sewing machine you received as a gift years ago, but never used it? Sell it online for a cheaper price. Not only will this help you make a quick profit, but it will also free up extra space in your home.

Profit From Your Home

If you own your property, you can earn extra cash with a reserve mortgage. This allows you to convert your home equity into cash. Since the loan is tax-free, this option helps thousands of seniors prepare for retirement. If you plan to remain in your home for a long time, a reserve mortgage could benefit you.

Rent Out your Extra Space

If you find yourself with more space than you actually use, you could consider letting out a room.

Rent space

People all over the world are renting out their homes for various reasons. In fact, you can turn your home into a gold mine by renting out empty rooms, driveways, garages, and even appliances!

Use online booking sites to advertise your space. If you choose to rent out a room or even the entire house, you can make money within a small timeframe. Sites like Airbnb release payments to owners within 24 hours of check-in.

Another option is renting out your garage for storage space. Many people cannot afford the luxury of paying a fortune for a storage unit. As a result, people can successfully rent out extra garage space for something in the region of £100 ($130) a month – just be careful to consider the insurance implications!

Write for Blogs

If you have a knack for writing, there are thousands of blogs looking for writers. You don’t always need to be an established professional to find writing jobs online.

This article lists some good places to find writing jobs. You can even write for us – just please be sure to follow all the instructions in the guidelines if you send a pitch!

Answer some Surveys

There are definitely some “scammy” online survey companies out there, but there are some good ones too. They tend to pay promptly in cash and vouchers.

Filling out surveys doesn’t take a lot of work and it’s a useful way to turn idle time at the computer into cash. If you want to get involved, take a look at IPSOS iSay and Populus Live (UK only).

The bottom line is that there are tons of creative ways to earn money from the comfort of your home, and we discuss plenty on this site. Many people find ways to sell old items or even gold for cash – some even manage to rent out their homes for a film set with great pay rates! You just need some imagination and effort.

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