Vindale Research Review: A Decent Survey Site?

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When I was asked to complete this Vindale Research review, I was intrigued. I hadn’t heard of this particular survey site, even though I’m registered with many.

As normal, I started off by having a look at the site’s Trustpilot score. It was a pleasing 8.1 (at the time of my review). It’s always good to see positive reviews of a site before you start dabbling. If others have had success then it’s likely you can too.

What is Vindale Research?

Vindale Research is a free-to-join online survey panel. It’s available in the USA, UK and Canada. The site has paid out over $6 million in rewards.

Unlike many other survey sites, Vindale Research gives you a proper cash reward for each survey you complete, rather than a mysterious points value. As such, you know exactly what completing each survey is worth. This gets a BIG TICK!

Find Vindale Research here

Vindale Research Review: Signing up

To complete the signup process you must first enter your email or link your Facebook profile, and provide some basic personal details.

The next step is to verify your email address. Once you have done that you are given the opportunity to sign up for additional survey panels, as shown below:

Extra Vindale panels

I am already a member of most of these, so I just bypassed this section. However it may be worthwhile if you are early on in your journey through what all the various survey sites have to offer.

After this step, you immediately have the chance to earn your first $1 by completing a “tutorial survey.” This takes less than five minutes and earns you your first $1.

The first positive of Vindale Research is that surveys seem to be available through any device, and employ a really easy to use interface.

What Can I do to Earn Money on Vindale Research?

Vindale Research Surveys

Completing surveys is the main money maker from Vindale Research.

After the initial signup, I already had four survey opportunities waiting for me. You receive lots of email invitations too, so it is always worth clicking through when you receive these. The surveys vary in length and reward and are only available until the required quota of people has joined in.

To access each survey, you click through and are asked to complete some initial eligibility questions. You may get screened out at this point. At other times, a “screen out” can happen after you’ve completed a portion of a survey. This is always a bugbear when it comes to surveys but it just goes with the territory. One downside to Vindale Research, unlike most other survey sites, is that you receive no reward when you do not complete a survey due to being screened out.

Sometimes, when you are screened out you are automatically taken to another survey. You are not always given an indication of survey length and reward when this happens. I prefer to return back to the list of available surveys when this happens.

Vindale surveys

A wide variety of surveys come up, and some require you to install apps. These tend to earn better rewards, but I am not personally happy to do this. Privacy is important so make sure you read the terms and conditions thoroughly before committing to any such survey.

Once you have completed a few surveys, the opportunity to complete “Global Test Market Daily Studies” (up to 10 times per day for $1.25 per survey) becomes available. In my experience, you will not be eligible for every survey but this a great way to earn money quickly.

Vindale Review: Other Ways to Earn Money

Vindale Research Referral Scheme

One great bonus with Vindale Research is its lucrative referral program. Each person that signs up using your referral link and completes surveys worth $1 or more in total (not including the tutorial survey) earns you $5. It does state that referrals should not include anyone in your household.

I put the referral scheme to the test and received the credit just a short time after my referral completed a survey. You really can earn good money here by sharing your code on social media and getting your friends to sign up. You will get your money even if they just do one survey and never go near the platform again.

Vindale Research Reward Codes

As an incentive for you to follow Vindale on social media platforms, they post reward codes on their Facebook and Twitter presences and on their own blog.

A question is posted and the answer is the code that you enter on the website. It’s always a simple answer that just requires a quick Google. The codes won’t make you big bucks and are normally worth just 10 cents each, but it does all add up. There is a timeframe to enter these, so be sure to redeem them as soon as possible if you spot one.

Bonus Opportunities

This part of the website shows small ways in which you can add a few extra cents to your total balance. You can vote in a daily poll on the Vindale blog, but it hardly seems worth bothering with this as there’s no reward for it.

Vindale daily questions

There’s another daily activity where you can earn 50 cents for answering a daily question on the Vindale blog. The best 20 answers each day win 50 cents. Only a handful of people actually seem to complete this task, so it is a worthwhile exercise – the chances of having your answer picked seem quite high.

Payment Photos

This is a nice way to earn a little bit of extra cash towards your next Vindale Research payment. If you get far enough with the website to receive your first payment, you can send a picture of you holding a note saying a thank you to Vindale for your $50. Once your photo is reviewed you can tweet it to @vindale with a specific hashtag. Within three business days, the company credits your Vindale account with an extra $5.

Job Center

Job Center is advertised as a new area on the Vindale Research website. Only available in the USA, it will show available full-time, part-time and even short-term ‘gig’ opportunities in your local area. As I am based in the UK nothing is available here. However, if you’re in the US it may show you some ways to earn money that you weren’t previously aware of.

Vindale Research Payments

The threshold you must reach to become eligible for payment is a minor downside of Vindale Research. You must reach the $50 mark before you can access your earnings. You need to request your payment via the website before each payment window closes. Payments are processed on the 15th and last day of each month. You can only request payment of $50 at a time, so if your account has $55 you will only receive $50 and the remaining money rolls over.

You are paid directly into a linked PayPal account.

Vindale balance

In the four weeks I’ve been completing my Vindale Research review I’ve managed to earn myself $25.61, with another $2 worth of surveys pending approval. I haven’t spent very much time completing surveys so I am pleasantly surprised by this total.


I have really enjoyed completing my review of Vindale Research.

The surveys are on a wide range of topics, and even though I have been screened out of a lot, I like the fact there always seem to be plenty of opportunities to earn money.

The downside, of course, is the $50 payment redemption total. However, as I earned more than half of this in less than a month, it seems that regular cashouts are easily achievable.

I’m a big fan of survey sites that give you a monetary value for each survey and the option to pick and choose your surveys depending on time and value. (Qmee is another platform that works in this way).

Vindale Research is certainly a survey site I will actively continue using. Based on my results so far, averaged over a year, Vindale research could realistically earn you $200-300 annually. And that’s not bad just for completing surveys!

Vindale Research Pros and Cons


  • Surveys can be completed on any device
  • Great referral scheme
  • Large variety of surveys
  • Monetary value for surveys rather than points
  • Fairly short timescale to reach the payment threshold


  • Frequent “screen outs” with no “consolation prize”
  • High payment threshold to redeem your money
  • Only available in a few countries worldwide
  • Some partner surveys and apps could raise privacy issues

Find Vindale Research here and start making money!

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