UserCrowd Review: Is UserCrowd Worth It?

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If you’re looking for an effortless way to earn some extra money, you should definitely read this UserCrowd review.

Before we start, I should emphasise that joining UserCrowd isn’t going to make you rich, and nor is it anything like a full-time job. However, it IS an incredibly easy way to top up your side-gig funds – doing something that takes literally seconds at a time.

Before we start, I shall answer an important question:

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    Why Listen To Me?

    I’ve been using UserCrowd since back in 2017. Since then I’ve personally completed over 500 tests on the platform, and received several payouts with no problems whatsoever.

    UserCrowd Test Rating

    I only recommend services when I’m personally happy with them – and there’s no UserCrowd affiliate scheme. As such there is absolutely no financial incentive for me to recommend it!

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    Let’s start off our UserCrowd review by explaining exactly what the website is:

    What Is UserCrowd?

    UserCrowd is a website that allows you to earn a small amount of side income from checking out new websites and apps, and giving your opinion on them. It was formerly known as UsabilityHub.

    UserCrowd review

    Companies and developers often need to verify that customers will be happy with new designs and functions. As a home worker, you can be one of the people who tests out the sites and apps. You give your feedback and get paid to do so.

    UserCrowd a similar concept to UserTesting, which we’ve reviewed here, but it’s executed in a very different way. For testers, it’s nowhere near as lucrative – but it’s still worth a look, as we’ll come on to shortly.

    To help alleviate any confusion, I should explain that UsabilityHub still exists. However, it’s now the brand for the other side of this service – the side that provides the testing service to clients.

    How Does UserCrowd Work?

    Where some user testing sites task workers with spending a prolonged period on a website and recording their feedback, UserCrowd is more about answering (really) quick questions. For example:

    • You may be shown three possible designs and asked to choose which you prefer.
    • You could be shown a site for five seconds and asked what you remember about it.
    • You might be asked a few more in-depth questions about a brand, app or website.

    It typically takes seconds, rather than minutes, to complete a test on UserCrowd.

    After signing up with UserCrowd, you can opt to receive a notification of new tests via email, browser notification, or both. You simply click through to the test, follow the simple instructions, and watch your earnings (slowly) mount up.

    If you’re shy about doing user testing because you don’t want to do voice or video recordings, you’ll be fine with UserCrowd, because you do everything in a web browser, and it’s all text based.

    There’s also nothing to worry about in terms of “getting it wrong.” You’re giving your opinion, not being tested yourself!

    Quick Tips!

    As with many testing sites, grabbing the tests quickly is key to maximising your income. Once they’ve gone they’ve gone. As such, I’d recommend switching on the browser notifications so that you can jump on them as soon as they pop up.

    UserCrowd Notifications

    UserCrowd also offers both desktop and mobile tests, so if you ensure you always have your phone handy (who doesn’t?!) you can earn from the mobile tests too.

    UserCrowd Review: Rates and Payments

    UserCrowd isn’t going to help you retire early or buy a beach house. This is pocket money income for tasks that take just minutes or seconds of your time.

    Having said that, in recent years, the site has doubled up on fees, and they’re not too shabby for the tiny amount of time you have to spend on the tests.

    Screenshot of money made on UserCrowd

    The screenshot above will give you an idea of what you can earn. The amount depends on the expected time to complete each test – a 20 cent one is usually just one quick question, and takes seconds.

    Based on the time taken, all this would actually add up to a fairly respectable hourly rate! But that’s not what this is about – there aren’t nearly enough tests for that!

    The screenshot also gives you an idea of the earning potential of UserCrowd. I intentionally showed you income for a period of a month, and it adds up to $4.40.

    I did warn you that this is only a side gig…

    But let’s put this in perspective:

    I you look at my earnings for this year, I’ve already cashed in $41.20, and I should comfortably reach the $10 minimum payout again before the year is out.

    screenshot showing UserCrowd payouts

    Given that there’s almost zero effort involved in participating in these tests, signing up to UserCrowd is a pretty easy way to get an extra $50 or so each year.

    And remember – this really isn’t “work.” Tasks often take less than a minute, and some take literally a few seconds. You can’t get a task “wrong,” because you’re merely giving your opinion. So it’s really easy to jump in and do these tests when they’re available.

    You can cash out once you reach a balance of $10. Thanks to a more steady supply of tasks, and some that pay out more than a Dollar a pop, it seems far easier to reach that balance than it used to be in the UsabilityHub days.

    Cashing Out (with Payment Proof!)

    Cashing out on UserCrowd is a simple matter of reaching the $10 threshold and clicking a button in the dashboard to request your money.

    Your work gets checked for quality (I think) at this stage, but I’ve never had any issues getting paid.

    Payouts officially take up to a month. However, I did recently see a warning that payouts were taking longer:

    screenshot showing delays to UserCrowd payouts

    I wasn’t hugely impressed with this, to be honest. There’s really no excuse to make people wait that long. If you’re struggling to process all the work – hire more people!

    However, I put my request in as normal and got paid after just a few days. I should point this out though, to warn you that you may encounter slower than expected payout.

    Conclusion: Is UserCrowd Worth It?

    UserCrowd is never going to make you a fortune, but signing up IS worth it.

    The best way I can truly judge the sites I review on HomeWorkingClub is whether I continue to use them after I’ve typed up the review.

    As you’ve seen, I continue to user UserCrowd several years on. This isn’t because it’s lucrative, but that it’s such easy money, it would make no sense not to!

    But whether or not UserCrowd is worthwhile for YOU will depend a lot on your situation.

    If, like me, you’re almost permanently looking at your laptop screen, and don’t have a boss or client who’s going to object to you flicking onto something different for a minute or two here or there, I think UserCrowd is well worth signing up to. It’s basically easy money just for giving your opinion.

    However, if you have a different work setup where someone keeps an eye on what you do on your computer, or have limited hours in front of a screen, the rewards are perhaps too small to make it worthwhile.

    If you’re only interested in big earning opportunities, UserCrowd won’t be for you either. But as a component of a money-making “toolbox,” or as part of a plan to save for a special occasion, it’s well worthwhile.

    I’m not going to be negative in my UserCrowd review just because the money you can earn from the site is limited. Many home workers have numerous simultaneous hustles going on, and this is a good one to add to the list. What’s more, the effort involved is really minimal.

    If you fancy giving it a try, you can sign up here. 

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    UserCrowd: A Credible User Testing Site
    4 of 5 stars 1 review
    • Reputation
    • Earning Potential
    • Ease of Use


    • Easy to sign up and get started.
    • “Work” that anyone can do.
    • A reliable platform.
    • Sometimes quite interesting from a design/user experience perspective.
    • Low payout threshold.


    • Earning potential is limited if you’re not regularly at your computer.
    • Payouts are reliable but can be delayed.

    18 thoughts on “UserCrowd Review: Is UserCrowd Worth It?”

    1. I think the given tests are more localized to the country where the tests come from, you will receive more test. Since I live in Indonesia, It’s been months I received no tests.
      So usercrowd test is going to be like a lottery test to me.

    2. This site is a scam. Once a payout fails balance goes back to $0, then support doesn’t reply. I don’t recommend it at all. Unless you’re willing to do work for months, finally get enough to request a pay out and it disappears.

      • I’m allowing this comment to share your experience, but it doesn’t mirror my own as I have had several successful payouts.

    3. Hey folks, Matt here, one of the UserCrowd co-founders. First of all, my apologies for how the rating system has affected your accounts.You’re all correct that the current system is overly aggressive in how it responds to ratings below 100%. To clarify, this is an unintended consequence and we’re aware of the issue and are actively (this week as of this writing) working to address this.

      We have a fix coming soon that will restore normal test access to folks with ratings in the high 90’s but there are some longer term changes we’ll need to ensure the impact of a rating is fair and balanced. I just wanted to make sure folks knew tester experience is definitely something we care about and I genuinely appreciate the feedback from the community.

      • Hello Mateja
        what’s happening with the site now.
        No one else had a comet who was given a rating or was paid.
        Is the site 100% legitimate?
        You know we Serbian are suspicious.
        Please reply to.

    4. This happened to me too. When I reached exactly 200 tests my rating suddenly dropped to 99%. I haven’t seen a test in 3 months now.

    5. If you make ANY mistakes or they don’t like your feedback on User Crowd your tester rating will drop below 100% and you will cease to get tests and they will keep your hard earned money!!! There is NO way to get your tester rating back over 100% because they CUT YOU OFF. UGH! Scammers!

    6. Cool writing about User Crowd as I saved their link on my computer and forgot about saving it and other links too as I went to open their page I was wondering (I saved the sign up area) what I saved? So I Googled the company and seen Ben’s writing so okay lets find out what that link was about (Time goes by you forget!) and I enjoyed what he was telling me about User Crowd as we have to look out for scams. Yes Ben I tend to always research a company before signing up. I’ll be signing for your HWC link.

    7. Interesting, I just signed up to check it out for the heck of it, and I had three tests that I just completed in a heartbeat. I agree, why not pick up some extra cash, it will be like dropping coins in a jar and seeing what you have accumulated at the end of the year.

    8. Nice review, I’m always interested in seeing if I can make a bit of extra money since I’m online a lot so will definitely give them a try and see how I get on.


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