User Interviews Review 2023: How To Earn From Your Opinions

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How do you like the idea of earning $50-100 per hour for doing something as simple as sharing your opinions?

In this User Interviews review, I share details of a site where you can do just that.

Let’s begin.

Manage Your Expectations

I can already hear you saying “surely it can’t be that simple!” and “what’s the catch?” And you’re quite right to be cautious. So let’s get the honest caveats out the way before we even start:

On User Interviews, you CAN earn the kind of money mentioned above. I’ve done it myself, and I waited to cash out before publishing my UserInterviews review.

Example study on User Interviews

But this isn’t a site where you can earn $50-100 per hour consistently. In other words, this is a side hustle opportunity – not something you can do as a job. If it was – well – everybody would be doing it.

You could wait weeks or months before qualifying for a study. But as and when you do, the rates are fantastic, the “work” is easy (perhaps even enjoyable!), and payment is prompt.

Let’s dive into more detail, starting right at the beginning.

What is User Interviews?

User Interviews is a market research company that “connects researchers and participants.” UserInterviews carries out research projects for household name firms including Amazon, Spotify and CNN.

As a participant, you can apply to take part in these research projects. For example, a User Interviews client may wish to hear from people with school-age children, people who use social media regularly, or people who drive electric cars.

User Interviews Home Page screenshot

It’s important to understand that companies always seek specific demographics for their user research projects. In practice, this can mean that you wait a long time to “fit the mould.” You may see dozens of studies you don’t qualify for, and then suddenly encounter several “perfect fits” in the space of a month.

Getting your head around this is crucial for two reasons: Firstly, so that you appreciate that UserInterviews (and similar market research sites) are a place to earn extra money – not a place to earn a living. Secondly, it emphasises the importance of not giving up and assuming a site is rubbish, just because you don’t qualify for a study straight away.

PRO TIP: If you want to maximise your income from panel sites like this, sign up to several. You can find some other options here.

Is User Interviews Legit, or a Scam?

User Interviews is a legitimate company, working with over 6000 companies seeking user feedback, and over 700,000 research participants. UserInterviews is not a scam.

How Do You Earn Money from User Interviews?

Broadly, you earn from User Interviews by participating in market research studies, but these can be in various formats:

  • User tests: Trying out new websites and apps, and sharing your opinions on them.
  • Interviews: Answering interview questions about products and services, usually on a video call.
  • Focus Groups: Providing feedback in an online group setting.
  • Diary Studies: Longer studies, usually very well paid, logging things like eating and TV viewing habits.

None of the work is at all intimidating. You’re being paid to share opinions and feedback, and you’re often told when participating that there are “no wrong answers.”

It’s important to note that while some User Interviews studies pay out cash, others pay out via a choice of digital gift cards instead. The good news is that there’s a large choice available. To many of us, Amazon gift cards are as useful as cash, in the grand scheme of things.

User Interviews Payout Options

How Much Work is There on User Interviews?

User Interviews states that the company runs over 2000 studies each month. That can add up to a lot of work, but – as stated above – it doesn’t mean that you will fit the demographic for any of it.

Another factor to consider is seasonality. All market research and survey companies seem to have quiet times and much busier times. For example, at the time of writing this User Interviews review, we’re at the start of the year, and all of these companies are pretty quiet. That’s because the businesses that send them work are only just starting to spin their wheels after the holidays.

As such, don’t be disheartened if you sign up and don’t see many studies. Since joining User Interviews, I’ve seen periods where there have been pages and pages of studies to scroll through – but I’ve seen much quieter times too.

Available studies on User Interviews

Where is User Interviews Available?

If you wish to participate in studies on User Interviews, you must be located in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, or South Africa. If you’re elsewhere, it’s worth checking back on occasion, as the company does seem to be branching out into other territories.

User Interviews Review: How to Sign Up and Earn

Getting started on User Interviews is super simple. You complete a simple sign up process, build a profile to teach UserInterviews’ system about your demographic information, and then you’re free to start to apply to studies.

User Interviews Process Screenshot

As part of setting up your profile, you also have the option of connecting your User Interviews account to your Facebook profile. The theory here is that it teaches the company more about you, which can result in you being matched to more suitable studies.

There are two ways to find suitable studies: One is to browse the listings, and the other is to wait to receive email notifications about studies that match your profile.

I’ve been successfully matched to studies via email notifications, but if you want the best chance of getting onto paid studies, it makes sense to regularly browse the listings and apply to anything that sounds suitable. The same applies on similar sites, such as, and on sites running online surveys.

Regardless of how you discover a study, the first step is to complete some pre-qualification questions.

User Interviews Process Screenshot

You then wait to see if the researchers select you for that study. If they do, you’re notified by email. Depending on the style of the study, you can then get started straight away (if it’s something automated) or book in a convenient time (if it’s a live test, or something in interview format).

If you’re booked in for an interview or live test, it’s CRUCIAL to follow the instructions and turn up on time. If you don’t, you can be prevented from getting involved in future studies.

Completing Studies on UserInterviews

Once you get past the hurdles of finding a study you’re suitable for, and being selected as a participant, it’s time to actually do the work and earn the money.

Exactly what’s involved will vary from study to study.

The first one I was recruited for was a quick online user test – looking at a website and providing my feedback. Interestingly, the test itself was conducted on the UserTesting platform – another site we have reviewed here. The task actually paid me slightly more than a similar task on UserTesting itself. I received $15 for 15 minutes (equivalent to $60/hour), but it actually took less time than that.

User Interviews Payment Proof

For that particular task, there was no human contact involved. I simply browsed the site, answering certain questions and speaking my thoughts out loud. This kind of thing can seem a little daunting to begin with, but is actually extremely easy, with no “wrong answers.”

The next test I took part in was a live interview about nicotine products. That one required me to book an appointment time, and then join a session via Google Meet. It was basically just a free ranging conversation with a researcher.

Getting Paid

Getting paid by User Interviews is straightforward and prompt.

Although the site states that it can be several days before you get paid after completing a study, mine have come through much faster so far.

UserInterviews Payment email

You receive an email when your payment is ready.

If you’ve completed a study with a gift card reward, you click a link and are taken to a catalogue of different redemption options. Pleasingly, you can select your local currency, and see options relevant to your own country. (As somebody in the UK who frequently ends up with USD Amazon credit to spend, this is a big plus!)

Once you choose your option, the electronic gift card comes through straight away.

Earning from Referrals

There’s a generous User Interviews referral scheme, where you can receive a payout by referring friends or colleagues to a specific study, or to UserInterviews generally.

At the time of writing, you can earn up to $30 for a referral. All referrals are paid out as Amazon gift cards.

Other Online Feedback

When I typed up my UserInterviews review, I also took a look at other reviews, and the User Interviews TrustPilot rating.

After such a positive experience myself, I was quite surprised to only see an average rating, with a few negative reviews bringing that average down. Conversely, both G2 reviews and reviews of User Interviews on other blogs are overwhelmingly positive.

It does seem likely that a site handling thousands of monthly studies will have a few unhappy participants, but it’s important to remember than User Interviews is a high-profile site with many blue-chip customers. My own experience has been nothing but professional. I’ve shared my own User Interviews payment proof, and payment has actually been faster than promised.

Also – being cynical but realistic – sites like this do have to deal with participants that are less than perfect, including those that use VPNs and other trickery to sign up from invalid locations.

If any readers do have any negative experiences, feel free to let me know.

Tips and Best Practices for User Interviews

  • Check the study listings regularly: While you will get email invites to studies, the best way to ensure you don’t miss anything is to check the listings.
  • Always answer the screening questions honestly: Don’t try to “trick” your way onto a study by providing the answers you think they are looking for. Not only do you risk a ban, you also risk looking really foolish when you’re questioned on something you know nothing about.
  • Show up on time: If you qualify for a survey and don’t turn up, don’t expect to qualify for any future surveys. Make sure you make a note of the appointment on your calendar.
  • Keep your profile up to date: The more User Interviews know about you, the better they will be able to match you to suitable studies.
  • Be patient: A suitable study may not be there for you today, but it could appear tomorrow. Don’t give up!
  • Give studies your full attention: You are being well paid for giving your opinion. Respect the interviewers by ensuring you are not distracted.
  • Hide confidential information: For some studies, you will need to share your computer screen. Close any unused applications and disable your notifications to prevent distractions and privacy breaches.

Conclusion: Is User Interviews Worth It?

User Interviews is definitely worth it, and gives you the opportunity to earn a very respectable amount of money, simply for giving your opinion.

However, it’s important to have realistic expectations. There’s no guarantee that you’ll fit the necessary demographics for the studies available – especially on the first day of trying the site.

I’m a big fan of User Interviews and similar sites, because I throughly enjoy participating in market research studies. There aren’t many side gigs where you’re well paid for simply sitting there talking about yourself, or picking apart new apps or website designs. Sign up to several of these panel sites, and you can expect a steady drip of suitable opportunities.

If that appeals, I’d definitely recommend signing up to User Interviews.

UserInterviews Review: Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Great rates of pay once you qualify for a study.
  • Prompt payment.
  • Links with true household-name companies.
  • Enjoyable work that you can’t really “get wrong.”

The Bad

  • Some studies only pay out in gift vouchers.
  • No guarantee you will qualify for any studies.
  • Some negative online feedback.

User Interviews Alternatives

There are several similar sites to User Interviews. As previously stated, it’s worth getting signed up to several, then you can maximise your chance of qualifying for paid for.

Start off with:

  • UserTesting: This site is more focussed on usability tests, although there are some interviews too. The site consistently has a high volume of work.
  • A very similar site to User Interviews, with online focus groups and various other study options. This site has a bit more of a focus on business themed studies.
  • TestingTime: Another site that offers a combination of usability tests and in person interviews. I’ve personally participated in (and earned money from) several studies on this site.
User Interviews - Well Worth Signing Up
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  • Reputation and Trust
  • Payout Speed

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