Upwork and Workforce Logiq Deal: More Work for Freelancers?

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Some exciting news here if you’re a freelancer who searches for gigs on Upwork: You may soon find lots more interesting jobs on the platform, and some fresh opportunities from household-name companies.

A deal has been announced between Upwork and Workforce Logiq, a workforce management firm that helps large companies find freelance talent across the world. The companies that use Workforce Logiq are reported to have access to $3 Billion in “hiring spend.” This could mean a LOT more jobs on Upwork.

It all begins in October 2019.

What is Upwork?

Ubiquitous amongst freelancers, Upwork is the world’s largest freelance job board. It connects freelancers in a wide range of roles with clients searching for their services, and lists thousands of different job roles

What is Workforce Logiq?

Workforce Logic is a workforce management company that helps big firms find talented staff. The company was previously known as Zero Chaos.

The Partnership

The partnership between Upwork and Workforce Logiq is intended to give Workforce Logiq’s clients access to the huge selection of global freelancers who work via Upwork. According to a press release announcing the move, companies that use Workforce Logiq will be able to access freelancers using their existing managed services.

What does this Mean for Upwork Freelancers?

Exactly how the partnership will affect freelancers isn’t yet completely clear. However, it’s long been the case that certain big companies have found freelancers via Upwork. There’s actually a subsection of Upwork known as Upwork Enterprise, which is already used by the likes of Microsoft, Airbnb and Dropbox. (Editor’s note: I’ve personally come across Microsoft jobs on Upwork in the past).

Upwork Enterprise

It seems probable that more large companies will soon be adding their gigs to the thousands of other opportunities available on Upwork. After all, why would Upwork segment them out and risk creating a situation where freelancers begin to ignore smaller clients’ gigs?

A browse of Workforce Logiq’s website doesn’t reveal a client list, but case studies on their success stories page include one from a 80-year-old multinational car manufacturer, and another for a gaming company with nearly $1 Billion in revenue.

Obviously there’s no telling exactly how many new Upwork jobs this will all result in, but it seems likely there will be some interesting new opportunities from some exciting new names.

Our Analysis

Upwork is certainly evolving fast at the moment. This year has already seen the introduction of a controversial new fee structure – one that divided opinion. At HomeWorkingClub we were in favour of this change, despite the controversy, as we saw it as something that should lift the overall quality of the platform. Charging freelancers a nominal amount should – in theory – reduce clutter generated by those with a non-discriminatory approach to applying for jobs.

If this new partnership does result in a considerable number of new, high quality freelance opportunities for skilled workers, it will definitely seem like that evolution was worthwhile.

Upwork is clearly taking steps to increase the quality of the freelancers on its platform. This news could mark the start of a much-needed improvement in the quality of clients, too!

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