UHRS Guide – What Is UHRS and How Does It Work?

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The dream, for many home workers, is to find a website where there’s consistent, genuine online work available. For some, this dream comes true with the discovery of UHRS (the Universal Human Relevance System).

Don’t worry if that all sounds rather mysterious! In this article, we explain what UHRS is, how you can get involved, and what you can expect to earn.

We also try to provide regular updates on what’s known about the availability of jobs on the UHRS platform in different places across the world

The information here was last updated on 27th July 2022.

We shall start at the very beginning:

What is UHRS?

UHRS stands for Universal Human Relevance System. It’s a web-based platform for online work. It gives you the opportunity to earn money from home by completing short (and often repetitive) tasks.

UHRS provides small jobs (known as “Hits” or “HitApps”) for home workers, usually involving categorising and verifying the accuracy of online information.

The kind of tasks (HitApps) you complete on UHRS are generally related to improving the performance of online search engines. They’re tasks that require a human eye and can’t reliably be performed by machines.

This all comes under the banner of Search Engine Evaluation, something discussed in more detail in this article.

Is UHRS Legit?

UHRS is a completely legitimate platform, operated by a household-name internet giant. Using UHRS is reliable way to earn money online.

Confidentiality on UHRS

It’s fair to say that UHRS is shrouded in a certain level of secrecy. This is because the platform has strict confidentiality requirements.

People working on UHRS are bound by a Non Disclosure Agreement, and are not allowed to share details of the inner workings of the platform.

At HomeWorkingClub, we take these rules seriously, which is why we can’t go into a huge amount of detail here, and haven’t shared any screenshots. (It’s fair to say that a couple of other websites have recently published UHRS guides that appear to have shared way more information than is permitted!)

All this said, the main UHRS webpage is something you can easily find on Google. It gives away more information than it did in the past. For many years, all you could see was a mysterious UHRS login page.

What Information IS Public?

On the main website, UHRS is described as “a crowdsourcing platform that supports data labeling for various AI application scenarios.” It describes UHRS workers as “judges” who can “label (data) at scale.”

The site then goes on to present some examples, such as annotating data for search relevance, identifying the relevance of search results, transcribing speech, and annotating video and image data to aid in machine learning.

There’s also one BIG piece of information you can glean from this public website, if you don’t work it out from the fonts. If you click on the “Privacy” and “Terms of Use” links, you will see that UHRS is linked to Microsoft.

The UHRS Reddit Thread

If you want to find out a little more about what’s going on on UHRS, there’s a very lively UHRS Reddit thread here.

UHRS Reddit thread screenshot

Strictly speaking, every UHRS worker discussing the platform on the Reddit thread is breaking the UHRS terms and conditions. However, since Reddit is a relatively anonymous platform, it’s unlikely that they would be able to link the users to their UHRS accounts.

As such, the UHRS Reddit group is a good place to go if you want to learn more about working on the platform. The fact that the subreddit is so active also points to the consistent availability of microwork on UHRS.

How Do You Gain Access To UHRS?

Probably the easiest way to gain access to UHRS is via ClickWorker, a micro-working platform (review here). When we tried out UHRS ourselves, that was our “route in,” and at the time of writing, UHRS work remains available on the platform.

There are also some other home working sites that are said to sometimes partner with UHRS, such as:

Please note that Clickworker is the only platform we’ve tried for this, and therefore the one we suggest using. Also important is that you should only join UHRS via one platform. Clickworker states that joining through multiple vendors “can lead to the permanent suspension of your UHRS access and all vendor accounts connected to you.”

It’s crucial to note that the need for workers on UHRS can wax and wane, and may be available (or not available) on different platforms, in different countries, at different times.

As such, our best advice is to take the opportunity to get set up on UHRS as and when it presents itself.

How to get onto UHRS Via ClickWorker

To get onto UHRS via ClickWorker, you must first sign up to that platform. You can sign up here, and read our full review for more details.

Clickworker Homepage

Once you have an account on ClickWorker, you can then apply for UHRS. To qualify to work on the platform, you must pass a straightforward assessment that verifies your skills. You must also go through a process of setting up accounts for the system.

It’s worth noting that there’s nothing you need to do that requires any prior experience or specialist skills, however it’s crucial to follow the instructions fully, or you could find that a silly mistake stops you gaining access.

Once you have gained access, you need to complete further assessments within UHRS to gain access to the different tasks (HitApps) available.

So, the general process is as follows:

  1. Join ClickWorker.
  2. Complete the UHRS assessments within ClickWorker.
  3. Create your UHRS account.
  4. Complete the necessary training and practice tasks for each UHRS “HitApp.”
  5. Complete as many tasks as you wish / as are available in order to earn.

ONCE AGAIN: As there’s always a chance of UHRS applications being closed when you want to work on the platform, it makes sense to complete the assessments and establish your status on UHRS as soon as possible.  

Furthermore, it’s wise to log into your account regularly and complete a few HitApps to keep your account live, as unused accounts do expire. 

Due to the strict confidentiality requirements, I can’t give a specific example of any of the tasks on offer. However, you can deduce from the information publicly available that they’re the kind of tasks you often find on other microworking platforms such as Amazon Mechanical Turk. You could, for example, be dividing pictures of webpages into categories.

UHRS: Current Availability (Updated July 2022)

We regularly investigate whether UHRS work is widely available.

As of July 2022, there were UHRS tasks available when logged into Clickworker. However, it was unclear whether assessments for new UHRS workers were available.

UHRS Applications Email

From time to time, ClickWorker sends out emails like the one shown above, which a reader shared with us. We will update this UHRS guide as and when we see another one.

It’s important to emphasise that the doors do close from time to time. Furthermore, they may not always open in all countries at the same time.

How Much Work is Available?

The volume of work available on UHRS varies from day to day and from country to country.

Please remember that it’s unwise to rely on ClickWorker / UHRS as a sole source of income, when the work can and does dry up at times.

What tends to happen is that from time to time you’ll come across a task that you enjoy doing, and one that works out to a good hourly rate. If you have the time, it’s well worth taking advantage and earning the money while you can!

The reality of all microworking platforms is that the availability (and type) of work can vary. There can be days of “lucrative” tasks that add up to a decent hourly rate, and days where you’re scrabbling around for less enjoyable and less well-paying tasks.

How Much Can You Earn on UHRS?

UHRS can prove a rich source of simple but relatively well-paid online work. When there’s work available on the platform, it’s feasible to earn a solid $10 per hour or more carrying out simple tasks, often involving verifying information on websites and search engines.

Using UHRS from Abroad

Clickworker support is very specific on the issue of using UHRS from abroad, stating that it should only every be used in your country of registration. As such, don’t be tempted to use it whilst travelling. Trying to circumvent these restrictions with a VPN is unwise as you could risk losing access to the platform.

You CAN use Clickworker itself from abroad, although there are some caveats around this – see Clickworker’s FAQs for details – but make sure you don’t use UHRS – or you risk losing your account.

Help and Support

There are sometimes issues with UHRS such as technical glitches that can stop you completing tasks. This can prove very irritating when such an issue prevents you proceeding and making money.

In the first instance, it’s best to use the “Report a technical issue” feature within the “marketplace” interface. You may have to move on to another task to continue earning until such an issue is rectified.

It’s also worth noting that ClickWorker can sometimes help with issues, especially if they’re regarding problems accessing the system from the ClickWorker home page.

In our experience, ClickWorker quickly responds to these difficulties (within a day), and has also been able to help with issues such as logging onto the system and not seeing any jobs available.


A useful source of additional information about UHRS is the UHRS FAQ on the Clickworker website.

An Important UHRS Rule

UHRS is very strict on privacy, so be sure not to share screenshots of work you do. We were asked to remove screenshots from this article.

Keeping your Account Live

UHRS accounts that lie dormant do get deactivated. To avoid this, it makes sense to log in regularly and complete a few tasks, even if you have plenty of other work going on. This ensures you still have access to UHRS if you need to to bring in some extra cash in the future.

Alternatives to UHRS

The closest alternative to UHRS is Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, which offers similar tasks. You will find a detailed review of it here.

Mechanical Turk (MTurk) has a similar issue in that applications are sometimes closed from certain countries. It’s therefore well worth getting set up to secure your access to these platforms as and when the opportunity presents itself.


UHRS is a strange thing to write about, because the confidentiality requirements leave us unable to go into nearly as much detail as we usually do about different home working opportunities.

Much as we’d love to share details of individual HitApps, and provide more comprehensive tips on using the platform, the Non Disclosure Agreement means we can’t.

However, there’s nothing to stop us giving a general recommendation:

Working on UHRS isn’t glamorous. Like all micro-working jobs, it can be repetitive, and unforgiving in terms of penalising you for mistakes. However, it’s always good to have little “money taps” to turn to. By becoming established on UHRS, you have something you can always turn to for a bit of extra cash – and who wouldn’t want that?