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This article introduces UHRS and provides constant updates on what’s known about the availability of jobs on the Universal Human Relevance System platform in different places across the world. The information here was re-verified on 24th November 2017 through contact with ClickWorker support.

What is UHRS?

UHRS stands for Universal Human Relevance System. It’s a web-based platform for online work, accessed via ClickWorker, a micro-working platform. UHRS provides small jobs (known as HITS) for home workers, usually involving categorizing and verifying the accuracy of online information.

As discussed in our detailed review of ClickWorker, UHRS can prove a rich source of simple but relatively well-paid online work. When there’s work available on the platform, it’s feasible to earn a solid $10 per hour or more carrying out simple tasks, often involving verifying information on websites and search engines.

How to get onto UHRS

To qualify to work on the platform, you must pass a straightforward assessment that verifies your skills. You must also go through a process of setting up accounts for the system (full details are found within our ClickWorker review).

Clickworker microjobs for students

Once you’ve gained access, you need to complete further assessments to gain access to the different tasks available.

In order to access the assessments, you need to sign-up with ClickWorker. The assessments are not always available as UHRS opens and closes applications in different countries depending on the volume of work available. Read on to find out which countries have applications open.

As there’s always a chance of UHRS applications being closed when you want to work on the platform, it makes sense to complete the assessments and establish your status on UHRS as soon as possible.  

UHRS: Current Availability (Updated November 2017)

At the time of writing, UHRS is open for assessment applications via ClickWorker in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

This information is based on an email conversation with ClickWorker support, who also stated that assessments in other countries are “paused” with no set date when they will next be available.

How Much Work is Available?

The volume of work available on UHRS can vary from day to day and from country to country.

At HomeWorkingClub.com, we keep a regular eye on the level of work. After some solid months where there were typically at least a couple of tasks with over 1000 “HitApps” available when checking from a UK account, it seems as if UHRS is quiet in the UK – but this doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of work in other countries.

However, this does illustrate the point that it’s unwise to rely on ClickWorker / UHRS as a sole source of income, when the work can and does dry up at times.

Help and Support

There are sometimes issues with UHRS such as technical glitches that can stop you completing tasks. This can prove very irritating when such an issue prevents you proceeding and making money.

In the first instance, it’s best to use the “Report a technical issue” feature within the “marketplace” interface. You may have to move on to another task to continue earning until such an issue is rectified.

It’s also worth noting that ClickWorker can sometimes help with issues, especially if they’re regarding problems accessing the system from the ClickWorker home page.

In our experience, ClickWorker quickly responds to these difficulties (within a day), and has also been able to help with issues such as logging onto the system and not seeing any jobs available.

Alternatives to UHRS

The closest alternative to UHRS is Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, which offers similar tasks.

The key issue with Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is that applications are often closed, and (as far as we know) it’s rarely possible to sign up from anywhere other than the USA or UK. It’s well worth getting set up to secure your access as and when the opportunity presents itself.

Other side gigs you may wish to check out include:

UsabilityHubFor performing “micro” website testing jobs.

UserTestingFor larger website testing jobs that pay $10 each.

IPSOS iSAYFor surveys that pay out regular Amazon vouchers.

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