Top Remote Working Companies for 2020 Announced

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There’s a reason to be happy this year if you’re hoping to change your life by working from home. Flexjobs has just released its annual study of the top remote working companies across the world. It has reported considerable “growth in the sheer volume of remote job listings.”

More and more companies now allow staff to work remotely. The new Top 100 list includes firms that have long supported remote working, such as Dell and Hilton. There are also newcomers such as World Travel Holdings and Achieve Test Prep.

The healthcare and tech sectors lead the field in remote jobs, but there are also plenty of companies offering roles in everything from customer service to accounting.

There would be little point in recreating the entire Top 100 list here. However, below we have provided some commentary on some of the most notable companies that caught our eye.

If you skip to the end of the article, you can also find a special, limited time offer, AND news of an exciting Virtual Job Fair, taking place later this month.

Top Remote Working Companies



Top of the FlexJobs list once again, Appen is a big name in the remote working world, offering roles doing everything from search engine evaluation to translation.

Never assume that companies like Appen are all about low-paid, repetitive tasks. Looking back at the roles on offer in recent months, Appen has also been taking on specialist linguists and project managers.


Probably the biggest name in teaching English online, VIPKid comes third on the list. It’s a hugely popular platform with over 500,000 students.

Getting accepted for the platform isn’t the easiest thing in the world, as the process is…thorough. That’s no bad thing, as it ensures that only the best applicants get through and that they are able to build a steady income. And it’s not as if there are no other alternatives for teachers – see below!

We have a detailed review of VIPKid here, and also a comprehensive guide to passing the VIPKid interview

EF – Education First

When you think about teaching English online you assume the companies involved must be relatively “young.” However, EF has been involved in the world of international learning since 1965.

It offers a credible alternative to VIPKid, with teachers able to earn up to $20 per hour. You can enquire about getting involved here (requires a degree from a US or UK university).

EF Education First


I often mention Amazon when I’m discussing remote working companies. Amazon offers this kind of working arrangement to lots of employees at all levels. In addition, I often see “partial remote” roles too, indicating that Amazon has a generally progressive attitude to flexible working.

Home-based roles on offer recently have included options for research scientists and recruiters, and there’s always plenty available in the tech field too. In fact, there are so many opportunities that we wrote an Amazon Work From Home Jobs article.


Another stalwart member of the FlexJobs list, Hilton employs home-based sales and customer service representatives, and has also recruited for lots of tech / programming roles over recent months.

I often receive emails from people trying to find relatively “entry-level” remote roles in customer services and sales. An increasing number of big names now offer home-based positions like this. You’ll notice more on our list of firms that take on home workers.


Conentrix is another example of a company that’s realised you can allow people to work from home in entry-level customer support positions.

Primarily a global call center firm, Concentrix advertises almost constantly for people to take on phone-based roles from home.

They offer lots of different shift patterns, including temporary, night and seasonal work. Worth looking into if you already have other commitments and are looking for remote working companies with flexible hours.

United Health

More and more healthcare jobs are “going remote,” and I’m asked about the options a lot. United Health has fully embraced the trend, and offers home-based jobs at all levels.

The company has already recruited for fully-remote business analysts and auditors this year, and I even spotted an associate director position that was 100% remote.

United Health’s Glassdoor ratings are also rather strong, suggesting the company is good at looking after its employees, wherever they work.

Above, we have just seven examples. You’ll find 93 more on the full list!

A Special Offer

FlexJobs makes its top remote working companies list freely available each year. Unsurprisingly, it gains plenty of publicity.

You can also look at what roles the companies have historically recruited for, to get an idea if they offer the kind of jobs that join up with your skillset.

To access the current listings on FlexJobs, you need to subscribe. As per our full review, these subscriptions inexpensive, and offer various other benefits such as access to training courses.

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The 2020 Virtual Job Fair

Remote Job Fair

On Thursday, January 30th, FlexJobs is holding a Remote Work Virtual Job Fair

This event is for FlexJobs members only, and gives people the opportunity to chat to potential remote employers and even participate in video interviews – there and then.

Companies involved in the job fair include Lionbridge, Appen and Hilton – so it’s a good opportunity to dip your to in the water if you’re feeling curious about your remote working option.

The event runs 10am to 7pm Easter Time on 30th January – so make sure you grab your membership first, with discount code TOP100.

The TOP100 discount code expires after 22nd January 2020.

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