Tailwind Review and Tutorial: The Definitive Social Tool?

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Sometimes, managing your Pinterest and Instagram accounts can seem like a full-time job. Fortunately, there is a tool that can save you both time and hassle. In this Tailwind review, I discuss an easy to use app that will help you manage and grow your Pinterest and Instagram accounts. I also run you through a quick tutorial explaining my own strategy for using Tailwind.

My Tailwind review discusses the benefits of Tailwind, and how I use it to help grow my personal accounts, as well as the accounts of my clients. We will also discuss some of the details of Tailwind, such as pricing.

As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, Tailwind is my best friend. It isn’t just a helpful tool, but a necessity for me! If a Pinterest or Instagram Virtual Assistant works without Tailwind, they are like a blacksmith without an anvil, or a baker with no flour.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This review concentrates primarily on using Tailwind for Pinterest. I’ve also written a separate article about my own experiences of using Tailwind for Instagram, which you’ll find here.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a social media scheduler that allows you to schedule content to be posted or pinned during peak times of the day.

Imagine you own a small business and you have a brand-new product you want to share with your followers (or potential followers) on Instagram; Without Tailwind, you have to try and guess at what time of day most of your followers are online. You obviously want to post about your new product when the highest percentage of followers are around, so that your product is seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

With Tailwind, you no longer have to do any guesswork. You can create your post and schedule it to be shared during peak hours, ensuring the most exposure possible. However, referring to Tailwind merely as a scheduler is an injustice – because it does so much more than just schedule posts.

In addition to scheduling content to be posted, Tailwind also suggests potential hashtags you can use to maximize the exposure of your content. Tailwind also offers detailed analytics, so you can see exactly how well your posts and pins are performing! In addition, Tailwind offers the convenience of managing both Instagram and Pinterest from one easy to use interface.

Tailwind Pricing

Tailwind has made pricing very simple. Unless you are the owner of a very large business, there is only one paid membership available, and that is the “Plus” version of Tailwind. The “Plus” version includes everything you will need to successfully utilize all that Tailwind has to offer.

To be honest, before I became a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and I was only running my own blog, buttertogetherkitchen.com, I was a bit hesitant to shell out the $10 for Tailwind.

“I can manually pin my content and pocket the ten bucks,” I thought. However, believe me when I say that $10 per month is a small price to pay to schedule pins or posts ahead of time, and avoid the stress and hassle of manually pinning or posting. When I found myself spending hours each day manually pinning content, I finally caved and shelled out the $10, and I have not regretted it once!

Plus, as I have already said, there is so much more to Tailwind than just scheduling pins and posts. All in all, Tailwind is priced very fairly and is more than worth the ten dollars.

Who should use Tailwind?

Tailwind is great for anyone using Instagram and Pinterest, but it is primarily a tool for those using those social media platforms to promote a business or product. Tailwind is basically a marketing tool. In the world today, having a social media presence is essential for every brand or company that wants to grow.

As we discussed above, Tailwind helps you to gain popularity on social media platforms by ensuring you post during peak hours so that you get more exposure. Posting quality content frequently is essential to social media growth too, and as a scheduler, Tailwind helps you do just that.

Does Tailwind Improve your Pinterest Reach?

It is well known that growth on Pinterest and other social media takes time. As I tell my clients, growing on Pinterest is a marathon, not a sprint; Patience is key. However, I truly believe that Tailwind speeds up the process of growth, as this part of my Tailwind review illustrates.

It is safe to say that HomeWorkingClub is a fairly established site. Since its inception, Ben has published tons of quality content. However, despite having really, really great content, his presence on Pinterest was minimal. In fact, when I first started as his Pinterest VA, he had a reach of just 153 monthly unique visitors, which is the number of visitors who view his content on Pinterest monthly (not clicks to his site).

But, after only two short months of my being his Pinterest VA (and using Tailwind), his reach has jumped to 11.7k average monthly visitors! It isn’t that Ben’s content changed (because it was already great), but establishing a presence on Pinterest by utilizing Tailwind as a tool has lead to some fantastic growth on Pinterest thus far.

The Importance of Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes is, for me, another reason why Tailwind is worth every penny. You can almost liken Tailwind tribes to a sophisticated Facebook group; Tribes are made up of other Tailwind users who are in some way related to your niche, and you can post up to 30 pieces of your own content, per month, in any of the tribes you are a part of. Tribes are beneficial to everyone involved. When you post your content in a tribe, it increases your exposure exponentially.

Tribe activity

As you can see in the above screen grab, of the 30 pieces of content posted in tribes, Home Working Club received 14 shares by other users in the tribes, which resulted in 1.9 million reach.

It works both ways too. If you are using Tailwind heavily, eventually you may well run out of content to pin just by searching for it on your own. If you are in a tribe, you have access to tons of relative content that you will want to pin or post! So, instead of searching for great content to pin or repost manually, an array of content that is relevant to your niche is already there for you.

As I mentioned, Tailwind allows you to join up to five tribes, and post 30 pieces of content into each tribe per month. However, if you would like to upgrade so that you can join more tribes and post more content per month, Tailwind provides some options. Tailwind offers upgrade packages starting at $59 per year, and these go right up to $359 per year. The details of each package are shown above.

Tailwind Review: My Strategy 

There are a number of ways you can utilize Tailwind and all it has to offer. But personally, the following is how I utilize Tailwind for my personal Pinterest, and for the accounts of my clients:

I try to stick to a ratio of 70:30; By that, I mean that 70% of my pins are mine (or my clients’) content, and 30% of my pins are the content of others. I have found this to be a good balance between activity (i.e. the frequency with which I pin) and self-promotion.

I pin the content of others so that it’s relevant to the niche, but I primarily pin my own content because I am trying to grow my brand. I can’t do that unless my own content gets posted!

Pinterest HWC

It’s extremely important that you only pin good content. Always remember, you want quality over quantity. It may be tempting to schedule every pin you find, but your audience always appreciates helpful, quality content more than a large amount of mediocre, irrelevant content.

For some, scheduling pins can take as little as 30 minutes per week. As long as you are scheduling quality content, that is no issue. However, for me, it can take approximately two to three hours per week to ensure I am only pinning relevant, good quality content for myself and my clients. It takes time to weed out the good content from the average. This is another reason why Tailwind Tribes is so great. I primarily pin content from Tailwind Tribes because that content is almost always quality, relevant content. This is your business, so be cautious!

Tailwind Review: Conclusion

If you’re trying to grow your presence on Instagram or Pinterest, Tailwind is a very useful tool that will provide results. Tailwind saves an incredible amount of time by allowing people to schedule posts or pins in advance, and it provides helpful tools that make growth easier.

All in all, I must conclude my Tailwind review by saying that this is an essential tool that anyone serious about growth needs in their arsenal. There’s no need to pay anything – you can start with the trial and see if Tailwind really is for you!

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