Tailwind for Instagram: Some Cool New Features!

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I’m a big fan of Tailwind, and a paying subscriber. I originally purchased Tailwind to manage posts on Pinterest, and make use of Tailwind Tribes. I also like that Tailwind for Instagram lets me schedule posts in advance – complete with effective hashtags – thanks to its hashtag finder.

I should probably admit, at this stage, that my personal efforts to commit to using Instagram seem to come in fits and starts – but that’s another story, and nothing to do with Tailwind!

Anyway, I recently found out that there are some new features in Tailwind for Instagram that will make it even more useful to people who want to boost their social media activity. These are a great complement to the hashtag finder, which I explored in detail in this previous article.

Tailwind for Instagram

Hashtag Comments – Using Tailwind for Instagram

If you know anything about Instagram, you’ll know that getting your content noticed is all about using the right hashtags.

Unfortunately, making the best use of them can be a time-consuming chore (especially for those of us who still can’t type accurately on a smartphone touchscreen!)

The hashtag finder mentioned above transforms that for me, allowing me to do the tricky bits on a computer screen instead of my phone. It also helps me choose the right hashtags, shows me which are more competitive, and saves lists of those I use frequently.

Tailwind hashtags

The new feature is small but significant, and you’ll see it on the image above – the checkbox for “Post hashtags in first comment.”

This is something many seasoned Instagrammers do. Instead of cluttering up the Instagram post with a mass of hashtags, they post them in the first comment. This gives the post similar exposure, but a much neater look.

This new Tailwind for Instagram feature means that it’s now possible to make use of all the hashtag finder features for the first comment instead of the post itself, and include the first comment when making use of Tailwind’s post scheduling features.

It’s a small thing, but it will make a huge difference to lots of Instagram fans, who often use clumsy copy and paste techniques to manipulate hashtags. This is a LOT easier!

Automated Video Posting

The other new feature added to Tailwind is the ability to automate the posting of videos to Instagram. (This feature is in “beta” at the time of writing).

If you’re really going for it with Instagram and want to cue up lots of content in advance, you can now do it with video as well, again making use of the hashtag features. The only important thing is to ensure you get the aspect ratio of the video correct, so that everything works when it posts.Image ratiosThese features enhance a solution that I was already rather impressed with. Once I started using Tailwind for Instagram, I largely stopped using Instagram’s own app to upload anything.

My personal workflow is to:

  • Take pictures on my phone and edit them if necessary.
  • Allow them to “magically” find their way to my computer, thanks to the wonders of iCloud!
  • Use Tailwind to choose hashtags, create the posts, and schedule them in advance.

I have to say I don’t miss doing all the posting using a mobile app.

You can find Tailwind here, and there’s a free trial available if you want to try this stuff out. If you’re serious about getting established on Instagram and / or Pinterest, it’s well worth a look.

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