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Welcome to the show notes hub for the HomeWorkingClub podcast.  A special “hello” if you’re visiting this site for the first time. Please linger a while and take a look at some of our written content.

Podcast shownotes

On this page we have links to the full show notes for every episode of the podcast. We also have full transcriptions, both for the hard of hearing, and for those who prefer to read than listen. 

Latest Episode

EPISODE 8 – Tips for Working from Home During Lockdown

This episode talks about ways to survive and thrive during the current crisis and lockdown. Covering everything from how to juggle work and childcare to having enough downtime, we hope it helps anybody struggling during this difficult time. Full show notes here. 


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Past Episodes

EPISODE 7 – Software to Change your Life!

In this episode, Ben gets very enthused about a selection of software applications that have been…”life changing.” If that’s a slight exaggeration, they certainly all save a lot of time and aggravation! Complete show notes here

EPISODE 6 – Is Freelance Feast or Famine Unavoidable?

In this timely episode, we discuss the peaks and troughs of working freelance, help you find ways to keep your income as consistent as possible, and tackle the challenging question of whether “feast or famine” is a choice, or a fact of life. Complete show notes here

EPISODE 5 – Why does Everyone Want to be a Writer? 

In this podcast we address a question that’s been bothering us: why is being a freelance writer so desirable? We discuss it in detail here, along with all the pros and cons for writing for a living. Show notes here.

EPISODE 4 – Is Upwork Worth it for Freelancers?

In this podcast we address one of the most common questions asked of us at HomeWorkingClub: Is Upwork worth it? The answer isn’t that straightforward, so you’ll have to have a listen! Show notes and transcript here.

EPISODE 3 – An Introduction to Freelancing

Part of a duo of episodes, this podcast looks at all the honest pros and cons of freelancing, as opposed to working remotely for a single company. It’s fair to say there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages! Show notes here.

EPISODE 2 – Remote Working Pros and Cons

In this episode we focus in on working from home for a single company, and the advantages and disadvantages. Part of a duo of episodes, the next looks at freelancing as an alternative. Show notes here.

EPISODE 1 – Remote Working vs Freelancing

In our first ever episode, we introduce the HomeWorkingClub website, discuss how it came to be, and discuss the merits of remote working vs freelancing, and the difference between the two. Show notes here.

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