Prolific Surveys Review – Is it Worth Signing Up?

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I took a look at Prolific surveys as I know plenty of readers of this site are on the lookout for side gigs to earn them a little extra money.

Prolific surveys are a little different to the kind of surveys you complete when you work on services like PrizeRebel or SwagBucks. Usually, such surveys relate to consumer behaviour or politics, or seek your opinion on new products. Prolific surveys instead come from academic institutions, so the kind of questions you answer generally form part of a university research project.

This makes for some rather more interesting surveys than normal. If, like me, you have an interest in psychology or other social sciences, filling out Prolific surveys is quite engaging – and certainly more engaging than ticking boxes about your household income and occupation over and over and over again!

But this Prolific Surveys review isn’t really about the kind of questions you’re asked. I imagine you’re far more interested in whether there’s any money to be made on this site? The good news is that this is my second iteration of this review, and the amount of work on the platform seems to have increased significantly.

So let’s get into the detail.

What are Prolific Surveys?

Prolific is a survey website, like any other. It’s definitely legitimate and it’s not a scam.Prolific surveys review

Prolific hosts academic surveys, so the surveys tend to originate from university research projects. As such, they are often about things like human behaviour, how you make decisions, and things like that. This means Profilic surveys are usually far more interesting to fill out than those on other survey sites.

How does Prolific Work?

As with other survey sites, to sign up with Prolific you provide some basic details to obtain a login.

Once you’re signed up, you’re pointed in the direction of “pre-screening questions” that make you eligible for more surveys. The theory is that the more of these you fill in, the more Prolific know about you, which gives you more opportunity to be matched to relevant surveys.

Prolific screening questions

I completed a considerable number of these questions (around 70, from a quick count), but there remain dozens more available to me. One day I may find myself tempted to complete more, to see if it has a notable effect on the number of surveys available to me. As and when I do, I’ll update the review.

Once you’re done completing as many pre-screening questions as you’re willing to, it’s a case of waiting to be matched to suitable surveys. Each time you are, you – in theory – receive a notification email.

However, one thing I have noticed about Prolific after being on a platform for a long time is that the notification email system seems rather hit and miss. I can go weeks without receiving any notifications, yet whenever I log on to the system there are some surveys available. As such, if you want to make the most of Prolific, you should log on regularly to manually check for available surveys. 

Usually, researchers are seeking a finite number of participants for each study, so the quicker you jump onto Prolific to get involved, the more chance you have of being able to complete the survey and get paid.

Prolific surveys

Prolific Surveys: Rates and Payments

On the face of it, the rates for surveys on Prolific look pretty decent. However, I feel it’s slightly disingenuous that they present them as an hourly rate.

Prolific survey rates

It’s all well and good saying that getting involved in a survey equates to a rate of £15 ($20) per hour, but it’s actually pretty meaningless when it’s, as per the example, a two-minute survey than really bags you just 50 pence (63 cents!)

Still, the rates themselves aren’t bad really, and they’re cash rates, rather than the mysterious “points” offered by IPSOS and some other survey sites.

You need to provide PayPal account details so you can be paid for the surveys you complete, or you have the alternative of using Circle Pay. You can also opt to donate your survey income to charity.

You can request a payout once your earnings reach GB£5, although you’re charged a fee for the payout. Prolific suggest you wait until you’ve earned £20 and use Circle in order to avoid such fees.

Where is Prolific Available?

From the sign-up form, it originally appeared to me that you could sign up to Prolific from absolutely anywhere. This would have been great news for the many people who are often locked out of the majority of home working opportunities if they live in certain countries.

However, after digging a little deeper, I found that it’s only possible to join from a set list of countries at the time of writing. The list of countries is reasonably large and can be found here. However, people in countries not on the list will, no doubt, be disappointed.

My Experiences with Prolific

I like doing Prolific surveys. They’re more interesting than other surveys, and contributing to scientific research definitely feels like a more worthy use of time than giving your opinion on a new logo for washing powder!

When I first reviewed Prolific, I was concerned that there weren’t enough surveys to make a meaningful amount of money. However, the amount of work on the platform seems to have picked up noticeably.

Thinking about it, this may well be because I originally did my Prolific review at what would have been the end of the academic year, so I suspect there may be more work available in fall, winter and spring than in the summer.

In addition, the discovery that it’s best not to rely on the email notifications has meant I’ve found more available surveys.

Prolific work available

The screenshot above shows what I saw available to me when I randomly logged on whilst updating my review.

There’s no guarantee you’ll always find a steady stream of surveys on Prolific, but the flow has improved since I first looked at it. Regardless, the key to making good side income from survey sites is to sign up to a bunch of them. You then find that, all together, they add up to something worthwhile. Take a look at this side gig earnings report as proof of this.

There also remain dozens more prescreening questions that I’ve yet to fill in, all of which could result in more surveys coming through. A read through some other Prolific reviews seems to suggest this is the case – so I will work through more of these and update the review at some point.

If you want to work on surveys as a side gig, Prolific is definitely a site you’ll want on your list. The payout threshold is low and the site’s reputable.

Prolific Surveys Review: Conclusion

You’re not going to get rich doing Prolific surveys, but signing up will earn you some pocket money. It’s a no-brainer to get involved if surveys are your thing, and the ones here are far more fun to do than most. The rates are also better than average, and it’s nice to see what you get in cash, rather than obscure “points.”

Prolific is one of the few survey sites I’ve continued to personally use after completing my review. That in itself is a vote of confidence!

If you’ve used Prolific already, please tell us about your experiences in the comments.

You can sign up to Prolific here, and you’ll find some other side gig ideas here.