PrizeRebel Review: A Good Survey Site or a Scam?

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People have rather fierce opinions about survey sites like PrizeRebel. Some see them as a complete waste of time; Others consider them a lucrative way to instantly earn extra cash – whenever it’s convenient.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. While survey sites are never going to make you rich, plenty of people (us included) use them to reliably top up their income and pay for treats and special occasions.

The key is to choose the RIGHT survey sites. There are SO many of them, and – in truth – some of them ARE a complete waste of time. In this PrizeRebel review, we look at whether this is one to try, or one to ignore.

Why Listen to Us?

Unlike many similar websites, we actually use the survey sites we review. Generally, we don’t even publish a review until we’ve successfully cashed out.

Not only that, we don’t just stick a review up and forget about it. We periodically go back to sites and see how they’ve changed and evolved. Over the years, we’ve seen bad sites get better, and good sites get worse. This PrizeRebel review was last updated in September 2021, when we logged on and had a really good look at what was on offer.

We shall start right at the beginning.

What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is a website where members can earn rewards (including cash via PayPal and a range of retail vouchers) by completing a variety of different online activities and tasks. It’s a well-established site, and has been around since 2007.


The tasks primarily involve completing surveys, but there are also offers where you can earn for signing up to and trialling products and services (rather like those on 20Cogs (review here)). You can also earn from things like playing mobile games, and even watching videos.

In fact, PrizeRebel is probably one of the “biggest” survey and reward sites out there, with a huge variety of different ways to earn (some of which are considerably more lucrative than others.)

PrizeRebel’s closest equivalent is probably Swagbucks (which is reviewed here). It shares a similar “gamified” approach, with a lots of different things to do at any one time. One big plus for both of these sites is that there’s always something you can do to earn some points when you log on – it’s not a case of waiting until something comes up.

Who Can Use PrizeRebel

Although PrizeRebel is based in the US, membership is open to people worldwide. This is actually rather unusual, with many sites being US or UK only.

That said, it’s only right to point out that those from the USA, Canada, UK and Australia are likely to find more to do on the site.

PrizeRebel Country Info

PrizeRebel is open to anyone over 18. It’s also worth noting that those aged 16-17 can also get involved with consent of a parent or guardian. (You’ll find more online job options for teens here).

Is PrizeRebel Legit, Or a Scam?

PrizeRebel is a legitimate survey and offers site that has been in business since 2007. The company has over eight million members, and has paid out over $16 Million since launch. PrizeRebel is not a scam.

Online Feedback

As stated above, we always like to try these sites out ourselves, but we also like to find out the “word on the street.”

The PrizeRebel TrustPilot score is 3.6 stars, at the time of writing, calculated from a total of 218 reviews. This is actually relatively high for a survey site, and we have seen MUCH worse.

There are a couple of negative PrizeRebel Better Business Bureau reviews, but that’s not many for a company in business for over ten years. It’s certainly not enough to indicate any pattern of non-payment or other scammy shenanigans.

Delving a little deeper, the positives and negatives from online reviews of PrizeRebel are all quite similar.

On the plus side, some reviewers point to the potential to earn regular side income from PrizeRebel, and highlight fast and trouble-free payouts (this mirrors our experience).

On the minus side, some comments suggest that the surveys are low paying for the time involved, and that disqualification (screen outs) from surveys can be incredibly frustrating. Again, this mirrors our experience, as we will cover in more detail in a moment. (For some tips on survey “screen outs” and other ways to make the most of survey sites, check out this article).

Next, we talk about our own experiences on PrizeRebel.

The Sign up Process and Getting Started

The sign up process is simple. Prize Rebel’s claim that you can complete it in 10 seconds is reasonable. You simply enter your name, email address and a password. Alternatively you can link your Facebook account. (The sign up page is here).

You must tick to agree with the terms of service and privacy policy, which you can access from the page.

You hit the “Start Making Money” button and away you go, but before you get properly started on the site, you must first verify your email account.

PrizeRebel Interface

The initial impression of the interface of PrizeRebel is that it’s simple to navigate, but that there’s a LOT to take in. There’s a wide variety of different ways to earn points towards a reward. (Note that each “point” is worth one US cent – although they can sometimes be worth slightly more, if you opt for specific voucher rewards instead of cash).

The first step is to access the “earn” tab, where you need to complete a two page profile questionnaire about yourself and your household. This takes about two minutes and you are rewarded ten points for your efforts. Then you can start exploring.

How Do You Earn Points on PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel offers a wide range of different ways to earn points. The broad categories are surveys, offer walls and videos. Then in addition to those, there are lots of extra things you can try, such as raffles and contests.

There are also some game-like features that provide you with small extra ways to earn. For example, you can grab extra points by completing challenges, such as earning a specific number of points in a day, or completing a “5 Day Challenge” streak.

One theme that we will keep returning to in this PrizeRebel review is that some activities are far more worthwhile than others. Those who enjoy treating these sites like a game will probably like the challenges and enjoy “completing them.” Our preferred approach it to “work smart,” learn the platform, and work out which tasks give you a better return on your time.


When you select the surveys option you get access to a range of different third-party survey providers. These will likely vary depending on your location – and we’ve even noticed which ones are available to us vary from day to day, or even hour to hour.

Several of these survey providers are well known companies, such as Tonula, Peanut Labs and YourSurveys. Some can also be accessed using other survey sites we have reviewed previously.

All the survey providers have a fairly simple process to access their surveys. Once you have selected the relevant provider’s tab you are shown their available surveys. For the majority of providers you are shown the survey type, time to complete the survey, and the points on offer.

This means you can weigh up whether the points value for the estimated time commitment is worth it. This reward per length of survey does vary greatly across all the different providers. This is slightly annoying as there is no consistency.

Survey Options

There’s also absolutely no guarantee that you will qualify for every survey you click on. Normally before starting each survey you are asked to complete some demographic questions. The likelihood of being “screened out” at this point is high, and we have had this happen on many occasions.

Usually, you are redirected back and can try for another survey for a similar payout. However, from time to time you end up in the kind of thankless, endless loop that can happen on many survey sites. You keep being asked similar questions, and being bounced to survey after survey, all the time getting more frustrated and having to accept more and more terms and conditions and privacy policies.

This is by no means unique to PrizeRebel, but it’s undeniably frustrating, especially when you persevere for seemingly ages, and end up with nothing, or with an insultingly small stack of points. PrizeRebel is by no means the worst site for this, but it’s not the best either.

An alternative, when this happens, is to return back to the main website and select another survey. As you can end up with rejection after rejection – never knowing how much you may be earning – I do recommend doing this.

Survey Providers

In the next section we take a quick look at some of the different survey providers we’ve used on PrizeRebel, to give you a bit of a steer on which are good to use, and which are best avoided.

Note that you may well see a different selection depending on where you are located in the world, and that they may come, go or change.

Opinion World (OpWorld)

The first tab we came to on our last look at PrizeRebel was Opinion World.

There’s usually a daily survey for this provider, paying 50 points, and then additional surveys with a published number of points.

The surveys from this provider, including the “Daily Survey,” often bounce you around, with lots of qualification questions including many that repeat themselves over and over. Often the time stated doesn’t marry up to the time it takes to get to the end, and it feels like you’re giving away a lot of information before you’ve got into the meat of an actual survey.

Opinion World surveys can feel frustrating, and are certainly not our favourite way to earn money on PrizeRebel.

Your Surveys

Next up is YourSurveys, which always seems to have a big selection of live surveys.

When we originally looked at PrizeRebel, the surveys from YourSurveys were the ones our reviewer, Hannah, found “the most lucrative provider in (her) own search for points.”

YourSuveys also has a “Daily Survey” worth around 80 points. With those, the reward is the same regardless of the survey length. It’s always worth checking the length of the survey if you are accepted, just to see if the points reward seems worthwhile. In one case, Hannah completed a survey in just two minutes to earn the 80 points, so it is worth having a go.

We tried a few surveys from YourSurveys during our most recent check, and were pleased to see that we were able to get all the way through and earn points. That said, the estimated time wasn’t always accurate. We tried one quoted at nine minutes that took at least twice that. Conversely, one that said ten minutes took no more than two!

With this in mind, we’d suggest not placing too much stock in the time estimates, but say it is worth trying out the YourSurveys surveys on PrizeRebel. They seem like one of the better ways to earn points. offered us Daily Surveys worth 85 points, Unique Surveys worth 60, “Extra Surveys” taking up to 10 minutes for 30 points, and “Quick Surveys” taking up to five minutes for 15 points.

Our feelings are mixed on these. While we managed to complete a “Quick Survey,” we were bounced around, had to provide answers to the same questions twice, and it took WAY over the promised five minutes to earn a paltry 15 points.

Samplicious Survey Points

Daily Gold

Daily Gold is another provider that always seems to have plenty of survey opportunities available. The points reward per survey is shown, but you are not informed of the likely time to complete these surveys. This is frustrating.

We have managed to complete a few surveys through this provider, so it is definitely one that seems worth checking out. It seems that you can take these surveys on smartphones, tablets and computers.


Next up is PeanutLabs. This is almost like a site within a site, as you have to complete a demographic survey before you gain access. Once you do, there are both surveys and offers available.

We were able to successfully complete a survey and earn the points. It did seem quite long for the reward given (49 points).


Next up is Toluna. The surveys from this provider all seem to pay 70 points regardless of the length. Hannah completed several surveys with Toluna via PrizeRebel. They were fairly enjoyable on the whole and seem to work on all devices.

Tonlua Surveys


Prodege looks like a particularly compelling survey provider on PrizeRebel, because the rewards seem much higher. For example, we saw a 15 minute survey paying 527 points ($5.27).

The problem here is that we didn’t seem to qualify for any of the surveys we tried to take. We were screened out after answering just a couple of demographic questions, in each case.

You might get lucky here – we didn’t!

Other Providers

Other survey providers seems to come and go on PrizeRebel. On our last visit, there was a tab for “Innovate,” but it didn’t have any surveys available. Your mileage will undoubtedly vary depending on your location and other factors. Demographics can play a huge part in which surveys you’re invited to complete.

Survey Quality Scores

One thing to keep an eye on whilst completing surveys on Prize Rebel is your “Quality Score.” However, exactly how it’s implemented seems a little unclear. It’s hard to work out whether it’s part of every survey

You start off at 100 and it goes up and down depending on your perceived accuracy when you fill out surveys. Surveys often include tricks and quality control questions in to catch you out. These things are put in place by survey companies to catch out people (and automated bots) zooming through surveys without looking at what they are doing.

As such, you must give the surveys your full attention as one mistake can cost you 10 points. Meanwhile, completing a survey without “mistakes” earns you one point. The downside to this points system is that If you fall below 100 points you are less likely to receive new surveys. It’s actually a pretty sensible system.

Offer Walls

The next area of PrizeRebel’s “Earn” tab is “Offer Walls.” If you don’t like completing surveys this is an alternative place for you to explore. As with the survey providers there are nine different offer providers available through this tab.

PrizeRebel Offer Wall

Here you find a wide variety of offers, ranging from signing up for free trials to installing apps or playing games to a specific level. The amount of points on offer varies considerably.

Warning: Protect your Privacy and your Pocket!

If you are going to sign up for free trials or offers, I would recommend keeping a diary of dates to remind you of the need to cancel subscriptions. You may also want to consider using a specific email address dedicated to surveys and other side income projects. That way you won’t end up with tons of spam in your personal email, and you will know that everything survey-related is all in one place!

On a related subject, you should always be careful with survey sites in general, especially with surveys and offers delivered by third-party companies. Thoroughly read the terms and conditions when signing up for anything. Offers that seem too good to be true probably are – so always think before signing up.

App Testing

I tested out installing an app and played through to the suggested level. I was successful in receiving the promised 168 points. As soon as I went back onto my PrizeRebel account using my smartphone the points were issued straight away. I was quite skeptical about this type of offer, but pleasantly surprised by the speed of points delivery. (Especially as it can take at least 24 hours for survey points to arrive).

I do like the fact you can earn points by installing apps and playing a game. It may take you longer to complete than a survey but gaming is arguably a far more satisfying way of earning points! and VideoLoyalty

These tabs on PrizeRebel take you to the area of the website where you can watch videos online to earn points. You can choose from a variety of video subjects to watch through or VideoLoyalty.

PrizeRebel Videos

Once you have decided what topic of videos to watch you select the tab and are taken through to the website. With you must watch three videos to earn just 0.55 points! With VideoLoyalty you earn 0.66 points for watching four videos. In my opinion this is a complete waste of time. On average three videos will take you roughly 10 minutes to watch, and you will have earned less than one point (cent!) for the time taken. There are far more lucrative areas of PrizeRebel, so I would simply avoid this!


This tab shows you a list of available ‘tasks’ where you can earn points completing each one. This part of PrizeRebel is delivered by a partner company called Figure Eight. Each task you select takes you through to the Figure Eight website where you sign in and then complete a quiz to check your accuracy. If you are successful you are then able to complete a task.

In my opinion the reward to do most of these tasks is very low when you consider the time taken. I have yet to complete a quiz to the accuracy required so would not waste my time to earn nothing. These tasks are not for me but some may enjoy completing them.

If you like the idea of micro tasks, we’d recommend checking out Amazon Mechanical Turk and Clickworker

Other Ways to Earn Points on PrizeRebel

Membership Tiers

When you first become a member of PrizeRebel you begin as a Bronze member.

As you complete surveys or offers and earn points you can “upgrade” your membership level through Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The level you are on determines how much you can earn through  referrals, how fast your rewards are processed, and whether you will receive a special bonus at the end of the month.

PrizeRebel Tiers

Referral Scheme

Like several survey providers, Prize Rebel has a fairly decent referral scheme. What you will receive as a referral bonus depends on the membership level you are at. At the beginning you start off at Bronze level, receiving a 20% payout on all your referrals’ earnings. As you progress through the tiers, this can increase up to 30%.

By accessing the Invite tab you can find your unique referral code, which you can share through email or social media. This is a great way to earn points and can increase your own earning potential even if you only have a few friends who want to get involved with the website. In this area you can also see the status of your referrals and how much they have earned for you.

If you want to be kind and sign up using our referral code, you can do so here!

Daily Challenges

Each day a points goal is set on PrizeRebel. If you achieve this goal you receive bonus points. The rewards from these challenges are pretty small, starting at just seven points at the lowest level.

Draws and Prizes

Under the “Win” tab, there are a few other ways you can earn points and rewards. These generally involve spending points on raffles or lucky numbers entries, or by winning points in contests.


Every four days there is a specific gift card put up for raffle. You can purchase one ticket and it costs ten points.

While I was working on my PrizeRebel review I noticed that not many people seem to enter the raffles. For example, for the current gift card at the time of writing, there have only been 19 entries. If the raffle is for a gift card you want, it may be worth taking a gamble with a few entries – you never know!

PrizeRebel Raffles

Lucky Numbers

This is PrizeRebel’s own Lottery where you spend 20 points to buy a ticket. You pick four numbers between 1 and 17 for the weekly draw. You can earn as little as 35 points or as much as the jackpot, which is currently sat at 7500 points.

This is a lottery so the likelihood of winning is likely to be quite low. It is up to you if you want to gamble your points on this one or not.


You can also win points by finishing in the top 10 highest earners in a contest period. You do this by earning points through tasks, surveys, offers and referrals. The amount of points typically achieved by the top 10 in each of these areas is incredibly high. Unless you plan to dedicate a LOT of time to PrizeRebel it does seem very unlikely you will earn bonus points this way, but you never know. Some people may enjoy the “gamified” experience on offer here.

Promo codes

If you “like” PrizeRebel on Facebook, or read your emails from them, periodically they contain a promo code that you can redeem on the website to earn points. Normally you receive around five points per code redemption. It may only be a small reward, but it all helps with the quest for a higher points total.

Redeeming Your Points for Rewards – How Much Can you Earn

A real positive to PrizeRebel is the ability to redeem a reward for as little as 200 points. This typically gets you a $2 gift card. There is a good selection of gift cards available including Amazon, pre paid Visa cards, Steam, Facebook and PlayStation, to name a few.

You can also redeem points towards PayPal credit. 500 points will get you $5, 1000 points $10, and so on. There is no real incentive here to achieve a higher amount of points for a more worthwhile reward, as is the case on some survey sites, so you can redeem at anytime without potentially losing out.

You can find lots of other ways to earn free gift cards here!

As a Bronze or Silver level member it takes 24 hours to process a reward, and you see a notification on your profile when it is completed. If you are a Gold member or above, the processing time is five minutes. I redeemed $10 of Paypal credit and the payment processed correctly within the 24 hour period.

Prize Rebel Rewards

Conclusion: Is PrizeRebel a Worthy Side Gig?

PrizeRebel is definitely a website where you can regularly earn yourself a small amount of money.

Like other websites of its kind, I like the fact that you don’t just earn your points by completing surveys, and that there are other options. The Offer Wall, in particular, provides some good ways to earn extra money.

There are areas on PrizeRebel that are not worth wasting your time on, but that is normally the case with websites like this.

I managed to earn over a thousand points in my first month, which equates to $10, but I do feel I could have earned more. I personally believe that with a small regular time commitment, you could earn a few hundred points each day. With the offer walls as well it is possible to boost these points.

The reward processing system is quick and the fact you can redeem as little as $2 is a great positive. It’s the kind of gig where those small amounts can all add up.

You can find PrizeRebel here. 

Prize Rebel Review: Pros & Cons


  • You can redeem as little as $2 as a gift card.
  • Website is accessible on smartphone, tablet and computer.
  • Large variety of ways to earn points.
  • Lots of different redeemable rewards available.
  • Surveys can have quite a high point value.


  • No consistency with points to reward ratio across the website.
  • Screening out of surveys can be very frustrating.
  • Some areas of the website earn so few points that they are a waste of time.
  • Lots of areas of the website link out to third-parties with their own privacy policies.
Find PrizeRebel Here