HomeWorkingClub is all about sharing advice and inspiration. We’re honoured to have featured in many well-known publications, discussing remote working, freelancing, mental health and work/life balance.

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You can find links to some of our press coverage below.


Transformify: Ben was interviewed about his freelancing and blogging experience.

The Crazy Mind: Ben was interviewed about HomeWorkingClub and his emphasis on providing home working advice with honesty and integrity.

Genius Link: Ben was interviewed about his affiliate marketing experience.

APPJOBS: Ben was interviewed, alongside other successful professionals, about part-time jobs that people can get to boost their income.

Thrive Global: Ben was interviewed as part of a series on “How To Survive and Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person.” Also featured in Authority Magazine.

Thrive Global Mental Health Feature

Freelance Expertise

The Huffington PostHomeWorkingClub contributed to a large Covid-19 resource guide, talking about charitable resources and schemes for freelancers struggling during the Coronavirus pandemic.

U.S. News: HomeWorkingClub contributed to an article on finding legitimate work-from-home jobs, providing insight into the importance of setting realistic expectations.

Career Builder: HomeWorkingClub contributed to an article on how to juggle part-time jobs, sharing on the importance of being organized and managing expectations.

The Penny Hoarder: Ben discussed the use of QuickBooks to avoid some of the headaches of filing quarterly freelance taxes in an article about freelancer tools which can boost productivity.

Transcription Certification Institute: Ben contributed to an article providing ten expert tips on how to choose a work from home job.

Krisp: Ben shared information about the reality of late payments in an article about annoying problems that freelancers face.

Business Insights

Reader’s Digest: HomeWorkingClub contributed to an article on things you should avoid doing on a work computer.

Computing advice in Readers Digest screenshot

Business Mirror: Ben shared how he manages his email in an article all about how to better manage your inbox.

IvyExec: Ben shared the importance of learning how a company socializes, in an article on how to get a better sense of company culture.

GT Web: Advice from HomeWorkingClub on how to become a freelance editor was highly recommended in this article about startup ideas for business.

Seek: Ben contributed to an article on what sets successful entrepreneurs apart, sharing the importance of being able to tolerate uncertainty.

Bit Rebels: Ben shared the importance of using Google Alerts to monitor and respond to mentions, in an article about protecting your brand online.

Writing and Blogging

Business 2 Community: Ben Taylor provided an article on mistakes that can stop a blog from succeeding.

GIG Salad: Ben shared the importance of proofreading and editing in an article about becoming a better business writer

databox: Ben was one of 66 content marketers who contributed to an exhaustive article about which blogging platform is the best.

Referral Rock: Ben contributed to a massive article in which 70 experts shared their tips on guest blogging.


Wordstream: HomeWorkingClub contributed to an article on Facebook marketing.

Supermetrics: Ben Taylor and ten other digital marketing experts shared their tips and predictions in an article looking at the future of affiliate marketing.

blerrp: HomeWorkingClub contributed to an article on growing an email newsletter subscriber list, emphasizing the importance of growing steadily and organically in order to optimize open and click-through rates.

databox: Ben Taylor shared how mindful guest posting can bring you a new audience ,in a large article of tips from marketers about increasing referral traffic.

Lifestyle and Health

FOX News: HomeWorkingClub contributed to a healthy living article on “night owls,” providing the freelance worker perspective. Ben contributed to an article on “things not to keep at your desk,” that originally appeared on

USA today feature screenshot

USA Today: Ben shared his experience in an article about couples who are both romantic and business partners. This Associated Press article also appeared in the New York Times, Mail Online, and

The Telegraph: Ben shared his experience as an expat in this living well article.

Up Journey: Ben, alongside 11 other experts, shared about what he thinks are the most important things in life.

Best Life: Ben continued his mental health advocacy by sharing the importance of recognizing when others are thoughtful, in an article all about the benefits of compliments.