Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review: 2021 Update

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Do you want to become a Pinterest guru? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out this detailed Pinterest Traffic Avalanche review.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is the course that’s often recommended to those who wish to learn the intricacies of Pinterest. As well as being a social network, Pinterest is also now the biggest image search engine in the world, with over 2 Billion monthly searches. Learning about it can pay huge dividends, whether you’re looking to drive traffic to a site of your own, or to sell your services as a social media virtual assistant.

I shall hand over to Amy, who recently took the course in full as a Pinterest novice.

A while ago, I took on some work managing a Pinterest account with very little experience of the platform. I needed to learn all about it. and Pinterest Traffic Avalanche kept coming up when researching the best Pinterest courses.

So, can the course turn a complete novice into an expert? That’s what I intend to explore in this Pinterest Traffic Avalanche review.

What is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche?

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is an online training course for bloggers that want to use Pinterest to increase their website traffic. It’s also an interesting option for those wishing to sell services assisting businesses with their Pinterest presence.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review 2020

The course claims to be a “Solution for Beginner Bloggers’ looking to drive traffic to their site by mastering Pinterest,” and without paying for ads. The course is designed for “beginner to intermediate users,” not advanced or expert Pinterest users.

The course takes you through the entire journey of using Pinterest, from creating your profile and producing eye catching pins, right through to designing an effective pinning strategy, collaborating with other users for growth, and understanding Pinterest analytics.

The course uses a variety of multimedia materials within the modules, including written lessons, videos and worksheets. When purchasing the course you gain “lifetime access.”

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is regularly updated to keep pace with Pinterest’s frequent algorithm changes, and impressively kept up with the many changes to Pinterest’s algorithm throughout 2020 . You also get access to a helpful and active Facebook group.

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Who are the Trainers?

The course leaders are Lauren McManus, and Alex Nerney. Together they run two successful blogs. Weight-loss site, and, a site that provides advice and resources to help bloggers turn their blogs into businesses.

Combined, these blogs generate an income of over $100,000 each month. The trainers have enjoyed massive success using Pinterest to drive traffic to their sites. They certainly appear to be living the freelance blogger dream, so If anyone knows how to get the best out of Pinterest it’s them!

How Much is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche?

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche costs a one off payment of $197.

This gives you lifetime access to the course and all updates, as well as the option to join a Facebook advice group. They offer a 60 day refund policy should you complete the course, implement the recommended strategies and see no results.

What’s in the Course?

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche contains over 20 different learning modules. Each takes you conscientiously through different aspects of mastering Pinterest for your website: Using Pinterest, designing a strategy, creating viral content and tracking your successes are key elements of the course.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Stats

There is also a strong focus on collaborating with other users for success, and the use of the scheduling and analytics tool Tailwind (reviewed here) is highly recommended throughout.

Each of the modules walks you through a different aspect of running your Pinterest account for maximum success. It includes practical elements such as setting up your account and creating pins.

Where the course really shines is in the useful tips, and real life experiences of Lauren and Alex. These can be found throughout the course, but particularly in their ‘Ninja Secrets’ bonus lessons. These contain particularly useful information, learned through real life experience. You’re unlikely to find these in other social media courses.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review: My Experience

The course assumes almost no prior knowledge of Pinterest. As a novice, the ‘back to basics’ approach of the course was much appreciated.

This may be too rudimentary for some learners, but the easy to use format of the course means you can complete it in any order, or indeed skip elements should you wish. This was a welcome feature, as I have to admit the order in which the modules are presented did not feel particularly logical to me.

It should not be assumed that this is only an ‘introduction to Pinterest’ course. The course moves into very intricate, complex, and expert territory. The course content is delivered in such a way that I felt confident applying the techniques immediately, before coming back to learn more. This allowed me to learn and develop as I went along, and see the impact of the course in ‘real time’.

Course Content

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche has a very friendly and accessible feel to it. At times it felt like a friendly chat with the course leaders, rather than that cold, faceless approach that can often come with online learning. I enjoyed the approach and have applied many of the principles to my work. This is further enhanced by the friendly and active Facebook group.

Although I have not yet enjoyed the “10,000 – 100,000+ monthly visitors” success that is claimed on the course sign up page, I have seen many noticeable, and very welcome, developments. I cannot honestly say I have applied all the techniques consistently (yet) and so of course shouldn’t expect to see that level of result.

Does Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Work?

If you apply the techniques suggested in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche persistently and consistently, you can definitely expect to see some level of success from your Pinterest marketing efforts.

The introduction page for Pinterest Traffic Avalanche contains many real-life testimonials from bloggers. They have enjoyed tremendous success after completing the course and applying the principles to their own work.

Before I started Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, my own real experience of Pinterest was limited to the odd recipe search, or searching for crafting inspiration. The course has really opened my eyes to the potential of Pinterest, which is far beyond my initial assumptions. The teaching is of high quality and I feel confident about putting the learning into practise.

HWC Pinterest

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche absolutely works in that it gives you the knowledge of useful techniques to make Pinterest work for you. It is worth mentioning, however, that although Pinterest covers all topics, some are more naturally aligned with it than others. The level of success you can achieve will likely correlate with how prevalent your niche is on the Pinterest platform.

Who is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Good For?

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is good for those who are new (or relatively new) to using Pinterest for their blog or business. People who want to learn how to use it to drive traffic to their site.

It is also really good for those who are looking for real-life examples, delivered by bone fide experts who have made Pinterest work for them. If it’s expert knowledge you’re after, you can’t get much better inspiration when it comes to Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is particularly useful for those whose work is in Pinterest friendly niches, such as food, fitness or the arts. Those people can make the most of the techniques taught on the course.

Who is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche NOT Good For?

If you are already an expert user of Pinterest, and enjoying success, then Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is not for you. Although it would likely be a useful refresher, you’re probably already applying many of the techniques. As such, further benefits would be minimal.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is not magic. Completing the course won’t automatically make your Pinterest account a success (if only!) You will need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to put Pinterest Traffic Avalanche’s advice into practise, so if you’re time poor this isn’t the course for you.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review Conclusion

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is a fantastic starting point for those who want to learn more about Pinterest, and explore how they can use it to drive traffic to their site (or their client’s sites).

It is an engaging course, well presented and easy to understand. I felt in very safe hands when working through the material. There is a genuine air of authenticity from Lauren and Alex. Their Pinterest credentials are exceptional, yet I am convinced their methods are accessible, even to a Pinterest novice like me.


As with any online learning there are limitations. You need to be able to apply the recommended methods to your own situation, and no online course is going to ever be fully personalised. The Facebook group goes some way to mitigate this. However if your niche is a less Pinterest friendly one you are unlikely to achieve the same success, at least for the same effort, as someone representing the more popular topics.

I will conclude my Pinterest Traffic Avalanche review by saying that it’s a great buy for anyone who wants to explore what Pinterest can do for them. The price point is reasonable, especially when you consider it provides you with regular updates to keep you up to date with the ever changing algorithms. Hopefully the course will help you make an incredible success of your Pinterest management, and drive many thousands more people to your site.

Even if you don’t reach that level of success, it will give you the confidence to know you have given it the best chance of success possible, and decide whether Pinterest is for you or not.

So am I now a Pinterest wizard? Probably not, but I’m on my way….!

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Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Regularly updated material, complimented by an active Facebook community. This keeps your knowledge up to date and helps you to keep pace with the ever changing developments on Pinterest.
  • A truly authentic take on how to master Pinterest from two individuals who have been there, done that, and conquered it too.
  • “Ninja Secrets” – bonus lessons developed through lived experience. You are unlikely to find this kind of genuine insight anywhere else.

The Bad

  • Niche Suitability: Although the methods described in the course could be used for any niche, it is a cold hard fact that some niches are better suited to Pinterest than others. The impact of the course will likely depend on where your niche sits within Pinterest.
  • The course does take some time to complete, and even more time to implement its methods effectively. If you don’t have this time available its impact will be minimal.
  • Best for Beginners:The course is designed to take you from Pinterest novice to a successful “pinner.” If you are already enjoying significant traffic to your site from pins, you are unlikely to see the same increases that someone from a lower starting point will achieve. The sign up page, understandably, makes some bold promises. Are results of this level truly achievable for all, regardless of your niche? The jury is still out on that one!

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