How to Get Online Typing Jobs from Home

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Online typing jobs are a bit of a Holy Grail in work from home gigs. If you know how to type, they’re easy; If you can type fast, they can pay fairly decently. And there’s a wide variety of typing jobs out there, across multiple industries.

However, online typing jobs also tend to feature in some of of the most scam-heavy listings you can find online. Google “typing jobs,” and you’re almost certain to turn up some scams. Ads and links sometimes say you can make crazy sums of money by just typing from home – and that’s not really very realistic.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to target legitimate online typing jobs that pay. You’ll have to know which types of jobs and industries are “typing heavy”, which we’ll cover below. That way, you can better target your search.


Transcription is where you listen to audio files and type them out into written form. If you have a good ear and fast, accurate typing skills, this can be a decent way to earn money from home.

Transcription counts for the bulk of online typing jobs out there. It’s in demand across a wide variety of fields. The medical industry often needs audio files from doctors transcribed, businesses need meeting recordings converting into minutes, and there is any number of other possibilities. You can learn all about transcription here.


Another typing-heavy job is providing captioning services. This is where you listen to audio and then provide the text that people read when they turn closed captioning (subtitles) on.

This is usually more involved than plain transcription, as you have to provide a complete mock listening experience for the viewer. You might have to notate noises in specific ways, and provide other background information.

Captioning is needed for a variety of audio files, including TV shows and recorded lectures. Real-time captioning could even have you captioning live news or events, meaning you need quick and accurate typing skills, along with laser focus.

Many closed captioning jobs require some type of certification. You may also need to learn shorthand to keep up with the fast pace of the audio and visual files.

You’ll find a highly-rated course covering closed captioning here.

Data Entry Work

Data entry is what many people have in mind when thinking about online typing jobs. The thought of  sitting around in pyjamas typing out some easy data clearly seems appealing.

Data entry is exactly what it sounds like. You enter data into spreadsheets or company database systems. It’s a popular job to look for due to its low entry requirements and relative ease of the tasks performed, but this means there are MANY scams out there. Some big companies also outsource their data entry type work to microworking sites such as Clickworker and Amazon Mechanical Turk (you’ll find reviews of each via the links).

Some gigs can get a little more complex. You may have to edit or review data before entry, requiring some research. Some types of data entry may require previous work experience or certification, in something like medical coding.

There are definitely genuine online typing jobs in the data entry field. However, due to the number of scams out there, it’s important to be vigilant when searching for them. There’s a detailed article on avoiding scams here. 

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Another option is to look into virtual assistant (VA) jobs. The beauty of being a virtual assistant is that you can use many different skills. VAs handle everything from scheduling to website updates to data entry.

However, because VAs tend to be self-employed, running their own businesses, they get to be in charge of what services they offer to people. That means that if you want roles that are very typing heavy, you could offer services like transcription or data entry as the main focus of your virtual assisting business.

You could even provide highly specialised services, such as going for manuscript typing jobs from home. It does take some know-how to become a VA, so you can learn more here.

Online Chat Agent

This job is a little different to the others on the list in that it combines from-home typing with providing live assistance to customers.

These types of online jobs run the gamut from tech support to customer care. Tech support-type roles may require a specialised background, but many of these jobs are entry level. Several of the companies on this list recruit for people to do this kind of thing.

Being a chat agent is a good option if you enjoy typing, but don’t think that converting data into  spreadsheets or transcribing audio sounds very appealing. With this job, you’re still sitting at home typing, but you’ll be thinking on your feet more, as you are responding to customers in real time.

Where to Find Online Typing Jobs

You might want to avoid traditional job boards when looking for these types of jobs, since that’s where the scams are often posted. One of the easiest ways to avoid scams online is to go straight to sources known for their legitimate opportunities. Some examples include:

Direct-hire companies

Many big-name companies hire workers for genuine online typing jobs. These companies have been around for many years and have a solid reputation online. Examples include TranscribeMe for transcribers, the National Captioning Institute for captioners, and Axion Data Entry Services for data entry. Mentions here do not constitute direct recommendations, so always make sure to verify companies via sites like the Better Business Bureau, and look up employee reviews.

Sites that curate job listings

You might also want to invest in a site that specifically lists home-based jobs. These usually involve a small subscription fee, and include FlexJobs (review here), and Virtual Vocations (review here). You can save a lot of time by having jobs filtered for you.

Screenshot FlexJobs Dashboard

Sites like these can also help you understand who some of the top direct-hire companies are in each industry.

Microtask sites

Sites like Clickworker and Amazon MTurk enable many home based copy typing jobs to end up in a small, quickly completed format. These tasks can be anything from transcribing a short audio file to cataloging a photograph to updating a spreadsheet. By using platforms like these, you have a built-in way to get paid.

Freelance Bidding Sites

As mentioned above, these can be more on the controversial side. While online typing jobs can be a solid option for earning money, entering a bidding war can drive down earning potential, especially for jobs that are usually considered “entry level.”

However, many clients do turn to freelance bidder sites to get their data entry projects completed. Sites include Upwork and PeoplePerHour.

As you can see, there are many ways to find legitimate online typing jobs. Such jobs enable you to live the dream of working to your own schedule and from the comfort of your own home.

Further Resources

If you’re inspired to get out there and find some online typing jobs of your own, here are some things that will help:

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