Online Jobs in 2021: What they Pay and Where to Find Them

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Many people have had a chance to work from home recently, and the demand for online jobs is skyrocketing.

That being said, there are already SO many online jobs out there that you have plenty to choose from. With a bit of effort, you will almost certainly find something that suits your skills and combines flexibility with the potential to earn a great income.

While there will always be some jobs that require a physical presence, there are also MANY more that you can do perfectly well from anywhere – with just a computer and an internet connection.

When people email me and say that they can’t find any suitable work from home jobs, I feel rather incredulous. Millions have work from home or freelance careers in vastly different sectors. However, the high-calibre people still rise to the top – so let’s briefly discuss that and some frequently asked questions before we get started with our epic list of some of the best online jobs.

The Golden Rule of Online Jobs

The crucial thing for job seekers to remember is that legit online jobs are fundamentally no different from traditional jobs. That means:

With that in mind, I’d suggest using this list of some of the best online jobs as a place to find some initial inspiration. We’ve included LOADS of advice, links to additional information, and suggestions of some specific companies to check out.

Hopefully, you will find at least a couple of online job options that appeal to you.

Quick FAQs about Online Work:

Do Online Jobs Really Pay?

Many online jobs pay regularly and reliably, and thousands of people make a full-time living working from home online. That said, there are plenty of scams and false promises out there, so it’s wise to do proper research and to check out any business that interests you to ensure that what they are offering are legit online jobs.

If you live in an area where the cost of living is high you may find that what some businesses are offering is not sufficient income for you. This tends to happen a lot with virtual assistant jobs. Of course, low pay does not mean that a job is not legitimate, just that it may not be right for you. Ultimately the best way to make sure your income matches your needs and growing skill set is to set your own rates as a freelancer.

Which Online Jobs are Legit?

To find out which online jobs are legit, you need to do your own research. This article will help you with identifying scams. A great rule of thumb with online work is that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Do I have to Work From Home as a Freelance Writer?

No, there are thousands of great online jobs that do not require writing skills. Freelance writing is simply one of the most popular job opportunities among online job seekers. A freelance writer does often enjoy extremely flexible hours and in many cases can work from anywhere. Still, freelance writing is more of a grind than you might expect, as I discuss in this podcast. At the end of the day, freelance writing is not the only or necessarily even one of the best online jobs.

What Types of Home Online Jobs are Available?

What Jobs Can you do Online?

You may be surprised by how many different jobs you can do online. Your job type can affect your ability to work online but, as businesses are starting to learn, many jobs can be performed equally well online. Our massive list is just a glimpse at the variety of online jobs available and should help you see that there is far more available than just freelance writing or being a virtual assistant.

Where Can I Find an Online Job?

The most obvious place to look for online jobs is on online job boards. These can be a great way to see which online jobs are in demand and can help you make a decision about which type of job opportunities you wish to pursue. However, not all businesses post their job opportunities on job boards so if you are searching for jobs online you should check out the websites of businesses too.

In order to find the best online jobs you may actually need to spend a little less time online and more networking in the real world. The reality is that great opportunities often come out of casual conversations or recommendations from a friend of a friend. While you can’t start planning your search for jobs around this, you should definitely never ignore it as good networking has led many people to find their dream online jobs.

Which are the Best Online Jobs?

The best online jobs are the jobs that pay well, meet your long-term career goals, and involve work you enjoy doing. With 52 online jobs on this list, you ought to be able to find some that suit you.

What is THE Best Online Work at Home Job?

As I just said, only you can decide which of the home online jobs is best for you. Is your main focus to make money? Do you want to work from home part-time? Do you need to start right away? Will you want to take a course or learn a new profession? Do you want to work for a business or do you want to be your own employer? All of these factors come into play when looking for the best online jobs for you.

Getting a Job or Starting a Business?

Broadly, the online job career ideas on this list split into two categories:

  1. Jobs where you’d usually secure a post with a single company, creating an employer-employee relationship.
  2. Jobs typically done on a freelance basis, which essentially means starting your own small business or being a “solopreneur.” If freelancing is completely new to you, and all seems a bit intimidating, take a look at this great course, which will help everything become clear!

There’s often some crossover between the two ways to make money, and we cover all of the options here. In many cases, you might have the option of doing a job as an employee of a business, or undertaking the same work independently.

With all those basics out the way, let’s get started:

Online Jobs in Writing and Editing

1. Proof-Reader / Editor

Simple online jobs for an editor or proofreader on platforms such as Upwork can pay anything from around $25 each depending on their length and complexity. Payscale estimates that a professional proofreader typically ends up making from around $12 – $30 per hour.

Is becoming a proofreader/editor for you?

If you have an eye for spelling and grammar errors, and the ability to write in a clear and engaging way, a career as a proofreader or editor could be for you. Typical work involves editing, correcting and improving the written work of others. This could mean making alterations and adding comments to documents created in Microsoft Word, making changes to blog articles before they’re published, or even providing feedback on documents and essays before they are submitted.

If you want to become a proofreader, there are lots of courses out there, with varying levels of legitimacy. Perfect grammar and strong organisational skills are very important. As with anything related to writing, the main things clients will want to see is proof of past experience. This is a type of work where you may need to “pay your dues” with some low-paid proofreader work in order to build up some experience.

Editing jobs for single firms exist but aren’t that easy to find. As a starting point, freelance job boards are a rich source of leads for editing work of all kinds. Alternatively, you could approach businesses and contacts directly or online via LinkedIn. If you want to make money with an online job as an editor, we have a detailed article on becoming an editor here.

2. Blogger

Writing a blog is a very popular form of freelance writing that can earn you anything from $10 to WAY over $1,000 a month. It all depends on your choice of blog niche and how much work you put in. With a year or two of solid effort, it’s not unrealistic to expect to replace an average western full-time income with income from a blog.

The internet is packed with articles and courses on creating a blog. It’s a lot of fun as it is often the freest form of freelance writing. As a freelance writer, your blog can be a way to showcase your work and build a following. A blog can also be an outlet for writing about the topics you like, making it one of the best online jobs as it will often no longer feel like a job.

Although you can blog part-time, it’s much harder to make a success of than many people realise. Still, with the right attitude and tools, you can make money, in fact, a blog can be extremely lucrative.

What does running a blog involve?

  • Writing a LOT of articles.
  • Forming online partnerships with advertisers and other bloggers.
  • Researching keywords and learning about SEO.
  • Constantly looking for the next product or angle that will help you make money from your blog
  • Creating and maintaining an email list.
  • Learning the technical skills required for a successful blog – it’s undeniable that the more technical you are, the easier you will find the process.

If you decide that writing a blog is the job for you, you can start straight away. It’s wise to accept that you will need to spend a little money to get started. You should also allow a decent amount of time before you expect to make a profit from your blog.

Want to get started writing a blog now?

A good starting point is our own article on starting a blog for beginners. I also offer mentorship and coaching to those who need a little help getting their blog off the ground. Finally, if you would like to interact with others who are also trying to build a blog and get behind-the-scenes information as I set up a brand new site from scratch, you can join my Patreon group.

3. Article Writer

If you’d rather not start a blog of your own, another online job option for those interested in freelance writing is to write articles for other sites and blogs. One freelance writer may be paid $20 per article while another freelance writer easily earns $200 for a similar amount of work. Once you get established, it is perfectly possible to make a good living in freelance writing. Payscale states that US writers typically make $31,000 – $89,000 per year.

What is Article Writing?

An article writer will spend their time writing reviews, product round-ups, and all kinds of other content. There are many places to find these jobs as a freelance writer, from freelancing websites to specialised job boards like ProBlogger Jobs. Some firms also take on their own internal writers, if you prefer the idea (and relative security) of having an employer.

A flair for writing is a must, as is perfect spelling, grammar and punctuation. However, being a subject matter expert in a particular topic is often equally important. If you have particular knowledge in a specific topic – anything from medicine to vegan food to cybersecurity – starting to search for gigs online in those particular areas is always a great move.

Why not read my freelance writing story? There are many down-to-earth and honest articles about becoming a freelance writer here on HomeWorkingClub. Here’s how I personally got started as a writer.

4. Content Strategist

A potential job for experienced web content writers, content strategists typically take control of all the content production for a business or website. This form of freelance writing can earn a day rate of at least $200 per day. Content strategists employed by companies can earn up to $97,000 annually, according to PayScale.

What jobs does a content strategist do?

  • Control a content calendar.
  • Come up with ideas for new features and articles.
  • Manage writers.
  • Write and edit articles of their own.

This is the kind of job you can sometimes do “in-house” as an employee, as well as from home – so you can search on both freelance sites and traditional job sites. (Why not take a look at our own remote job board?).

Content strategists are usually people who have been writing professionally for some time and have learned everything that’s involved in running a website, business blog, or social media. This kind of job is a good fit for someone who’d like to combine creative work with managing a small team and getting more involved in the business side of things. You can learn more about the details of online jobs like this.

5. PR Writer

Writing for PR (Public Relations) purposes is a distinct freelance writing skill.  $30 – $100 per press release is quite common on the freelance boards. Much more is possible if you network with the right clients.

As a PR writer you will generally be writing content with the aim of creating hooks to attract attention and coverage from journalists. You will have to be able to write press releases and articles, work directly with clients to learn their business objectives, and perhaps pitch stories to journalists too.

PR writing is an attractive proposition for people with previous PR agency experience who want to “go it alone” in the freelance world. As well as great writing skills, you’ll need the ability to create soundbites and interesting data, and to understand how journalists work. For a freelance writer, there’s lots of demand for individual press releases on online job platforms like Upwork and PeoplePerHour. PR agencies also often hire full-time writers.

Is this the work from home online job for you? This guide to writing press releases will give you a good idea of whether being a freelance writer specialized in PR is a good job for you.

6. Sales Writer

If you can write persuasive sales copy, you could find yourself in a high paying freelance writing niche. Rates are hugely variable, but good quality clients are prepared to pay big bucks for copy that converts and makes them money. The best-rated sales writers on Upwork have rates ranging from $25 – $250 per hour. Those doing this kind of writing tend to be freelance writers, and there are lots of related jobs on the normal sites.

What will a typical day for a freelance writer specializing in sales copy look like?

  • Writing sales letters (often for internet marketing sites).
  • Writing email marketing copy.
  • Creating other content intended to engage readers.
  • Developing strong calls to action to convince potential clients to buy or sign up to things.

How can you start building these specific freelance writing skills?

Sales writing is a distinct skill. As well as strong writing skills, you’ll need a knack for sales writing and an understanding of buyer psychology. Examples of past work that’s been proven to convert are key to landing the high paying jobs. You can find plenty of well-reviewed courses on Udemy.

7. Author

Being an author no longer means writing a great manuscript and sending it out to lots of publishers with your fingers firmly crossed (although you can – of course – still do that). A freelance writer may find that a small non-fiction Kindle book might just earn a few dollars every month. Meanwhile, E.L James, who initially self-published the Fifty Shades of Grey series, is now worth $150 Million!

Could you, as a freelance writer, become an Author?

Nowadays, people can and do make money, enough for a decent living, from books they publish themselves. Using platforms like Amazon KDP and CreateSpace, a freelance writer can now place their writing in front of a global audience.

It’s important to note that if you’re self-publishing, you’ll also need to learn about typesetting, pricing, cover design and marketing (many authors now have a website and a blog to help promote their work). But most importantly you should have a story to tell in a way that people want to read it.

All you need is your inspiration to start in this online job. Whether you want to write a non-fiction book about a subject you know about, or have a crack at the next Harry Potter, all you need to do is find the inspiration and get started writing. I have self-published a book myself, and wrote this article about my experiences of publishing it.

Online Jobs with Foreign Languages

8. Translator

If you’re multi-lingual, translators are in huge demand. Whether you’d like to translate website articles or business documents, the work is out there. Rates vary wildly, 22 cents per word is considered the average “going rate” but this will typically be what an agency charges a corporate client. The closer you are to working directly with a client, the less you will lose in agency/platform fees. Many freelance translators self-report that they earn $30 – $50 per hour.

The reason businesses and agencies hire professional translators for jobs is that they need quality translations that beat the output from systems like Google Translate. Your writing and verbal communication skills will need to be perfect in both/all the languages you plan to work in. This is one reason why you sometimes see translators also delving into freelance writing. Reliability and professionalism are essential for this job, and good computer skills will help you to keep on top of processing the work.

Big firms sometimes put translators on the payroll, if job security is your priority. Otherwise, you will find plenty of jobs on the freelance boards, or you can sign up with an agency for something somewhere in the middle. Generally, freelance translators with specialities do tend to make more money since they get to set their own pay rates. We have a dedicated feature on working as a translator here. 

9. Localisation Specialist

A step beyond simple translation, localisation specialists typically work on brands with businesses to help them operate in multiple territories. The Payscale website states that full-time localisation specialists can earn around $60,000 per year.

Is localisation more than just translating?

As well as translating apps and websites, you will probably be involved in the technical aspects of setting things up to work in different countries and using different languages. This kind of work can be a logical step up from working as a translator. Localisation specialists also usually work on ensuring everything is culturally suitable and relevant for different markets, often having to re-write the source text.

Large businesses often hire localisation specialists and it’s not unusual for these to be work from home jobs. You’ll find many freelance opportunities in this field too.

10. Language Tutor

There’s tons of global demand for language tutors, and many online jobs in the field. Pay as an online tutor varies, but $15 – $25 per hour is a fair estimate. Teaching jobs can vary from extremely informal offerings such as an online tutor on Fiverr to formal online teaching positions with businesses dedicated to helping students learn another language.

Teaching English as a foreign language is particularly popular among online teaching jobs. Still, whatever your native language, the chances are you’ll find people who want to learn it. This can mean teaching classes of young children, college students or even individual adults. There are lots of platforms that can link you up with potential students.

How do I find this type of online work?

There plenty of online platforms where people find jobs teaching languages. Well-known options include VIPKid, Preply and QKids. Some tutoring positions require you to have a degree, but not all of them. A certification in teaching a foreign language is helpful, as is existing teaching experience. Many jobs will require you to have successfully completed a TESOL course. But most crucial is perfect mastery of the language you are planning to teach to students.

11. Online Interpreter

Video conferencing has created lots of great job options for interpreters, typically paying up to around $40 per hour. You could be doing anything from helping doctors communicate with patients, to being a middle-man in telephone conversations between people speaking different languages.

As interpreting happens in real-time you need to be efficient and accurate, and able to work under pressure. Flawless language skills are also, of course, a must – and sign language is in demand too.

This is a job where you’ll find work directly with companies and also the option of independent assignments. As an online interpreter, you can work from home as long as you have a quiet, distraction-free workspace. Check both freelance sites and traditional job websites.

Online Jobs in Sales and Customer Service Roles

12. Sales Representative

If you have a knack for sales, plenty of organisations offer work from home jobs to salespeople. Pay varies enormously, usually you will be working for a fairly low basic wage (often “minimum wage” in your country) with the rest of your earnings being commission-based. In our own listing of businesses hiring home-based employees, there are plenty of sales roles, including those for car hire and travel firms.

Generally speaking, you can either sell or you can’t, but proven past sales experience is usually what businesses hiring are looking for. You also need to be persistent and resilient, especially if you’re doing outbound sales. Usually, you will be doing a phone-based role, either inbound or outbound, helping customers choose products and persuading them to buy more of them.

You can find plenty of roles with a search traditional sites for sales jobs and use search filters such as “home” and “remote.” You do also see sales roles on freelance boards. These are not for the faint-hearted and are sometimes largely (or entirely) commission-based. So, if you feel like you need to learn more, Udemy has a best-selling course on sales techniques here.

13. Account Manager

There’s considerable cross-over between sales rep and account manager roles, but generally an account manager role is more senior, and usually in a business-to-business environment.  LinkedIn put the average pay of a “key” account manager at an impressive $85,000.

When working as an account manager you will act as the link between your company and the businesses you sell products to. This means selling, providing quotes, and cultivating long-term relationships. You’ll need strong sales experience in a professional firm, and the usual blend of determination and resilience. Specific industry knowledge is often a prerequisite, especially if you want to make money in sectors like tech and healthcare.

When we put together our list of companies who recruit for work from home jobs, we noticed several account manager jobs with big-name businesses. It makes sense for firms to allow people to carry out these roles working from home, as it reduces their overheads and office expenses.

14. Customer Service / Call Center Representative

If you’re happy to do phone-based / call center work, but you’d rather not be selling, perhaps something in Customer Service would be more appropriate. These roles usually pay around $10 – $12 per hour (or local equivalent). Higher rates are possible for more senior customer service agents and supervisory positions.

What’s involved in customer service jobs?

You’ll answer calls, send email, and help with customer queries in all kinds of different industries. Some customer service roles are “entry-level,” giving you an opportunity to get started with limited experience, so long as you have the right attributes. These include professionalism, reliability and a good telephone manner.

An increasing number of businesses have allowed some of their formerly call-center-based jobs to morph into working from home jobs. You can start by having a browse on FlexJobs for call center opportunities. You can also find plenty of smaller businesses looking for customer service help on the normal websites like Upwork, perhaps giving you the potential to set up a small customer service business and make money online servicing multiple clients.

15. Affiliate Marketer

A close relative of blogging, affiliate marketing is all about reviewing and recommending products and services. If people read your content and go on to buy the product(s), you receive a commission. Many affiliate marketers earn a LOT of money online, but the learning curve for this work at home opportunity is steep.

What do you do to earn money as an Affiliate Marketer?

  • Set up websites.
  • Learn SEO to help each website rank in Google.
  • Review and write about the products you’d like to try to sell.

Affiliate marketing is something you do for yourself – just pick a niche, learn and then start.

You need to be a decent writer and have a passion for the product/service niche you plan to write about. Affiliate marketing is a HUGE topic, so the more you learn about SEO and technology, the better your chance of success. Start off by reading the basics of blogging here. It’s also well worth checking out the hugely popular Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course, which is reviewed here.

16. Live Chat Operative

A lot of people now interact with companies via live online chat. (I certainly prefer it to picking up the phone). As such, there are plenty of online job opportunities out there for live chat operatives. Pay is typically at the low-end of the scale, with $11 per hour a good average.

Working as an online live chat operative, you will be interacting with potential or current clients on behalf of companies. This can mean anything from customer service for a utility supplier to running the chatrooms on a bingo site. Great written English and the ability to navigate technology very quickly are important. These roles can be great as they get you off the phone – something that really doesn’t appeal to some people – but can still be fast-paced. This Reddit thread contains some interesting insights from operatives with experience working in live chat.

17. Community Moderator

Moderating a community is similar to working on live chat, but you could also be overseeing forums and discussions on social media, such as Twitter. ZIPRecruiter says that a full-time community moderator has an income of just under $40,000 per year, however, at least half the people doing this job earn less.

With companies often communicating on these channels 24/7, this is one of those work from home jobs that can suit those who need (or would prefer) to work unusual hours, including nights and weekends.

You will manage interactions with users and customers on online channels, such as chatrooms, forums and social media sites. Ensure users are sticking to the rules and that trolls are kept at bay! You will need good writing skills and the ability to work at a fast pace. Previous experience of managing groups and forums will certainly help. There’s an interesting article on moderating online communities here.

If you’d prefer to work for yourself, it’s worth looking on the normal boards such as Upwork. You will also find companies hiring direct, and firms such as ModSquad, who specialise in such roles.

Legit Online Jobs in Education

18. Online Teacher / Tutor

We’ve already covered language tutoring jobs above, but if you’re a specialist in any subject, the chances are you can teach people about it online and earn $20 per hour or more. Start by offering one-to-one teaching in subjects you specialise in. You can teach anything from maths to science, and there’s particular demand for preparing students for exams or for entrance to colleges.

How do you land one of these online teaching jobs?

Existing teaching experience is a big plus, but most important is expert knowledge in the subject(s) you want to teach, and the ability to pass this knowledge on to others. There are several tutoring platforms online that let you apply to “set up shop” and offer your services. These include Preply and Wyzant. You can also look for more traditional style teaching jobs on job boards and at universities as these are now offering college students more and more virtual learning opportunities.

19. Course Creator

Many entrepreneurs make serious money online by creating a course to sell. It’s an interesting business model, because once you’ve put in the up-front effort, you can earn mostly passive income. This is one of the reasons many consider it to be one of the best online jobs. What’s more, you can create a course on literally anything – from self-defence to freelance writing to playing the piano.

To start, you will need to identify a topic that students want to learn and that you have the knowledge to teach. Then you can create a course, usually involving a mixture of videos, screencasts and presentations. (Take a look at Camtasia, a very popular online platform for putting these things together).

Once your course is created you will also need to create promotional material and drive potential students towards your course, so there’s a fair bit of marketing involved too. Usually course creators promote courses using their own website, or with paid advertising on Facebook or other social media.

To make money, you need to be an “expert” in whatever your course is about, and have a knack for sharing that knowledge. Strong technical skills help with putting courses together, and marketing experience will help you to build an audience who could go on to buy what you’re offering.

Do you have a course idea? Teachable is the platform many people use to create and then sell their course, and you’ll find lots of information and advice on their site.

Online Jobs in Clerical / Secretarial Posts

20. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is a good online job option for anyone with strong clerical and administrative skills who wants to work from home. Typically, a virtual assistant sells their time on an hourly basis, but you can also offer service “packages” for businesses. $20 per hour or more is a realistic market rate if you are good at what you do. However, be aware that there are plenty of virtual assistants in low-cost-of-living countries offering very inexpensive services.

You can get started by offering a set of services that fits precisely around your expertise, and work to build up the size of client base you need to earn your desired income.

What is involved in being a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant helps individuals and companies with all kinds of admin tasks, from booking travel to email management to keeping their social media accounts up to date. It’s worth remembering that doing your own marketing and actually finding those clients is also a key part of doing this job.

How do you find clients as a virtual assistant?

While there is a lot of competition in the virtual assistant space, there’s also tons of work. You will find clients on the freelance boards, on LinkedIn, or even in the “real” world. This post on how to find new clients as a virtual assistant will definitely help.

21. Transcriber

You’ll likely come across lots of transcription jobs online when you’re looking for extra money. There’s a lot of demand for people who can accurately turn audio into text, and a wide variety of work out there. Transcription work is usually paid by “audio hour.” This means that how much you can earn will entirely depend on how efficiently you do the work. Good transcriptionists can expect to earn around $20 per hour. However, if you have less experience and are less fast, this rate can drop steeply.

To take a post as a transcriber you will need to be a fast and accurate typist. Previous experience of transcription/audio typing will definitely help. The faster you can find your way around a computer, the easier you will find the work. Generally, you’ll be listening to audio files and typing out the content. There are also plenty of specialist areas of transcription where you may be required to transcribe medical (see below) or technical detail.

Transcribers often work on a freelance basis, rather than by finding a full-time job. As well as finding jobs on bidding websites, it’s worth looking on platforms, like Rev and Scribie, that specialise in transcription and can provide you with work. Whether you plan to work from home or some other location, you will need a quiet space for working. Read our ultimate guide to transcription, written by somebody with lots of experience working in the field.

22. Typist

As discussed in our guide to online typing jobs, a lot of the typing work out there is really transcription (as discussed above). However, if you are a skilled typist, you will find some work out there from people who need information typed out. It’s hard to put a figure on typing work, but you should expect “entry-level” pay. Although it can be a great part-time online job, you won’t make a huge amount of money online from simple typing.

Work can include simple data entry jobs, closed captioning, and other tasks that often cross over with the work of a virtual assistant. You’ll need fast, accurate typing skills, and good knowledge of word processors and other related software.

This type of online job can be great for college students. Mostly you’ll find jobs on the bidding sites. It’s not especially likely that you’ll find many companies hiring full-time work from home typists these days. Micro working sites are worth a look too, so check out our review of Clickworker.

What are the risks of this type of online job?

I’d suggest reading this article on data entry work. The reality is that while this kind of online work does exist, technology is reducing how much of it is out there. Be wary of handing over any money (or even your email address) to sketchy companies promising unrealistically lucrative work.

Online Jobs in HR and Recruitment

23. Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment work is easy to do from home, as much of it involves examining resumés, contacting candidates and matching candidates to jobs. Where exactly you’re located makes little difference so it is easy to work from home. According to Payscale income ranges from $35,000 – $86,000 per annum. You will typically make your income by charging a commission for placing people in jobs. This could be 20% of each successful candidate’s first annual salary. This can mean a big income, but remember that you don’t earn anything unless you successfully place someone in a job!

Do I need job experience?

Many people who set up shop as self-employed recruitment consultants have previously worked in the industry and decide to go it alone once they have experience and – crucially – the right contacts. In terms of skills, you need to be highly professional, assertive and good with people. Also, be aware that there is a substantial “sales” element to recruitment, both in terms of getting your candidates seen and in picking up new roles to recruit for.

Some recruitment agencies hire recruiters for permanent positions. Alternatively, this is something you can do on a self-employed basis. Typically you will find clients via “traditional” networking, rather than on the likes of Upwork and Freelancer. If you are interested in this type of online post, we have a case study from a professional recruiter here.

24. HR Representative

You might think that HR staff need to be “on the ground”, however, there are a surprising number of work from home jobs in the Human Resources category. Dependent on your level of seniority you could make from $30,000 – $90,000 in a permanent HR role. Solo HR representatives often charge a day rate, which will typically be $300 plus.

HR experience and (often) specific qualifications are needed for these online jobs (Have a look at the CIPD website to find out about globally-recognised HR qualifications). HR representatives need a host of different attributes including empathy, discretion and professionalism. You’ll be writing policies and procedures, dealing with staff admin and employment issues, and getting involved with recruitment and interviews.

You may well find that if you work for a large company, the HR opportunities open to you as home online jobs are largely “back office” roles. As with recruitment work, you will find both permanent opportunities and freelancing options in the world of HR – so look on the normal job sites for “working from home jobs” and “remote,” or on the freelancing sites.

Online Jobs in Finance

25. Accountant / Bookkeeper

Accountancy work is easy to do from home and is one of the most common and best online jobs for freelancers. As an accountant, you will help companies with day-to-day bookkeeping, tax returns, financial projections and various other money-related issues. You can earn anything from “entry-level” pay for basic book-keeping, up to very high salaries and daily rates for advanced accountancy work.

Where do you find these jobs online? If you want to work for yourself, a quick search for “bookkeeper” on the Upwork website will deliver lots of results to pursue, or you can find clients via word-of-mouth and other real-world networking techniques. There are also companies that hire finance staff directly for online jobs. If you’re in the US, take a look at the Accounting Department website. 

You’ll need previous experience in accountancy and – ideally – related professional qualifications. Keep in mind that accountancy practices vary from country to country, as do the qualifications and accreditations you may need. If you think you would like to start working in this field, take a look at this course on the fundamentals of accounting. 

26. Currency / Cryptocurrency Trader

If you’re bold and enjoy “playing the markets,” trading currency or cryptocurrency is an online job with huge earning potential. On the other hand, it’s also a quick way to lose all the money in your bank if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can earn a fortune, but you can also lose the lot.

Currency/cryptocurrency traders buy and sell currency assets online with the aim of making a profit. They study the markets and charts and make the right calls! There’s nothing to stop you starting up in trading by yourself, you just need online accounts with the relevant platforms. (If you want to begin to dabble in cryptocurrency, you can get $10 of free Bitcoin when you first buy some at Coinbase using this link).

Many traders learn by themselves with books and articles, but keep in mind this is a risky business. Obviously if you come from a professional trading background and have a history of making the right decisions, you have more reason to be confident that this could be a suitable career.

Online Jobs in Healthcare

27. Work From Home Pharmacist / GP

Not long ago, it would have felt like science fiction to speak to a doctor via a mobile app, but it’s actually quite common-place now. There are a surprising number of online jobs in the medical field. While researching this piece we found a work from home pharmacist job in the UK paying £45,000 ($55,000) per year. Online jobs for fully-qualified doctors will pay more.

Can anyone do these online jobs?

Absolutely not. You need proper qualifications on your resume for this kind of work. It’s a good fit for already-qualified and experienced doctors and pharmacists who’ve taken the decision to work from home. The work involves conducting consultations with patients using video-call functionality, providing advice and prescribing medications.

Our list of home working companies includes plenty of medical firms that are worth a look. Searching traditional sites (like Indeed) can reveal jobs for “remote pharmacist” or similar. Typically these are permanent jobs where you’re employed by a single company. Private insurance firms also hire “remote” doctors.

28. Medical Transcriptionist

We’ve discussed transcription work already in this article, but medical transcription warrants a section of its own. It’s a job that requires specific skills and experience, and can be well-paid, typically around $15-20 per hour.

Medical transcription, unlike regular transcription jobs, usually requires you to have a clinical background and a couple of years of experience in a related job (perhaps as a medical audio secretary). Fast and accurate typing skills are paramount, as you will type up notes that can include complex medical terminology.

There are several companies that specialise in medical transcription, including Dict8 and FastChart. Some firms take on staff themselves and others require you to work as an independent contractor. Learn more about the intricacies of medical transcription here.

29. Online Counsellor

If you’re an experienced counsellor or therapist, there are now great opportunities to help people with their mental health via the internet. Counselling using Skype or other video-chat software is both practical and popular. If you’re working for yourself, it’s usual to make anything from $50 – $100 for a one-hour session. Employee roles with fixed salaries are also out there.

Depending on where you live, you will usually need specific qualifications and accreditations to start providing counselling services. Typically, several years of training and practical experience is required. Find out how to become a certified counsellor here. Beware of providers who unleash counsellors on the public without extensive formal training.

Skills-wise, you need to be understanding and empathetic, with knowledge of therapy techniques. You’ll conduct counselling sessions via video-chat, voice-chat or even instant messaging, writing notes and keeping records of your sessions.

If you’re already a qualified therapist, you can expand your business to include online offerings. Usually you’d use your own website and/or social media to promote this. Or, there are platforms like Online that allow you to set up shop, with them providing the technical infrastructure. Alternatively, if you’d rather work for another company, a search for “online counselling” on a job board like Indeed will usually yield job opportunities.

Online Jobs in Tech

30. Technical Support Agent

If you’re an IT guru, you’ll find plenty of jobs that allow you to work from home in the technical support space. Even Apple hire home workers to provide tech support to their users. Indeed say that $16.07 is the average hourly pay for technical support in the US. However, higher-level roles can make substantially more money.

Many great tech firms and software companies hire remote support engineers, so it’s worth looking directly on a company’s website and in places like Upwork. Smaller firms also often hire freelancers, a search for “technical support” on a bid website should find you plenty of options.

You will help computer users with hardware and software issues, and assist with their problems using remote control software. Low-level tech support jobs may only require some basic experience and knowledge. More senior roles can require formal industry qualification such as those accredited by CompTIA and Microsoft (Have a look at this CompTIA training course available on LinkedIn Learning).

Patience, persistence and a natural aptitude for technology are all very important.

31. IT Consultant

IT consultants are increasingly able to do most of their work online, thanks to video meetings and remote support software. As a freelancer, you’ll typically earn a “day rate”, with $500 or more being far from uncommon.

IT consultants use their technical skills to help and advise companies on technology. What exactly you do will depend on your technical specialities. You could be doing anything from helping to implement systems like Office365, to advising on cybersecurity and data protection.

For high-level work and lucrative contracts, real-world networking is usually better than finding jobs online. You can also find work via recruitment agencies. There are plenty of small, individual tasks for IT consultants to make some money on all of the freelance boards.

You’ll need strong technical knowledge and good “client-facing” experience. The technical knowledge you need will depend entirely on what technology you wish to work with. A popular career path is to start with an internal IT role in a business and to move to providing consultancy once you’ve built up lots of experience.

You can read my personal experiences of working as an IT consultant here. 

32. Programmer / Developer

Every year, when Upwork list their most in-demand skills, there are always plenty relevant to programmers and developers. You could earn $49,000 – $144,000 per year, according to Payscale, depending on experience. Plenty of programmers comfortably bring in a six-figure income, making it one of the best online jobs in terms of pay. Many in this industry work remotely, with a home environment being conducive to quiet concentration.

Big tech firms hire developers directly, and there are all sorts of online opportunities out there for the self-employed, from small one-off jobs to lucrative long-term contracts. There are online jobs for programmers at all levels, from novices to gurus. Training and experience in specific programming languages is key. For high-level positions, clients and employers will undoubtedly want to see the work you’ve done before. If you’ve worked with big-names, you’ll be able to attract big money from businesses.

Time to brush up your programming languages? Why not take a course in one of these popular programming languages.

33. App Creator

App creation is undoubtedly an offshoot of programming and development, but it’s worthy of a job listing of its own. With over 178 Billion app downloads each year (and rising), there’s huge demand for those who can create them, Glassdoor refers to income of up to $148,000 per year.

There is lots of interest in app builders on freelance platforms. Try a search for “app developer” on the Upwork website. If you have an extensive real-world network, opportunities could create themselves there too.

You’ll need to design, program and support mobile apps, and liaise with companies to pitch ideas and create their apps. You’ll need specific skills and experience in the programming languages normally used for apps (such as Swift, C++, C#, Java, Objective C and HTML5). A previous portfolio of well-regarded apps is obviously highly desirable.

Want to start immediately? You can start to learn app programming right now with this very inexpensive and well-reviewed course.

34. Web Designer

Thanks to content management systems like WordPress, it’s now very easy for people to set up websites of their own. However, there’s still huge demand for website design – or simply for help with the technical side of launching a new website. Many people find this kind of thing intimidating.

It’s fair to say you will probably earn the best money from corporate web design clients you meet offline. Rightly or wrongly, many people looking for website help online find (and choose) very low-cost contractors from countries with a low cost of living.

What do I need to do as a Web Designer?

Anything from setting up a simple theme-based website for a client to designing and coding custom, bespoke sites. The work can span a wide range of tasks from graphic design to technical support. If you’re hunting down your own clients, there can be a fair bit of sales and marketing involved too.

It’s not hard to find people looking for help launching a new website. There are hundreds of related jobs on the usual freelancing bid sites, and you’ll quickly find people needing this work doing in the “real world” too.

You need strong technical skills, an eye for design and – to excel with your customers – great attention to detail. Knowledge of platforms such as WordPress and Google Analytics is very important.

35. Social Media Manager

If you can’t get enough of Facebook and Instagram, why not turn your fondness for social media into a part-time online job or a career?

Indeed says that internal social media managers earn an average income of $44,724 per year. On a freelance basis it’s not uncommon to charge around $100 or more per month for each social media network you look after on behalf of a client – and this can all add up.

What are the basic job functions of a Social Media Manager?

  • Posting content to social networks on behalf of companies.
  • Managing advertising campaigns.
  • Studying and reporting on related analytics.

Big companies may have full-time social media roles, so if that’s what you’re looking for it’s worth searching the normal job boards. Alternatively, plenty of freelancers set up shop as self-employed social media managers, typically looking after social profiles for multiple clients.

You will have to demonstrate strong experience of social networks and know the latest techniques for making the most of them. To really excel in this area you can take a specific related course. Social media advertising knowledge is particularly sought after.

If you would like to make money with this online job, you should check out our feature on becoming a social media virtual assistant.

36. Search Engine Evaluator

One of the opportunities many people looking for online jobs ask about is work in search engine evaluation. It’s widely promoted online. The job involves rating search engine results to help the big search firms improve the listings they provide to internet users. The usual hourly pay is around $14.

Search engine evaluator work is surprisingly complex, with a lot to remember. As such, attention to detail is particularly important, as is the ability to quickly navigate around your computer, and the online world. You will look at the websites search engines are ranking for certain queries, and assess the quality of the results based on detailed criteria.

Sometimes these jobs pop up on platforms like PeoplePerHour and Upwork, but it’s best to look at legit companies who are well-known for recruiting for these roles, such as Appen and Lionbridge. We have a detailed feature on search engine evaluator work here.

Online Jobs in the Creative Industry

37. Designer

If you have an eye for design, there’s a huge variety of online work and career paths open to you. Full-time designers in the US can expect to earn an income anywhere from $34,000 – $64,000, according to Payscale. If you can build up a thriving design business of your own, you could feasibly earn a similar amount – or much more if you pick up blue-chip clients.

An online job as a designer is great because you can design literally anything. The first page of Upwork job listings for designers (at the time of writing) includes requirements for Facebook cover pictures, health and beauty product packaging, and the look and feel for a real estate website. Typically, modern design jobs involve mastery of software like Photoshop and Illustrator. The most important thing is to be artistic and skilled in design – and this doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Second to that is strong technical skill in the relevant software applications.

Where’s the work? There are many options. Big companies may have an internal post available to home workers (search sites like Indeed for “designer home work”). There are also oodles of freelance opportunities on the normal sites and this is a great way for design students to build up their portfolios. In addition, you will find some interesting platforms for design work, such as the competitive 99Designs, where you can pitch a design to a specific brief in the hope of being the winning designer.

Ready to turn your doodles into cash?

Have a read of this case study, involving a designer who makes money designing T-shirts, bags and other garments, selling them via an online platform. This is a great online job opportunity for college students to make money.

38. Photographer

Photography is something you may not immediately view as an “online job.” Obviously, in most cases, you will be getting out and about to actually take the photographs. However, a lot of the work involved in being a photographer happens on the internet nowadays, whether you specialise in photography for travel websites and other small businesses, or take pictures to sell on a stock photo website. If you’re selling stock photos via an online platform, it’s quite normal to receive 50% of the paid royalty.

Job boards like Upwork are a good place to start to learn about the kinds of photography that are in demand. You can also work entirely for yourself by taking photographs and selling them online – either as individual works, or by placing them for sale on stock photo sites.

Photography is one of those online jobs where it is as much about talent and flair as anything else. However, as photo editing is closely related, strong skill in software like Photoshop is invaluable. (Here’s an extensive and very-well reviewed Photoshop course.

We have a dedicated article here on getting paid to take pictures and a case-study article with a photographer.

39. Photo Editor / Retoucher

If you’re a Photoshop guru with an eye for design and colour, you’ll find plenty of online work in photo editing and retouching. Although software to do this stuff is widespread and accessible, actually knowing how to use it properly is a distinct skill. Online estimates say that this work can pay between $10 and $30 per hour on average.

Are there any full-time jobs in photo editing?

You MAY find a few permanent home-based roles in this line of work, but they’re likely to be thin on the ground. This is work that lends itself well to freelancing, perhaps as a complement to your own photography business. Just type “photo edit” into any of the job boards (such as PeoplePerHour) and you’ll find people looking for help – with everything from editing their wedding photographs to removing objects from the background of pictures they’ve taken.

Learn all about editing photos with this online course.

40. Video Creator / Editor

Upwork’s “fastest-growing skills” report for Q1 2019 listed “explainer videos” in fourth place. Video content of all kinds is increasingly popular, and there’s lots of demand for those who can create it. Indeed quotes the average pay for a video editor as $18.64 per hour. However, in-demand freelancers working with prestigious firms can earn much higher rates.

To start working as a video creator/editor you will need a creative eye, and expert knowledge of related software, such as Adobe Premiere and Camtasia. There are some full-time remote video editing roles out there (search the normal job boards). This is also a great career path for freelancers, with many firms now creating video content. A search on the Upwork website alone (at the time of writing) revealed over 3000 open requirements for “video editing.”

41. Influencer

It was hard to decide which section to place “influencer” under on our list of some of the best online jobs. However, as taking the perfect Instagram photo is often a big part of it, the “creative” section seemed most appropriate!

If you have 100,000 Instagram followers, you can apparently charge $1000 for a post, and work upwards or downwards as appropriate from there. The rewards can be considerable, but building up that many followers is a big task. You could also save money on trips and treats thanks to freebies! This is a great online job opportunity for students who are likely to be active on social media anyway and would enjoy the chance to make lots of new contacts.

Generally speaking, influencers visit hotels, resorts, restaurants and beaches, post “aspirational” photos and share their experiences with their online audience. Influencers often work directly with businesses to promote brands and are compensated for the online promotion generated.

You’ll need a strong creative vision, an eye for marketing, and serious determination to build up your initial following. Experience in PR, fashion and related industries helps. Usually, you need to build up a considerable online following FIRST – usually on Instagram. After that, you can either wait for businesses to contact you about partnerships, or proactively seek out such partnerships.

Read this post for a review of a product that can build your Instagram following – and some of my own opinionated views on influencer “culture!”

42. Craft Creator

If you’re itching to flex your creative muscles, the internet offers lots of popular platforms for selling the wares you make. The “richest” craft seller on Etsy made $960,000 in 2017. At the other end of the scale you have creators making pocket money from their work, and lots of people in the middle making a healthy living. From T-shirts to tea-towels and from mugs to mouse-mats – if you can imagine it and produce it, the online world allows you to sell it for money – globally.

How do I start making money from crafting online?

A vision for what you want to make and sell is the most important thing. However, strong technical skill will definitely help you when it comes to listing your products online. Marketing skill is also essential if you want to build up a good audience and make lots of sales. Thanks to platforms like RedBubble, you can even create crafts from your designs, instantly resulting in a merchandise line all of your own.

This is one of those online jobs you can start all by yourself working from home- you just need to have the ideas and go where the creativity takes you. Read this HomeWorkingClub case study from someone making money selling jewellery and other items on Etsy for some inspiration.

Online Jobs in Personal Development

43. Nutritionist

With many people now very careful about what they eat, and trends in everything from gluten-free diets to veganism, there’s lots of potential to set up an online business providing advice on nutrition. Clients will often pay $75 or more for one to one consultations which you can easily provide from your home online. Create a best-selling course on this and you could earn thousands in passive income.

How do I earn money online as a Nutritionist?

As a nutritionist working from home via the internet, there are lots of different ways to make money, several of which tie in with the other online jobs on this list. You could create courses, offer one-to-one consultations, or run a niche blog specialising in a particular area of food and nutrition.

In an industry where exactly what constitutes an “expert” is something of a grey area, strong related qualifications will help you to stand out and make more money. If you’re creating your own brand, marketing knowledge, patience and determination will all be a great help. This is the kind of career where it’s best to establish your own presence and audience. That said, a search on the usual boards revealed plenty of related gigs, from paleo nutrition advisors to dieticians to consult on dieting apps.

If this is one of the online jobs that appeal to you, you can start to learn more about what nutritionists actually do in their jobs here.

44. Life / Career Coach

Online coaching can be hugely lucrative, especially if you’re an established expert in a particular field. Online coaches typically charge from around $75 for a session, with many charging a LOT more money than that. There are many sub-niches within life and career coaching, making this an interesting option for specialists in all kinds of areas.

An online coach helps their clients reach their goals, usually by conducting coaching sessions via video call. You’ll also need to promote yourself in order to build up clients, and provide ongoing support to them in between sessions. A strong desire to genuinely help others is a must, and you’ll need the marketing skill to build up an audience if you plan to start your own business. Qualifications in this area exist, but note that they can range from genuinely useful to utterly meaningless!

I personally offer coaching to bloggers and writers.

Online Jobs That Make Great Side Gigs

Not everyone looking for online jobs wants a full-time post. With that in mind, here are some online side jobs – perfect for those just after a little extra income, or as a part-time complement to another job – as part of a portfolio career.

45. User Tester

Companies are constantly rolling out new apps and websites, and need people to test them and give their opinion on functionality. You can make around $10 per test and it takes 10-15 minutes. Be aware, however, that there’s not a constant stream of this work, so you cannot extrapolate this into a full-time income.

Do I need specific skills to start working in user testing?

None at all! Just the ability to clearly speak out your thoughts. It also helps not to be microphone or camera shy. You’ll test new websites and apps, often speaking your thoughts out loud while you are recorded (either audio or video). There are lots of platforms offering this work, including UserTesting, TestingTime and TryMyUI. We have an article all about how user testing works here.

46. Survey Taker

Love them or hate them, online surveys are very popular with people seeking entry-level online jobs to make money. They don’t pay very well and can be very monotonous – but if you choose the right platforms, you can make a respectable side income.

What does this job involve? Answering questions online – on anything from politics to washing powder! You can find them on any one of the hundreds of online survey platforms. Make sure to do your research, as some are MUCH better than others, and some are total scams. The work can get very dull, so tenacity and perseverance is a great help.

Check out this article for some really handy tips on how to make the most out of surveys.

47. Ebay / Amazon / Facebook Seller

It may not be particularly glamorous, but plenty of people make good money selling things part-time on these popular online platforms. Whether you’re merely saving up for treats by selling unwanted items, or operating more of a buying and selling business to generate a more substantial income, these sites make sellers money every single day.

Is Ebaying a legit online job? 

This depends entirely on what you have to sell. If you’re operating a buying and selling business with physical products, making a couple of thousand dollars per month is relatively easy in theory, but hard work in reality. Drop-shipping products made overseas is another option – potentially more lucrative, but with far more learning and experimentation involved.

Getting started with this online job is as simple as finding a few items around the house that you no longer need and getting them listed. The speed at which you can navigate your computer really does make a difference to how efficient you can be.

Check out these guides if you are ready to start working from home selling:

48. Microworker

Microworking is one of those online jobs that’s open to everybody. It involves doing small (usually repetitive) tasks for small payments, with each one typically only taking seconds to complete. Earnings for this kind of work are not especially high. However, experienced microworkers who get up to speed with specific tasks often say they can make $10-12 per hour.

What is Microworking?

Microworking tasks can vary hugely. You could be “liking” things on social media, categorising photos, or even determining whether particular web pages should be classed as “adult” or not. Usually you do these tasks within an online environment on your computer, although increasingly there are tasks available that you can complete on a smartphone app instead. The two most popular platforms are Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and Clickworker. There are also several less reputable platforms, which are best avoided. Read reviews and proceed with caution, you can start by reading our review of Clickworker here.

49. Handy-Person

It was borderline whether to include this in a list of online jobs, as the likelihood is that you’ll have to head out of the house to complete your tasks. However, the internet has made it really simple to connect to people who need all kinds of odd-jobs completed.  We’ve seen £50 ($61) for cleaning a small apartment and $50 for installing some simple shelves.

You can make money from anything from walking a dog to putting up an IKEA wardrobe to mowing somebody’s lawn. That is what makes this one of the best online jobs for college students. You need just enough skill and experience to complete the jobs you take on to your customers’ satisfaction. You’ll want to ensure you provide good customer service and get a good review.

You can find jobs on online platforms like TaskRabbit and AirTasker and may want to get inspiration reading this case study of someone who set up an entire business around doing odd jobs.

50. Freebie Hunter

If you have some time to kill online, you’ll be surprised how much free stuff you can find. You can sign up to offers on sites like Swagbucks and Prizerebel, hunt around for product tests, or look into the many ways you can get yourself some free Amazon gift cards. You won’t earn money, as such, but determined freebie hunters often come across vouchers worth a considerable amount of money.

How do you get started? Train yourself up on all the various different ways to grab online freebies – there’s a surprising amount out there if you sign up to the right sites. It’s not really work – more of an online treasure hunt – but being a member of the right panels, survey and cashback sites is the best start.

It’s good to have in-depth knowledge of the internet and the ability to know a genuine offer from a scam. Strong organisational skills are helpful too, as sometimes you’ll need to make sure you follow things up or cancel trials – to ensure your freebies don’t end up costing you money.

If you like the idea and want to know where to start, read our dedicated guide to finding free stuff online.

51. Panel Participant

Something we love here at HomeWorkingClub is getting involved in panels and focus groups. Distinct from surveys, these usually involve one-on-one participation, often by video call, or sometimes even face-to-face. They also pay MUCH more money than online surveys do, with $100 or more for an hour of your time far from unusual.

The issue with market research panels is that you have to wait to find studies that fit your experience and demographic. As such, you might pick up two or three in a month and then not manage to grab any more for several months. As such, this is only something you can treat as a part-time gig, albeit a very worthwhile one!

Want to get started? To increase your chances of grabbing as many projects as possible, it’s wise to sign up to several different panels. You can start off with UserInterviews and Respondent, both reputable platforms. There’s more information on market research work here.

52. Rent Out your Car, Home or Parking Space

There are some great apps nowadays that help you to make money online from things you already own. You can rent spare rooms on Airbnb, unused cars on Hiyacar, and parking spaces on the likes of Justpark. Depending on exactly what you are doing, there’s some admin work involved (and perhaps some cleaning!). However, these are all ways to establish significant income from assets you already have.

While You’re Here

We hope you have enjoyed this really extensive list of some of the best online jobs and that it will help you to make a start on finding that job of your dreams. Still, this isn’t the only article we have about online jobs.

If you’re lucky enough to be a “youngster,” we also have dedicated features on the best online jobs for students and teenagers.

If you’re specifically looking for companies that will hire you to work from home on a part-time or full-time basis, check out our guide to 75 companies that do just that.

You might also want to check out our article on work from home jobs with Amazon.

The number of online jobs is constantly growing and the opportunities to earn an income from the comfort of your own home have never been greater.


In 2021, the number of online jobs is staggering. There are oodles of opportunities even if you are not a writer or a tech whizz. Still, in order to find the best online jobs you will, of course, need to use some caution as there are also many scams out there.

Now that you have made a start by looking through our massive list of online jobs and tips, get out there and find your dream job.

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