Microtutoring with Studypool: Earn by Sharing your Knowledge

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We’ve long been talking (and writing) about various online teaching opportunities at HomeWorkingClub. Today, we discuss an interesting and modern option for earning from teaching: microtutoring.

We took the time to put together some questions to ask the team at Studypool, a popular global microtutoring platform. You won’t be surprised to that we focused specifically on what earning opportunities it could offer our readers!

Please can you tell us a little about Studypool, and explain what “microtutoring” is?

At its core, Studypool is an online education platform that offers students various tools and services to help them in their studies.

Microtutoring, one of our most popular services, connects students with qualified tutors to help them with very specific academic questions via quick, on-demand tutoring sessions. Our Notebank is also a very popular service that gives students the option to search and download study materials that are specific to their school and courses.

Learning online is something that’s becoming extremely popular at the moment due to world events. What kind of trends have you noticed in your business?

Our focus has always been to build a platform that makes studying painless for students. Beyond offering high quality studying tools, a major component has been making those tools really accessible.

All students need to access our site is a good internet connection and they have a wealth of resources and tutors from all over the world at their fingertips. Our model has been very successful since we launched, but we’re seeing even stronger growth now that more people are going online to advance their education.

HomeWorkingClub readers are always looking for new ways to earn online. Tell us about the opportunity Studypool provides for them.

Anyone interested in tutoring can apply on our site. We hold a very high standard of quality for every tutor that joins our platform, but we recognize not everyone has experience online tutoring so we have training tools to help new tutors succeed.

Furthermore, our Badge System recognizes talented tutors and helps them build a network of student clients. This makes it possible for tutors to focus on earning money rather than finding clients.

Tutors who have several badges have an earning potential of a couple thousand dollars per month. It’s important to note that questions are being posted on Studypool 24/7, so it doesn’t matter what part of the globe you’re from, you can make money when it’s convenient for you.

What attributes and qualifications do successful tutors need?

Successful Studypool tutors have a wide range of qualifications, with some tutors holding advanced degrees such as PhDs. Other tutors, although having never formally tutored before, have been able to turn tutoring into a full time occupation without prior experience.

All of our most successful tutors however do have a lot in common. As well as having a great command of the English language, they go above and beyond when interacting with students, turning the conversation into a well rounded and enjoyable student experience.

The more successful a tutor is, the more work they will be able to attain. Thus, time management is an attribute that really is integral to becoming a successful tutor. With multiple students and questions, often spanning different time zones, successful tutors need to be organized and proactive in their work management, ensuring that every student is given the appropriate amount of care and attention.

In addition to this, tutors that really flourish on the platform capitalize on working with new students, providing the best experience possible and converting this interaction into a regular and profitable working relationship.

Does the average tutor do this as a full-time thing, or more as a side income?

It’s a mix of both. Most of our successful tutors go through a transitional journey because their initial mindset and goal is to have an additional income stream, however, once they understand the earning potential themselves, many decide to take the leap and go full-time.

I imagine there’s a fine line between helping with homework and facilitating cheating! How do you and your tutors stay on the right side of that line?

Studypool is intended to be used as an academic resource for students, where students can find various tools to help them with their studies. Our Notebank offers students instant access to school-specific materials such as class notes and practice quizzes.

Our Microtutoring service connects students with tutors that can explain and help the students with academic questions. Questions posted on Studypool should be similar to ones a student would ask their teacher after class, “explain to me how to get this answer….”

While we believe that most Studypool members use the site in as intended, we ask that all users  comply with Studypool’s Honor Code.

Can you explain how your process works when a student is looking for help?

From a student’s point of view, our platform is set up so they can quickly and easily find the best tutor qualified to help them with their question. We have thousands of vetted tutors available 24/7, and our algorithm recommends those tutors that are best suited for the student’s needs.

If students prefer not to work with a tutor, our Notebank is easily searchable and has millions of study resource materials available for instant download.

How do you see your business developing in the coming months and years?

We have several exciting projects that we’ll be launching soon to give students even more of what they need to help them with their studies. A lot of this is still secret but we can say that these initiatives will help make Studypool even more accessible for students and expand the ways we support learning.

I imagine several readers will like the idea of getting started as a tutor. What should they do first?

It’s very important for readers to take a step back and analyze what their value is and what they can bring to the table. Studypool is a platform for tutors, but also freelancers who are experts within a specific field.

A solid first step is to familiarize yourself with the platform to ensure that microtutoring a good fit for you at this stage in your career. Once you’ve made your decision to apply, note that our team is very assertive with the application process, so it’s important to never rush the questions.

We have a customer support team available 24/7 as well, so any questions or doubts you can always check-in with them at any stage of interest.

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