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Some of the most well-known companies in the world offer legitimate work from home jobs. Despite this, I receive lots of emails from people who seem disheartened about not being able to find anything suitable.

If you’re one of those people, I hope this article provides some hope. As well as introducing some prestigious companies that hire remote workers, there’s some interesting news on an upcoming “virtual job fair.” I’ve not seen anything like that before, so be sure to read to the end to hear about it.

Top Household Name Companies Offering Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

FlexJobs has recently announced the results of its annual study on the top companies offering legitimate work from home jobs – and the results are inspiring.

The top 100 roundup is made up of the companies that posted the most remote jobs throughout the course of last year. It certainly blows out of the water the myth that the only work-from-home jobs out there are microtasks and surveys! I’ve never believed this to be the case, but I get the distinct impression that plenty of jaded people think it is.

The fact is that plenty of the companies on the Flexjobs list are household names, and lots of them recruit for high-level roles that they are happy for people to do from home.

Here are some examples of big-name companies that offer legitimate work from home jobs:


When we recently put together our own list of companies that employ home workers, we were impressed by how many global remote jobs Amazon put out there. It’s therefore unsurprising that the company made the FlexJobs list. However, it does seem fair to say that Amazon doesn’t do a huge amount to make people aware of the remote opportunities they offer. There are roles on offer in everything from marketing to recruitment to software development – well worth a look!

Amazon Jobs


Dell is another company we featured on our own recent list. The company has opportunities for freelancers, and recruits for fully-employed remote and partially remote positions. These are also properly global, with just a quick scan revealing roles in the US, UK, Canada and Bangladesh. As well as technical roles there always seem to be plenty of sales-related jobs.


This huge global hotel chain is another company that’s appeared on our radar as offering remote jobs, which include fully home-based sales and customer services representatives. Hilton are one of the companies featuring in the upcoming virtual job fair (see below).


This prestigious German data-processing company is internationally known within the tech community, and offers lots of roles where there’s a “remote option.” This indicates they are amenable to remote working arrangements in order to attract the right kind of people. I hear from plenty of senior-level people who would like to work from home, making this a company well worth investigating.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson seem to offer a whole range of different working options. I’ve seen ads for everything from brand managers working on a freelance basis to program manager roles with a remote option. Like many of the companies discussed here, Johnson & Johnson has a global presence, so there’s plenty for those outside the US.


Another enormous company offering a wealth of legitimate work from home jobs, Philips has jobs at all levels and in all kinds of niches. Some of the roles on offer are only on a partial work from home basis. However, we found 100% remote jobs in programming, complaint investigation and credit control. And for those who keep asking me if all the home-based jobs are in the US, I’ve seen roles with Philips in South Africa, Egypt and Lebanon, among other places!

American Express

American Express

American Express is very progressive when it comes to remote work. It’s also a company well worth looking at if you’re outside the US, because as well as jobs in America, we’ve seen roles pop up in Spain, the UK and Mexico. Roles range from fully home-based customer services positions to more senior roles with remote working options.

The seven companies listed above are just examples. You’ll also – no doubt – have heard of Lenovo, Xerox and Cisco, who all also made FlexJobs’ Top 100 this year. There are 90 other companies on the list offering “remote friendly” work, so I’d recommend having a good look through. Our own recent list of 50 companies offering remote work is worth bookmarking too. Unsurprisingly, you’ll find several companies who made both lists.

A Remote Job Fair

Another interesting piece of news from FlexJobs is that they are running an online “virtual job fair” for their members. It takes place on Thursday 7th February 2019, between 10am and 4pm ET. 

I’ve not heard of an event like this before, but it sounds interesting. There will be a number of companies in attendance who all offer legitimate work from home jobs. Participants will have the chance of interacting with the firms in real time, using chat and video calls, and will be able to apply for positions and submit resumés on the day.

FlexJobs remote job fair

Companies already confirmed to be attending include:

Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise is a huge car rental firm that also incorporates brands such as National Car Rental and Alamo. The firm employs remote staff for customer service and reservations roles, and achieved the number 32 spot on the FlexJobs’ top 100 list.


Appen is a big (and growing) name in the home working world, and the brand that topped FlexJobs’ top 100 list this year. The company hires remote workers for search engine evaluation work and also hires for other roles including language specialists. Appen has a presence in over 100 countries.


BELAY is an interesting one for administrators and virtual assistants. The company hires for a range of roles on a remote basis, ranging from general virtual assistants to book-keepers and webmasters.

There are details of other companies attending here, with more being added in the run up to the event.

How to Attend

The FlexJobs Remote Work Virtual Job Fair is only open to FlexJobs members. We have a full review of FlexJobs here if you want to find out more about it. There’s nothing to stop you simply signing up for a month if you want to attend the job fair and see what it’s all about.

You can also use the voucher code JOBFAIR to receive up to 30% off Flexjobs’ already low subscription fee, so you can gain access for less than ten bucks – which could be well worth it if you end up securing one of those legitimate work from home jobs.

You’ll find more details of the job fair here. If you attend, please let us know in the comments how you get on, especially if you end up with a new job at the end of it!

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