Job Spotter Review: Money While You’re in Town!

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Imagine I could tell you a way to earn money while you’re out walking; Imagine, even better, I could tell you how to earn money whilst out shopping. Well with Job Spotter, this is a reality – so read on to find out more!

I’ve spent the past month using Job Spotter, to test out the kind of income that this nifty little app can generate and judge whether it’s a worthwhile gig for home workers. My conclusion? It most certainly is!

Job Spotter by Indeed works on a very simple premise, so is the kind of app that anyone can use. The idea is that while you’re out and about, you take photos of any job vacancy signs that you see and submit them via the app. Indeed can then add the jobs to their database. Payment is awarded for every approved submission, based on a sliding scale. We’ll get to how much you can earn a little further down this review.

Getting Started with Job Spotter

Registering for a Job Spotter account is simplicity itself. The app is available through the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Download it for free, create an account by entering a username and email address, and away you go.

It takes less than a minute to flick through the Job Spotter tutorial, which consists of three tips on what how to ensure you get paid:

  1. Take a close up photo of a ‘help wanted’ sign so that it is clearly legible
  2. Take a picture of the outside of the shop, so that the company name is clearly visible
  3. Make sure you don’t include any people in either photograph.

Job Spotter Photo Samples

The written submission guidelines are more detailed, but can still be read and absorbed in under three minutes.

It’s worth noting that you also have to enable location services on your phone in order to use Job Spotter successfully. That’s because the app uses your location data in conjunction with the photos you submit in order to pinpoint the business with the vacancy.

How Easy Is Job Spotter to Use?

Job Spotter is incredibly easy to use. Every time you pop to the shops, keep a look out for help wanted signs. When you see one, open the app and tap ‘submit photos.’ Take a photo of the hiring sign and tap the ‘use’ button. Do the same with the shopfront. You will then be shown your two images. Click ‘submit’ to submit them, or ‘cancel’ if you want to retake one of the photographs for any reason.

Your submission then wings its way electronically to Job Spotter and you’re ready to track down the next help wanted sign. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds.

Job Spotter Submission guidelines


Job Spotter: How Much Money Can You Make?

Job Spotter already has a big following in the US and the app’s top five users there all reportedly made the equivalent of more than GB£1,000 last year, with one user making over GB£5,000.

One great feature of the app is that you can submit as many job opportunities as you can find. There’s no limit to how many submissions you can make and thus no limit to your potential earnings, other than the number of jobs available in your local area.

Unfortunately, that’s where we get to one of the issues with Job Spotter – if you work from home in a rural area then this app probably isn’t going to make you much money at all. However, for home workers who live in towns and cities and pop to the shops at lunchtime, or spend a day indulging in retail therapy at the weekend, Job Spotter offers excellent earning potential.

Payment is awarded based on a points system. Maximum points are awarded for a clearly focused advert that:

  • Is from a small business
  • Includes the job title
  • Confirms applications are accepted in person

Job Spotter Points guide

Adverts for generic vacancies at large corporations are awarded far fewer points.

The type of advert you submit can make a big difference. I netted £2.68 across my first four jobs, which included a local tearoom and an independent bakery. However, my fourth submission (a part-time position at a national footwear chain) earned me just 4 pence. Job Spotter is definitely all about local businesses when it comes to stacking up points.

I live in a very small town, with just over 7,000 residents, so there’s not an abundance of local shops available. In my month of using the app, I racked up £3.23 while running my usual errands around town, for very little effort indeed. If I lived in a larger area, the earning potential would increase significantly. The Wimbledon area of London, for example, is around ten times the size of my little town and so offers ten times the earning potential – users in large urban areas should comfortably be able to make £30 or more in their first month of using Job Spotter.

Job Spotter Review: How to Get Paid

Job Spotter takes around 72 hours to verify the submissions that you make, so you need a little patience at this stage of the process. You can review your submissions to see their progress via the ‘submissions’ screen. You can also check the ‘wallet’ screen to see how much money you’ve racked up.

Once your submissions are approved, the money shows in your wallet. You can then redeem the money in exchange for an Amazon gift card. I clicked to redeem my £3.23 at the end of my month-long trial. My Amazon gift card arrived by email about four hours later.

Amazon gift card from Job Spotter

Job Spotter Review: Conclusion

The only irritation I experienced when using the app was with three positions that were advertised at my local leisure centre at the same time. I photographed and submitted the three separate adverts, but Job Spotter rejected two of them as duplicates, even though they were for different positions and were shown on three separate notices. I was a little irked to discover that there’s no appeal process for rejections, but it was a minor irritation in the grand scheme of things.

Job Spotter is delightfully easy to use and will be something that I keep on my phone and use whenever I happen to be in a city – or even a small village that has a help wanted sign. The speed of the process and the ease of everything from submitting photos to redeeming your Amazon voucher means that this is seriously easy money. Job Spotter won’t earn you enough to live on, but it can certainly generate a nice little bit of extra income each month for those who live in more populated areas.

Of course, if you prefer to make a little extra money without the effort of leaving the house, then there are still plenty of other options available to you. If you think Job Spotter is for you, you’ll find it here.

73% Great!

Far better for city folk than those in small towns, but if you fit the bill, you actually CAN earn money while you're out shopping. And that's pretty awesome.

  • Ease of Use 90 %
  • Accessibility 60 %
  • Earning Potential 70 %
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 90 %

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