Ipsos Isay Review: A Decent Side Gig for Home Workers?

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Ipsos Isay is somewhere you can fill out online surveys for a little extra cash – and this Ipsos i-Say review discusses whether it’s worth your time and effort.

Ipsos MORI is a well-known global market research company with a presence in many countries. As such, it’s possible to sign up to take surveys from plenty of places. I signed up with Ipsos UK specifically for the purposes of this review.

To be honest, I’ve always been rather skeptical about doing online surveys. There are some really spammy and scammy companies involved in the industry and I’ve never been convinced it’s a realistic way to make money. Having tried out Ipsos Isay for a while now, I have to admit I’m something of a convert.

This isn’t a home working opportunity that’s going to make anyone rich, bit the “I-say rewards” available to people willing to spend a little time on taking surveys are genuine and not difficult to earn. It’s not a bad little side-gig, as we’ll discuss now.

Signing up with Ipsos Isay

Ipsos i-Say has a presence in the US, Canada, UK and some other European countries. Signing up does involve providing some personal details, including your date of birth and full address. This may bother some people, but is hardly surprising. Ipsos, after all, is a huge global company that needs to know the people taking its surveys are genuine.

Ipsos isay Signup

Once you’re signed up, you’re eligible to start filling out surveys – you may find one or two you can jump into straight away. Otherwise, you can receive email alerts when new surveys are available.

In my experience, there are some days when no surveys come at all, and others when there’s a bit of a flurry. Averaged out, you seem to get a couple each day – but this will obviously vary from country to country and over time.

Ipsos iSay Review: Taking the Surveys

For the purposes of this review, I made a point of completing all the surveys that were offered to me. (I will continue to do so as well!)

When an email comes through, it tells you roughly how long the survey will take, and how many points (stars) you will get for completing it. These points build up and can be exchanged for “I-say rewards,” such as Amazon vouchers, prepaid credit cards, charity donations and other useful vouchers and credits.

As I understand it, one Ipsos point equates to one cent in the USA. In the UK, it’s not quite as direct a conversion. As an example, you get a £5 Amazon voucher for 690 points.

We’ll come back to what kind of earnings you can expect shortly, but first, let’s discuss the surveys themselves.

Ipsos survey UK

Once you’re notified of a survey, you just need to click the link in the email to get started. Usually, the survey begins by confirming things like your location, sex and date of birth.

Sometimes, you’ll only get a little way into the survey and find it ends prematurely because you don’t fit the demographic they need for it. This is known as being “screened out.” Many people complain about how often this happens to them, but it’s understandable that Ipsos’ clients may need specific sets of people to do their surveys. The same sort of screening happens when your do user testing for websites.

Personally, I don’t get too upset about being screened out. Ipsos Isay pays a token gesture of points depending on how quickly it happened (anything from five to 25 stars). While it may be disappointing to think you were going to earn enough to make up the points for your next Amazon voucher, only to find you’re not eligible, you’re only talking about a few minutes from clicking on the email to that point.

This brings me onto an important point: Filling out surveys for Ipsos iSay isn’t a job! It’s a way to make a little extra pocket money. I strongly feel that a lot of the people online who criticise it are failing to make this important distinction.

The surveys themselves can range from long and monotonous to really rather interesting. Sometimes it feels like a slow and repetitive way to earn a small amount of money, at other times you feel like you’re getting quite an interesting insight into everything from marketing to politics.

It’s possible to take most Ipsos surveys on a smartphone or tablet, as well as a computer. As such, it’s actually feasible to make a little money whilst playing with your phone during “downtime.” In my opinion, this is a far better use of time than playing Candy Crush!

What can you make with Ipsos iSay?

As I’ve made very clear, taking surveys online is neither a job nor a “get rich quick” scheme.

If you were to calculate the time taken to fill out the surveys and calculate it as an hourly rate, it’s unlikely you’d reach a western minimum wage. However, this really isn’t the point. As something to do when you have spare minutes, it’s perfectly worthwhile. All you really need to do is swap some of those regular Facebook and Twitter checks for filling out a survey or two, and you’ll soon be able to earn some vouchers for treats or gifts – and it’s (theoretically) tax-free too.

Let’s look at the numbers:

Ipsos points

The screenshot above shows that I completed 10 surveys before earning enough points for my first £5 Amazon voucher, with 125 points left after cashing them in.

However, on half of these surveys, I was “screened out” before completion. I reckon I probably spent about 90 minutes or so actually answering survey questions.

In terms of time span, it took eight days from joining to getting my first £5 voucher.

Ipsos Amazon voucher

Now, this once again leads us back to why some (in my opinion, rather short sighted) people don’t think Ipsos iSay is worth their time.

Yes, it took a week to earn a £5 voucher, and worked out to less than minimum wage – but I never intended to do this as a job! It’s more of a profitable hobby for those (many) moments when I’m sitting at the computer in the evenings, half working and half idling!

Furthermore, if you extrapolate the numbers, it gets far more interesting:

One £5 voucher every eight days = £228 in vouchers each year.

Now I know this isn’t life-changing money, but it IS “pay for all your Christmas presents” money, or “treat yourself to a new book every week” money.

Obviously, your mileage may vary. I intend to keep doing all the surveys offered to me, so I’ll look back on this article in a year’s time and see how it worked out. It could prove to be better or worse than this.

I’ll say one more time – this isn’t a job – but for me it’s a way to get some free stuff whilst also getting some interesting marketing insights (at least some of the time). It’s not a wage, but nor is it really work.

i-Say Rewards: What’s on offer?

Ipsos iSay Rewards

Amazon vouchers are as useful as money for many people, myself included! But among the other rewards are things like prepaid MasterCards (usable for basically anything), and retailer-specific vouchers.

Some of these actually allow you to get a greater value for fewer points, so if you’re lucky you might get one towards something you intended to buy anyway.

There are also various prize draws going on. I’ve not taken much interest in these so far, but if I win something unexpected I’ll be sure to come back and happily update this review.

One thing I did notice is that some of the Isay rewards seem to drift in and out of stock. I first noticed this as I was heading towards being able to afford my first Amazon voucher (see below):

Ipsos out of stock

Quite how an electronically generated voucher can go “out of stock,” I’m not sure, and I was all ready to say it must be a ruse to ensure people do twice as many surveys before they can “cash out.” But by the time I came to cash out they were back, so I don’t think there was any big conspiracy after all.

Ipsos Isay Review Conclusion

I’m going to go against what many people online seem to think and say that I think doing surveys for Ipsos Isay is a worthwhile use of time.

It will only ever be a tiny side-gig. It’s not a work from home job or a career move. But I find filling out these surveys more interesting than playing mobile games or endlessly scrolling through vacuous Instagram feeds. And the difference with this is that doing those things doesn’t get you a constant stream of Amazon vouchers to spend.

If you go in with realistic expectations, you’ll find that Ipsos iSay is a decent way to establish a side-income. It’s certainly worth a go. You can sign up with Ipsos i-Say here.

80% Well worthwhile!

It will never make you rich, but Ipsos iSay is well worth having as a side gig for those idle moments.

  • Ease of use 90 %
  • Accessibility 90 %
  • Earning Potential 60 %
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 90 %

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