Humanatic Review: Scam or Legit?

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Editor’s Intro: I’m always keen to publish the most detailed reviews of home working opportunities. To that end, I try to find people who’ve done a significant amount of work on a particular platform, as they can provide the best insight. This Humanatic review is an example of that.

I shall hand straight over to Chester in a moment to explain what Humanatic is, discuss his experience, and tell you whether it’s an opportunity worth looking into.

(TL;DR: With the payment rates on offer, I’d wouldn’t suggest this site unless you’re living somewhere with a very low cost of living, as you won’t come close to a western minimum wage. However, please do read on to find out more, and check at the end for some alternatives).

What is Humanatic?

Humanatic is an online solution that provides companies with in-depth analysis of their phone calls. It does this by hiring freelance contractors to review the calls.

Rather than using computers to transcribe and decipher recorded phone calls, Humanatic provides working opportunities for people all over the world. Reviewers work from home listening to recordings, and provide input to facilitate a meaningful analysis of Humanatic’s client’s calls.

Humanatic home page

By combining human intellect with computer generated algorithms, Humanatic generates reports and statistics to help clients improve their businesses.

Humanatic has over 150,000 call reviewers. They work all around the world by logging on via computers, tablets and phones. The Humanatic platform is free for workers to use, and pays out weekly via PayPal.

Is Humanatic Legit?

Humanatic is a legitimate online platform that’s been in operation for many years. Plenty of people have posted online proofs of income.

However, online reviews of Humanatic are very mixed.

Issues reported include shortcomings with accuracy, accounts being frozen for no reason, low pay for considerable effort, and unresponsive support. You can see plenty of such comments on the company’s  official Facebook page.

Where is Humanatic Available?

Humanatic is available across the globe, and it’s easy to sign up. In order to join Humanatic, you must have a valid and verified PayPal account.

If you have a valid and verified PayPal account you can sign up here.

Humanatic Review: Our Experiences

The Basics

The Humanatic registration process is easy, just requiring your basic details. So long as you have a valid and verified PayPal account, you are good to go.

However, Humanatic is very strict about only allowing one account only per PayPal address and you need to use only one IP address. This means you cannot use two devices at once to login because if you do you will be logged out. This is a very effective way to prevent people cheating the system with multiple logins.

Operation of more than one account is strictly prohibited. If you are found to be in violation of the policy, all the identified accounts are deactivated and any pending balances are lost.

It takes some time before you can begin to work on Humanatic after your initial registration. The minimum timeframe is three to five business days, but it can be weeks or even months before Humanatic contacts you via email to inform you that your account is activated and you can start reviewing calls.

The most common reasons for denied applications are employment histories that suggest a conflict of interest, and application that suggest you may have inadequate English spelling and grammar skills. (If you need something to help you bridge the gap if English is your second language, take a look at Grammarlyreview here).

Once your account is activated, you can access the Humanatic platform. Your username and password is the same as the one you used to create your account.  There’s also a face verification process during sign-in.

When you first start, you are given access to the two easiest categories of calls. As you advance, you unlock new categories which provide more opportunities to earn.

When I started with Humanatic, I received four categories to work on. Three of them paid 1.1 Cents per reviewed call, and one paid just 0.04c per reviewed call. Tenured call reviewers have categories in their “bucket” that can pay between $1 and $4.50 per hour.

Humanatic Review: The Platform

Humanatic’s interface is basic but elegant. You can easily scroll down the menus, and you don’t need to be particularly tech savvy to find your way around the dashboard.

Humanatic dashboard

You can access and use the platform with a computer, a phone or a tablet.

What are the Jobs Like on Humanatic?

Most of the work on Humanatic involves listening to recordings of calls and categorising them.

The work itself is not that hard. You just need to memorise and study the guidelines for each category. Based on the guidelines, you tag each call appropriately.

Humanatic’s categories include both inbound and outbound calls. They can be appointment setting calls, customer service and sales calls, often connected to car dealerships and car services. A call can be as short as five seconds, sometimes just a voicemail or a part of a conversation resulting in an appointment.

The purpose of categorising the calls is to determine each agent’s intention when routing a call, or the reason for each customer had for making the call.

You can unlock high-paying categories if accuracy ratings on your audits hit 95-100%. Conversely, if you achieve 80% or below in your audits, you can lose access to the relevant category or have your account deactivated.

To regain access, you need to actively and accurately review calls on your remaining categories, and reach an accuracy rating of 95-100%. If you do this, the system automatically reactivates your lost category.

Humanatic Category removal

Not all of the work you do is audited. Audits happen at random on reviews that you have completed within the last 14 day period.

The exact tasks you can access on Humanatic depend on your accuracy as a call reviewer. You need to review calls during certain hours. You may log in and review as little or as much as you like at times that best suit your schedule, but call availability does vary depending on the time of day. The largest volume of calls is available during the hours of 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (US).

On January 17, 2020, Humanatic announced that it now reviews calls in French as well as English. You can add the ability to review French calls in your user settings.

How Much can you Make from Humanatic?

Humanatic is a low paying home working site. Experienced call reviewers can make from $1-4 per hour, but that depends on the availability of calls coming in

The fee for reviewing each call on Humanatic can range from 0.04 to 1.1 cents. Even at the higher rate, you need to review at least 100 calls per hour to earn a single Dollar.

While there are times when the call interval is just five or ten seconds between each call (during peak hours), sometimes there are no calls at all. You really need to put serious effort in to earn much money from this platform. Moreover, you need to be aware of audits. Every wrong call tag will cost you thrice the amount of each call.

You can look on your dashboard from time to time to check how much have you made for the day. The dashboard displays your available earnings. If it reaches the minimum threshold of $10 you can request payout.

I reached my first $10 after reviewing more than 1000 calls. And it took me five days to do it.

Humanatic Accuracy

How do I get Paid from Humanatic?

Humanatic only offers PayPal payment. In order to work for Humanatic, you must have a verified PayPal account.

Humanatic processes payments every Thursday. All payments must be requested by Wednesday 12:00 PM US (CST), or they are delayed until the next pay period. Only one payout request is allowed per pay period.

For my first payment request, I had $11.94 in available earnings. I received $11.70 in my PayPal account the following day (PayPal charged a $0.24 service fee).

One positive side of Humanatic is that there are no payment delays.

Conclusion: Is Humanatic a Good Site?

I’m going to conclude this Humanatic review by saying that Humanatic isn’t that BAD. But it isn’t GOOD either.

There are some good points about this site. I didn’t have any trouble receiving my pay, so the site is legit, and the money you can earn from this job is enough if you are living in a place that has a very low cost of living.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m giving it a commendation. If it is call reviewing you are interested in, I would rather choose PointQA or Reynolds and Reynolds because they have a higher rate per hour.

To summarise, if you think you might give Humanatic a try, I’d recommend taking a look at your other options first. If you really want to proceed, here are some tips that may help you along the way:

Humanatic Tips

1. You must have good listening skills and must be very attentive to details. Calls can sometimes be confusing, and you must know by heart the category guidelines in order to correctly tag each call.

2. Though calls may seem somewhat simple, you need to utilize the all platform’s tools – such as fast-forward and rewind – in order for you not to miss any details. Most of the time the purpose of the call becomes certain during the last part of the call, not during the introduction.

Humanatic call audit

3. Accuracy is crucial in categorisation. It also opens an opportunity to become eligible for higher paying categories. Spend time listening to each call and do not hurry, especially if you are just starting to review calls.

Your work is evaluated by call mediators (QA). If you have a high rating in your call audits, you can unlock higher paying categories. You might also be noticed by the client and be promoted to call mediator, which gives you a chance of earning more.

Humanatic Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Free and simple platform.
  • Available around the world.
  • You can create your own schedule, and make as little or as much as you want.
  • You only have to listen to calls – not make or receive them.
  • Payment is weekly via PayPal and reliable.

The Bad

  • Very low pay.
  • Very time consuming. You need to review at least one hundred calls to make a Dollar. Too much effort needed to earn extra money.
  • Too many complaints online, even on the company’s own Facebook page. This is primarily because most of the time, the support department fails to respond.
  • Many negative reviews online about call mediators (QA) completing inaccurate call audits.
  • Complaints about accounts being frozen without any explanation from the management. You only receive a message on your dashboard that this doesn’t necessarily mean you have done something wrong. During this time you are not able to request a payout.

Editor’s Conclusion – and Some Alternatives

Before I commissioned this Humanatic review, I had a look at the other reviews out there and saw mentions of “slave labour.”

Obviously I’m very careful of what I say about companies before I’ve looked in to how they work, but Humanatic leaves the same unpleasant taste in the mouth as Hive Work (also reviewed here).

Yes, these companies are “legit,” but they’re paying exploitatively low rates, and that’s before people experience having their accounts closed for questionable reasons with only a non-responsive support team there for assistance.

As I’ve said before in this article about cultural differences, I sympathise with those in countries where home working opportunities are limited. My best recommendation is to move into freelancing, working on a global platform like Upwork or an alternative bidding site. Yes, it’s MUCH harder work to get started, but the rewards are far greater.

Here are a few resources to help people get started:

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  1. is online call review company.
    I found it bogus,fraudulent and discriminatory.
    They freeze account for no reason and are deactivate.
    The work is easy but remote.
    Its online call reviewing and its per call money.
    I don’t recommend it since its not reliable and money is less.
    You cant email them within 7days and one doesn’t know if they will pay.


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