Google Professional Certificates from Coursera: All You Need to Know

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A couple of years ago Google noticed a serious problem when it came to finding qualified tech staff to hire. Having identified a major skills gap, Google decided to create affordable programs that would prepare people for entry-level tech positions. Google Professional Certificates were born.

The first two certificate programs they launched were very successful, but demand for skilled workers in the tech industry has since exploded. So we are excited to see that there are now five different Google Professional Certificates open for enrolment on Coursera.

Since this program presents some very unique opportunities, we decided to bring together all the information about the Google Coursera certificates in order to help you to quickly evaluate whether they might be a good option for you. After all, the faster you make a choice and take action the faster you will see results.

If you do have any questions about Google Professional Certificates (also known as Google Career Certificates) that we fail to address do let us know in the comments.

What Are Google Professional Certificates?

Google Professional Certificates are certification programs designed to prepare students with no prior subject knowledge for entry-level positions in high-growth tech jobs. They are delivered by online training platform, Coursera.

Each program is made up of a series of modules that students can access via Coursera. Each course was designed and is taught by experts in the field.

Google Professional Certificates

What makes Google Professional Certificates unique is that they are 100% online, relatively cheap, fast to earn, and they carry a fair amount of weight.

What is Coursera?

Coursera is an online training company that has specialized in working with well-known colleges and top firms.  They offer a number of professional certification courses so it is not too surprising to see that Google has chosen to work with this platform in order to offer its Google Career Certificates and Google Cloud training too.

Are Google Professional Certificates Worth Investing in?

Having an industry giant, like Google, certify your skills is definitely a nice thing to have but Google has taken it a step further. Google has announced that when it comes to hiring for related roles they will consider the Google Professional Certificates as the equivalent of a four-year college degree.

Benefits of Google Professional Certificates

Will a Google Professional Certificate Guarantee You a Job?

Nothing can ever GUARANTEE a job but Google has certainly set things in place to help those who complete their Professional Certificates find work. The Google Employer Consortium gives certificate graduates access to an exclusive job platform with over 130 top US companies, committed to considering them for entry-level jobs.

When Google says that they have enlisted top US companies into their Employer Consortium they are not kidding (as you can see from the graphic below). Still, it is worth bearing in mind that this exclusive job platform is only available to those in the US.

Google Employer Consortium

How Long Does It Take to Complete Google Coursera Career Certificates?

According to Google and Coursera the certificate programs take around 6 months to complete at a pace of around 10 hours per week. The flexible schedule means that you can take longer if needed and also that you can finish much faster.

When Will Google Professional Certificate Courses be Available?

All five certificate programs now live as of April 2021, and are open for enrolment. Since the programs offer a flexible schedule now is the perfect time to start.

How Much do Google Professional Certificates from Coursera Cost?

The quick answer is that the Google Professional Certificates should cost you less than $300. The truth is that it depends.

Rather than having a fixed price, you pay a monthly fee to access the certificate programs on Coursera. In the US and Canada that fee is $39 per month but may vary based on your local currency.

This means that the faster you complete a Google Career Certificate the less it will cost you. If you take advantage of the 7-day full access free trial that Coursera offers and have the time and ability to push hard, you could conceivably finish the program in half the time and for half the cost.

Of course, the reality is that for some people even six months will not be enough time to complete the course. Still, even if you end up paying more than the standard estimate of $300, the Google Professional Certificates are a LOT cheaper than a four-year degree!

Is Financial Aid Available for Google Professional Certificate Programs?

Google has funded 100,000 scholarships through its partners and grantees but even if you don’t land a scholarship you can still apply for financial aid from Coursera. You simply need to click the “Financial aid available” link to the right of the “Enroll” button and fill out the application form.

What Certificates are Available?

Google has been offering certificates in IT Support and Automation for several years now but they have just added three new programs.

Rolling out these certificates is no easy task as the courses are designed by subject-matter experts and senior practitioners from Google, working in collaboration with expert industry organizations and platforms. But hopefully Google will force us to keep updating this post by adding even more Professional Certificate programs in the near futre.

In the meantime, here is a quick breakdown of each of the Google Career Certificates currently available:

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

This is definitely Google’s flagship course with over half a million students already enrolled and a rating of 4.8 stars from over 80,000 reviewers.

But don’t let the number of students enrolled put you off. Remember that Google created this certificate in order to try and close the skills gap and enable employers to find the qualified IT Support staff they so desperately needed. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment in this sector to grow much faster than average and puts the median wage in the $50,000 range.

Designed to teach you all of the skills required to succeed in an entry-level IT job, the program is made up of five courses. You will learn everything from customer service to computer assembly to encryption algorithms.

No prior degree or experience is required but you will have your work cut out for you. These certificates aim at getting you ready to hit the ground running so it is hardly surprising to find that the program includes hundreds of practice-based assessments.


Google IT Automation Professional Certificate

This certificate teaches you skills like Python, Git, and IT automation in order to help you advance your tech career.

Despite being the most advanced certificate on offer, no prior experience is required in order to take the course. Still, it will probably take you a little longer to complete.

This course is best suited to IT professionals who want to learn to program with Python. Since Python is one of the most in-demand coding languages, adding this skill to your resume will definitely help generate more interest in what you have to offer.


Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate (New)

Data Analysis is a rapidly growing field because the mountains of data being collected every day mean nothing without it.

The certificate is designed to immerse you in the daily practices and processes used by junior or associate data analysts so that you are job-ready when you finish the program.

You will learn problem solving, critical thinking, data cleaning, data ethics, and data visualization in the eight courses which make up this Google Professional Certificate.


Google Project Management Professional Certificate (New)

If problem solving is your thing then you might want to consider the Google Professional Certificate in Project Management.

The videos, assessments, and hands-on activities in this program could help you turn that natural talent into a highly sought after skill. The six modules will take you from project planning and initiation through to the principles behind Agile project management and culminate with a look at project management in the real world.


Google UX Design Professional Certificate (New)

User Experience (UX) is becoming more and more important for businesses. Consumers want technology that is intuitive and works seamlessly. This means a growing demand for professionals who can identify pain points and help design solutions.

An added bonus of this highly interactive course is that you will end up with a professional UX portfolio which includes three end-to-end projects.



It is probably crystal clear at this point that if you are interested in starting a career in a related field then we think the Google Professional Certificates are well worth considering.

If the Google Employer Consortium lives up to its promise, Google Professional Certificates are ideally placed to give colleges a serious run for their money. In a world that moves with ever-increasing speed and where practical knowledge and results are king, these programs really do offer a fantastic opportunity for those starting out or wanting to switch to a career in tech.

The biggest downside to this program is that, for now, the main beneficiaries of the Google Professional Certificates and affiliated support are those who live in the US.

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