Global Test Market Review: Is this Survey Site a Hit or a Miss?

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I wasn’t surprised when I was asked to do a Global Test Market review. It’s a site that has come up a LOT when I’ve been doing research into such opportunities.  

While I’d dabbled with the website in the past, I’d never put enough effort into the surveys to gain a comprehensive opinion. GlobalTestMarket’s TrustPilot entry shows a very poor score of 2.6/10 (at the time of writing). Poor communication and slow payouts seem to be key to most of the negative opinions. 

The low TrustPilot score definitely made completing a comprehensive GlobalTestMarket review an interesting exercise. This is a site that crops up a lot, despite a pretty sketchy online reputation – so it was definitely time to find out if that reputation is fair and justifed. 

What is GlobalTestMarket?

Global Test Market is a free-to-join online survey panel. It comes from one of the world’s leading providers in market research, serving clients from over 60 nations.

Global Test Market surveys are available to people in many different countries around the world, including the USA, UK, China, France and Germany. 

You earn LifePoints by completing surveys online or through the service’s LifePoints app. Each LifePoint is worth roughly one cent. In 2016, the site awarded over $30million to its members.

Global Test Market Review: Sign up Process

The online signup process is fairly simple  You get started with just your name and email address.

Global Test Market signup

Next, you have to provide a few more pieces of information before you can access the site. 

Finally, you must verify your email address. You click through on the link from your email and then you have access to the GlobalTestMarket homepage.

How Can I Earn LifePoints?

Let’s be honest: the reward at the end is the main point of completing surveys!

To earn your first “LifePoints” you just have to take your first survey. It is a normal demographic survey about you and your household. You earn 33 LifePoints for completing this survey.

As with most survey sites, it’s best to ensure you complete the profile surveys on your Global Test Market homepage in order to be invited to more surveys. Completing these only take a few minutes.

Now you just need to wait for available surveys to show on your GlobalTestMarket homepage. You are also sent email notifications when surveys become available. In my experience of GlobalTestMarke,t the majority of surveys are available to take on a computer or a tablet.

As will all survey sites, there’s a chance of getting “screened out” after answering some questions if you don’t meet the demographic requirements for a specific survey. There are two rewards you can receive for being screened out – either five LifePoints or, some entries into the company’s quarterly sweepstake.

GlobalTestMarket surveys also offer you the opportunity to get involved in product tests and other projects. One survey I completed during my Global Test Market review earned me 50 LifePoints but also an invite to take part in a month long online market research project about the play habits of my children. By completing this project I receive £50 ($64).  Obviously, this was only a small gain for my points total but it does show that GlobalTestMarket can direct you to other (more lucrative) earning opportunities.

Can I Do Anything Else to Accumulate Points?

Sweepstake Entries

Global Test Market has a quarterly sweepstake where 103 winners share a prize pool of $2000-worth of Lifepoints. You receive sweepstake entries on some occasions when you do not get to complete a survey. Sometimes, entries are the actual reward for a survey. 

Survey sweepstake

You are notified by email If you win on a sweepstake. To be eligible for the reward you must claim it by following the process stated on the email.

Refer a Friend

A referral scheme is always a bonus as a way to build up rewards, and many survey sites have them. 

In theory, each friend that joins Global Test Market through your link and completes a survey can earn you Life points. Unfortunately for me, here in the UK the referral scheme is not currently open. I cannot comment on other areas in the world but this was a big disappointment for me and didn’t help to improve my impression of the site.

Redeeming LifePoints

In the “Rewards” section, you can search for rewards available for the number of LifePoints you have, or looks for specific retailers.

You can redeem from as few as 345 points. This currently gets you a £3 ($4) Starbucks online voucher. For 550-595 points you can get £5 ($6.40) Amazon or Starbucks e-vouchers, or an equivalent amount of PayPal credit.

LifePoints rewards

Here in the UK, the largest reward you can redeem is £35 ($46) PayPal credit for 4025 LifePoints. The best value for points redemption is to hang on until you reach the top reward. This works for some, but I do like the fact you can redeem your points at a very early stage; Even if it is just $5 per month. it’s still a little bit of pocket money.

LifePoints app review

A great way to boost your earning potential is to use the LifePoints app, available on both IOS and Android.

With a simple to use interface, it makes GlobalTestMarket available to those who prefer to earn money using apps on their mobile devices and tablets.

Using the same sign in details, you get access to a few different ways to earn some LifePoints. It all works in an enjoyable “gamified” way.   

By installing the LifePoints app and signing up you receive 5 LifePoints. The next step is to access the “booster” area on the app, which can boost your earning potential by 100%. 

To reach this target you must link your Facebook account, which will earn you 5 points; Turning notifications on will boost your earning by 10%;  Turning on location services will enable high-earning surveys specific to your area to be sent to you on the go; If you do this you get 50 points straight away, then additional points for leaving this enabled. (Obviously, the tradeoff for this is that you’re sending data on your location to a survey company, which you may or may not be comfortable with).

LifePoints App Review

There’s also a “Daily Challenge.” The idea is that you complete this for 30 days to achieve a 15% bonus.  In theory, you should receive questions here that give you a higher chance of receiving more surveys, but this hasn’t happened for me. 

Surveys that are available for completion on your current device are located on the Survey tab. You can also access the rewards area and redeem your points on the App as well.

In completing this small LifePoints app review, I had to conclude that while the app is a nice idea, I haven’t had much success taking surveys through it.  I have done everything I can to boost my earning potential, but still have only had one survey invitation in 20 days!  

This may be to do with my demographic, but it seems more likely that most surveys are computer/tablet compatible, and not available on my iPhone.

Conclusion: Is Global Test Market Worth it?

Based on my experience, it seems it will take a while for anyone to earn a worthwhile sum of money on Global Test Market. 

I actively worked to complete surveys for a month and ended up with 326 points – nearly enough for the first £3 ($4) redeemable reward. The positive for me was my involvement in a market research project which earns me £50 ($64) on top of that.  

As with many of the survey sites reviewed on Homeworkingclub, this is one to add to a portfolio of others, each earning you a little bit every month. 

While I can understand why there is a poor score on TrustPilot, I do believe there are opportunities to earn here if you stick at it. The website itself isn’t a big money earner, and it can be frustrating when you are continually screened out of surveys, but one thing I do like is that it will keep supplying you with all the surveys available, some of which may earn you more points than the initial one. 

You are not going to become a millionaire overnight with GlobalTestMarket but it is worth checking out as a side gig. 

Global Test Market Review: Pros & Cons

I uncovered some definite Pros and Cons whilst carrying out me GlobalTestMarket review. It’s not a big money earner, but there’s enough here to make it worth a look.  

The Pros:

  • Low point threshold to cash in a reward
  • Easy signup process
  • Easy to navigate
  • IOS and Android app with extra earning potential
  • Links to other earning opportunities


  • High chance of being screened out of surveys
  • No active referral scheme (in UK at least)
  • Can take a long time to accumulate points
  • Not many surveys work on a smartphone

Check out this article to find a selection of other survey sites that will bring your better rewards!


4 thoughts on “Global Test Market Review: Is this Survey Site a Hit or a Miss?”

  1. I had been a member of Globaltestmarket Surveys for almost 15 years and did not have any problems. Then they switched to LifePoints and it became a total joke! Every time I completed a survey an error would come up, every time I did a multi day survey, on the final day, the survey access point would mysteriously disappear from the site. I contacted their help section and told them of the problems. I never received a reply and, now, today, I go to log in and it says my account has been cancelled. No way to clear out my reward points, which is over 30.00, which is a LOT of surveys. I believe they are a total FRAUD and will not be paying out to anyone after this change over. DO NOT JOIN THEM unless you really like wasting your time to not be paid.

    • Hi Brenda,

      Thank you for sharing that. I actually have a writer working on a new review now they have switched to this LifePoints system.

      Best wishes,


    • I’m afraid you’ll have to contact them directly about that. Maybe you’re somewhere they’re not accepting applications from.


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