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With Christmas not far away, I’m experiencing a familiar realisation; While some people are really easy to choose presents for, others are far more difficult. And that’s what’s inspired this article on gifts for entrepreneurs.

Freelancers, self-employed people, home workers and entrepreneurs are generally quite easy to find gifts for. There’s always something new to branch out into or learn. So if you have one of these people in your life, this feature should give you an idea of something to get for them!

I should point out that this is a list based on items I’ve personally selected. In fact, I own several of these items myself. So, it’s a list of genuine recommendations and not just a cynical “please buy this” feature, like so many you see online at this time of year!

Let’s get started:

The Gift of Power!

Modern smartphones are indispensable to freelancers, and a way to keep in touch at all times – from anywhere. However, they can also be a source of pain and stress when they continually need charging. The reality is that manufacturers haven’t yet found a way to make the latest phones last as long as they really need to – so everyone who needs to rely on their phone needs a backup plan.This Anker power block has a 10,000MaH battery – which is enough capacity for the equivalent of five full charges of a typical smartphone. One of these kept charged up in a work bag means no more “battery low” panics and no more begging clients and bar owners for a charger! Find the Anker PowerCore here.

A Bit of Inspiration: The $100 Startup Book

I read a LOT of business / startup-type books, and often find as much to dislike as I find to like! I’m recommending this one because if provides plenty of real-life examples, and is one of those books that really inspires by helping you believe that anything is possible.
I’m not a huge fan of the section that encourages launching products with what I refer to as “false scarcity” (essentially forcing things to only be available for a limited period). I personally see this as a cheesy marketing technique and one that’s all too common online nowadays – but this is a minor criticism. There’s plenty here to get stuck into, and it’s one of the gifts for entrepreneurs here that will work as well for novices as for veteran business people. Find the $100 Startup here.

One for the Indecisive

This is a rather obscure choice, and a book that’s becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of. However, there was some availability on both Amazon US and UK when I checked.

My mum actually bought me this many years ago when I was having a career crisis and couldn’t work out my next move. Its approach is based on loads of worksheets and exercises that really help you hone in on what’s important to you, what you enjoy doing, and how to turn all of it into a career. “Build your Own Rainbow” is a book that really helped me, and I’m confident it will help others who are at a crossroads or unsure of what to do in the future. You will find it here.

One of the Most Useful Gifts for Entrepreneurs: Headphones!

There’s a reason that airports always sell a wide range of headphones and “earbuds,” which is that’s they’re really, really easy to forget. This is why I have quite a selection in my house!

With this in mind, I’ve had the opportunity to try lots of different sets, so this is a personal recommendation of the ones that have come to be my favourites. These very earbuds have helped to keep me sane on many work trips!I’ve not gone for anything fancy here – these are low-priced, plug-in earphones, with no Bluetooth or anything fussy like that. Instead, these tick the two most important boxes – they sound great, and they stay in your ears. Since I’ve had these, I tend to remember them when I leave the house – simply because I’d rather not use anything else! Find the Sennheiser CX 3.00s here(They’re lovely in red!)

The Gift of New Skills

As I discussed in my recent training for freelancers article, there are loads of low-cost (or even free) ways for self-employed people to boost their skills and learn something new. So, if you’re looking for gifts for entrepreneurs, why not consider paying for the person you have in mind to take a course in something they’re interested in?

Coursera course gifts

If you know what the freelancer in your life would enjoy training in, you could treat them to a course on Coursera or eDx with a verified certificate. Or, you could sign them up to to give them unlimited access to courses in the months ahead. (You’ll find a detailed review of here if you want to find out more.)

Gifts for Entrepreneurs with a Creative Side: Moleskine Notebooks

Being almost constantly connected to laptops, smartphones and tablets means that many of us can go days at a time without writing anything down in the “old fashioned” way. However, I often find that when inspiration strikes, there’s no better way to capture it than in a traditional notebook.
And, of course, there are no finer notebooks than the Moleskine range. I’ve linked to a plain black one, but there’s loads of choice. These things ooze quality and are always well-received by those who appreciate high-end items. Find them here.

Upgrade the Home Office

This final gift idea is a more extravagant one, but it’s perfect for people who work from home. Those of us who do so often spend an awfully long time shut away working, so a gift that makes the air around us clean and fresh is definitely a good thing! I’ve linked to a basic model here, but you can get all kinds of Dyson Air Purifiers, even models that have integrated WiFi and report back on your air quality! If the beloved entrepreneur in your life likes to keep their office space spick and span, this is the perfect gift. Take a look at it here.

Other Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

As I said at the start, us freelancers are usually easy to buy for, because we love anything that furthers our working goals. So if nothing on my list has grabbed your attention, you’ll find dozens of freelancing books to choose from. Or perhaps you could go for a flash new laptop bag for work trips, or a new coffee maker for the home office.

Whether you’re looking for a small “stocking filler” or a “main present,” hopefully this article’s helped you find something appealing for the entrepreneur in your life.

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