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I’m feeling rather “down with the kids” this week, after finally getting around to establishing a presence on Instagram!

As I discussed in a post last week, the vision behind HomeWorkingClub is as much about living¬† a “freelance lifestyle” as it is about making money. In some cases, there’s even a trade-off between money and freedom, and a point where people have to decide whether to work to live or live to work.

Before moving back to the UK in 2015, I spent several years living in Portugal (whilst there I quite literally wrote the book on it – you’ll find it here). My time there taught me that not every country’s culture has the same level of fixation with material goods and the accumulation of wealth. That fixation is starkly apparent in the UK and the US, however.

It’s important to be realistic; I don’t personally think that living in the UK on a real shoestring budget, for example, would be particularly enjoyable – it’s an expensive place and becoming more-so. However, I know from experience that it’s possible to be very unhappy whilst earning really good money and living in an “upscale” part of London. This is especially true once you take into account the commuting, the pollution and the constant and relentless lack of time and space for yourself.

It’s all about balance, and that’s what I mean when I talk about freelancing and working from home in terms of a lifestyle.

When I started HomeWorkingClub, I had to give a lot of thought to the areas of freelancing I would focus on, and the site is already starting to evolve based on the things members are asking for. For now, I’m concentrating on practical and actionable advice, case studies¬†of people making a success of the freelance life, and reviews of related products and services. Based on the figures, people are reading and enjoying the content so far.

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However, I’ve long been aware that focussing on these things left some gaps in what I’d ideally like to share. For example, one of the things I most love about this “freelance lifestyle” is that I have time to cook a proper meal for the family several nights a week. I also have the time to shop sensibly and economically and use up leftovers. These are things that quickly fall by the wayside if you’re commuting and not getting in until 7pm or later. I also love that I get to spend quality time with my children every day, and not just at the weekend.

Anyway, I have no desire to clog up HomeWorkingClub with recipes, toddlers and motivational quotes (shudder!). I am, however, still keen to share some occasional images that reflect what this freelance lifestyle really means, and what it makes possible.

So, that’s why I’ve put HomeWorkingClub onto Instagram. If you use Instagram I’d love it if you would come and follow us on there. Expect home-cooked food, home working realities and anecdotes, and – I’ll admit it – probably the occasional baby photo.

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