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Udemy has long been known as a place to find affordable courses. You can find our full review of the platform here.  Now, the company has now gone one step further, and made a catalogue of over 500 free Udemy courses available to everybody.

Find the Free Courses Here 

It’s heartwarming to see companies take steps to help people during the current global crisis. We gave a view examples at the end of our long article on Coronavirus initiatives for freelancers.

Free learning resources are particularly useful at this time. Many people have lost their jobs already or are in danger of losing them, and lots of individuals are at home making plans for the future. Taking courses is the perfect way to use this unusual time productively, and these free Udemy courses remove any financial barrier.

We took a good look through the free courses list and made some suggestions below. Scroll down to take a look.

Free Udemy CoursesNotable Free Udemy Courses for 2020

With over 500 courses to choose from, you’re sure to find something worth grabbing and spending some time on. Topics covered include everything from programming to public speaking.

The free courses on offer vary considerably in length. Some are quick overviews lasting little more than 30 minutes, while others are comprehensive courses lasting five hours or more.

Here are some courses we picked out after having a good look through. When choosing which to highlight here, we took into account what we know which skills are in demand right now.

Programming for Kids – How to Make Coding Fun

A great option for those of you with children currently at home from school. Teaching children the basics of programming gives them a skill that will stay with them for life, and it can be pretty fun and rewarding too.

Life Hacks to Inspire You to Excel in Business and Life

This is a manageable course delivered in 20 bite-sized chunks. It’s all about choosing the right career and setting goals. It’s hard to see what topic could be more appropriate for many people right now!

Concentration and Focus: The Principles of Deep Work

We could all do with better concentration and focus right now. Even in the normal course of events, this is something I’m asked for advice about a lot. This short course on productivity and discipline promises to teach you how to be effective and get more done.

Excel Pivot Table Basics

Microsoft’s Excel is a hugely powerful tool, but one where few people know more than the basics. Understanding how to sort and present data in powerful Pivot Tables is often considered to be a true level of Excel mastery, so why not spend an hour attaining it?

How to Build a WordPress Website from Scratch

Knowing how to put a WordPress website together is an incredibly useful skill. Within a couple of hours you can learn how to build a blog or a company site. It’s the process of getting a site up and running that often holds back aspiring bloggers, so why not settle down to this and learn what’s what?

Code Your First Game: Arcade Classic in JavaScript on Canvas

Although there are plenty of programming options among the free Udemy courses, many are not in English. However, this well-reviewed option teaches beginners how to code a game in JavaScript. An interesting and fun way to spend a couple of hours.

A Mini Course on Time Management

Time management is something MANY people struggle with. Thankfully the only time you have to make for this course is 37 minutes! It’s some well-regarded material, with many five-start reviews.

What are you Waiting For?

As we’ve made clear these are FREE Udemy courses. As such, you have absolutely nothing to lose trying one of them out. There are also over 500 more to choose from.

If you complete any of these courses, let us know how you got on in the comments.

Find the Free Courses Here 

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