FlexJobs Review 2021: Will It Transform your Job Hunt?

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If you’re dreaming of a different kind of working life, FlexJobs promises “a better way” to find it. Established in 2007, the site lists thousands of remote, flexible and home based jobs. But is FlexJobs worth the small subscription fee? This extensive FlexJobs review reveals all, and answers the most important question of all: Is FlexJobs legit?

I’ve tried to make this the most honest and thorough review of FlexJobs out there, so there’s plenty of detail for those who want to delve into it. I’ve been working from home myself for well over a decade, so I know what to look for.

I regularly update this review. Unlike some reviewers, I actually spend time searching to see exactly what kind of jobs FlexJobs has to offer each time. I also regularly speak to readers who’ve subscribed, and shared their experiences. 

Since September 2020, FlexJobs has had a bold new look. While it makes little difference the core functionality, it makes the site more enjoyable to browse and work with – more on that below.

A Quick FlexJobs Review Summary:

Is FlexJobs Legit?

FlexJobs is completely legit and has a strong online reputation. It’s easy to find a positive FlexJobs review because the service does deliver, and subscriptions are very affordable. However, it’s important to realise that subscribing won’t do miracles. You still need to apply to jobs you are suitable for, put in strong applications, and perform well at interview.

Let’s delve into the detail.

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What Is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is an online job board service for people seeking remote, home-based, freelance and flexible roles. The jobs come from various sources including company websites and employment agencies, and are “hand-screened” before being listed on the site.

New Flexjobs homepage

FlexJobs’ definition of “flexible” is rather broad. Many jobs are “100% remote,” while some are attached to a fixed location, with only some level of home working permitted.

There are also plenty of freelance opportunities – certainly a plus for independent workers.

Like most chargeable job search services, FlexJobs bolts on several supplementary features to justify the small cost. These include online “resumé profiles,” skills tests, and access to a huge amount of helpful content, including training videos and tutorials – more on all that below.

Members also get access to exclusive events and discounts on career coaching and other services (more on those below).

Is Flexjobs a Scam?

FlexJobs is NOT a scam. The site has a solid reputation and it’s easy to find online praise from those who’ve found the perfect flexible job as a result of signing up. Some people do speak negatively about FlexJobs, but they are generally those who object to the general principle of paying any kind of subscription fee.

If you’ve decided you want to work remotely, you can try to uncover jobs that allow it on the traditional job boards, or do lots of time-consuming research into individual companies. Or, you can pay for a service like FlexJobs that does that for you, putting all the flexible jobs in one place.

Online Feedback and User Reviews for FlexJobs

It doesn’t take long to find many FlexJobs reviews online. The vast majority of customer reviews on sites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot are very positive. FlexJobs staff frequently take the time to respond to them.

Reviews by the company’s own employees also suggest that the company takes care of its own people.

I’ve heard from plenty of people who’ve found home-based jobs on FlexJobs. Hannah, who was recently hired for a full-time role found on the site, said this:

“Overall it was a super positive experience. FlexJobs actually had a huge amount of jobs for me to choose from, and the application process was easy. They also offer a lot of useful resources. Most importantly, it is possible to search for “fully remote” in the country you are from.”

How Much Does FlexJobs Cost?

FlexJobs’ subscription fees vary depending on how long you sign up for. Standard fees range from $4.16 to $14.95 per month. There’s also the recent addition of a weekly membership – ideal if you just want to give the service a quick try-out. This costs $6.95 before any discount.

Frequent promotions and FlexJobs coupon codes often bring the fees down even lower – read on for more on that.

FlexJobs really doesn’t cost a lot of money. If you sign up for a year, the membership fee works out to less that five bucks per month – I’ve often been known to spend more than that on a Starbucks order!

The most economical way to try FlexJobs is to sign up for one week at $6.95. At the other end of the scale, there’s a significant discount on an annual subscription at $49.95 (the equivalent of $4.17 per month).

FlexJobs September 2020 pricing table

FlexJobs Coupon Code

A discount code for Flexjobs is usually quite easy to find. For example, you can sign up with this link and use the voucher code of “HomeWorkingClub” to get 30% off a weekly or monthly subscription ($4.95 or $9.95 respectively), 20% off a quarterly subscription ($23.95), or 10% off annual ($44.95).

This Flexjobs promo brings the minimum monthly cost to just $3.74 for people who pay annually. It’s a tiny sum of money, and FlexJobs also has a “no quibble” refund policy. We’ve not heard of any issues for people choosing to request a refund either.

How Long Should you Sign Up For?

One thing it’s important to remember about FlexJobs, and indeed any job board, is that you may not find your dream job on the first day you look. However, you never know if it may be posted the next day, week or month.

The new weekly FlexJobs membership gives you a good opportunity to test out the site and get a feel for things. If you want to make the best out of your small investment – you could also work through some of the in-built courses and training materials in that time.

Really though, if you are serious about finding your perfect work from home job, using the platform over a longer period will probably give you a much better chance.

Is there a FlexJobs Free Trial?

While there isn’t a fully-fledged free trial on offer for FlexJobs, you can still browse a lot of the site and get an idea of what’s on offer.

Is it Worth Paying for FlexJobs?

It is definitely worth paying for FlexJobs if you’re willing to put some effort into searching all of the available roles. Signing up to FlexJobs could result in you finding the perfect flexible job to suit your lifestyle. However, it’s not a magic service that will land that job in your lap without any work on your part.

You still need to search FlexJobs’ listings regularly, make full use of the features, and send good quality applications to jobs you are a perfect fit for. Something I see a huge amount of in the home working world is people getting affronted when a tiny investment doesn’t change their life.

Simply signing up won’t win you a job, and some people will undoubtedly get more out of FlexJobs than others. We discuss that in a lot more detail below.

FlexJobs certainly gives you plenty of information when you hit the user dashboard. The dashboard has been evolving recently and has been visually overhauled.

It’s still a little on the cluttered side, but it’s definitely an improvement, and I like how you see new job suggestions based on your previous searches.

There’s also a prominent online chat option, in case you need any assistance.

What Kind of Jobs are on FlexJobs?

FlexJobs lists:

  • 100% remote roles.
  • Home-based (telecommute) jobs.
  • Office-based jobs with an element of remote working allowed.
  • Freelance / independent contractor roles.

The jobs listed cover every imaginable industry sector, and span from entry-level roles to senior positions.

Searching FlexJobs

I did some varied searches when I last updated this FlexJobs review.

The search facilities are good but not perfect. But by making use of the considerable range of advanced search parameters, you can drill down to the exact kind of job you’re looking for.

FlexJobs’ new look definitely improves the browsing experience. The site also now prominently shows how many jobs are on offer at one time – over 26,000 when I updated this review.

Job listings

Searching can be glitchy. Sometimes this is down to how jobs have been categorised, but sometimes the text search can throw up strange results. Whilst updating this review I search for “freelance writer,” and saw remote jobs for HR assistants and business analysts among the results.

A scattering of inaccurate results in these searches is common, and it’s often simply because a particular word features in the job advert text. In fairness we face the same challenges with our own remote job board – worth a look if you’re in the market for a FlexJobs free alternative!

After spending a long time browsing the site, I established a good workflow for uncovering the most accurate results:

  1. Use the search box for your initial search.
  2. Use the filters on the left hand side of the screen to drill down to the most appropriate results – this can help eliminate strange results the text search has produced.
  3. Make sure you tick the “100% Remote” box to eliminate flexible jobs that may still require you to go into a central office.

Freelance and International Opportunities

FlexJobs is stronger on international (i.e. non US) jobs than it was when we first reviewed it a few years ago. As an example, when I search for London, I find jobs in serval “Londons” – in the US, England and Canada!

This is significant because FlexJobs’ closest rival, Virtual Vocations, is very US-centric.

There are also plenty of freelance roles on FlexJobs – 1582, to be precise, at the time of writing.

Screenshot of freelance jobs

Are there Out of Date Listings on FlexJobs?

Here’s something I hear many complaints about – regarding all job boards: out of date listings.

These aren’t always the fault of the job boards. Employers often fail to pull the listing when a position has been filled. Some firms also recruit for certain roles on a constant basis. (I once personally checked out a listing that was months old, only to find that the company WAS still hiring!)

However, there is an unavoidable chance of finding outdated listings on FlexJobs. It’s therefore worth paying attention to when each job was posted. On my freelance search, as I discussed above, I found a few listing going back months, not weeks.

There is some potential for frustration here. However, it was really no different in the past, when we all used to look for jobs in the newspaper.  There was still the chance that a job would be gone by the time you applied.

FlexJobs Job Listing Example

So…Is FlexJobs Worth It?

If you’re willing to put some effort in, you WILL find suitable jobs to apply for on FlexJobs. This applies whether you’re an entry-level worker or someone with lots of professional experience.

Every time I log into FlexJobs I find plenty of options for project managers, techies of all kinds, and people in sales and marketing. There are also entry level jobs such as call center and data entry roles.

The vast majority of jobs require you to click out of FlexJobs and visit a job page on a specific company website. This highlights the value of the service, as it takes considerably more online research to uncover these jobs manually (although we do have an article here to help you do that).

It’s also worth highlighting that there are plenty of jobs among the listings from household-name companies. A few I saw on this recent update include Sony, Cap Gemini and Thrive.

Other Features of FlexJobs

FlexJobs includes various supplementary features. While some people may find them useful, I’ve never seen them as particularly core to what you are paying for.

My opinion on this has shifted a little lately, however, as the enhanced Learning Center really does provide a lot of useful content.

Resume Profiles

Resume profiles gives you the ability to set up multiple online resumés. The functionality here is extensive, but I remain unconvinced of how worthwhile it is. And I shall tell you why:

The vast majority of the jobs on the platform have their own application processes. As such, they don’t integrate with FlexJobs’ resumé platform. FlexJobs acknowledge this it its introductory video.

However, one big benefit of setting up resumés is that you’re teaching FlexJobs more about you, which allows them to include more relevant jobs when they send email updates.

The Learning Center

The upgraded FlexJobs Learning Center is rather good. There’s always been a lot of advice content on the site, and it seems somebody’s now really thought about how best to lay it all out and make it useful. It’s also had a nice visual revamp as part of the September 2020 update.

Here you’ll find downloadable guides, webinars and links to lots of blog and video content.

There are even some free courses, delivered via LinkedIn Learning. We’ve reviewed LinkedIn Learning here, and find it a good platform for training. It’s worth taking into account that you could pay for training like this separately, so if it’s something you need, it makes it easy to justify the subscription fee.

FlexJobs Learning Centre

FlexJobs Skills Tests

One bolt-on feature I’ve never been very enthusiastic in my FlexJobs review about is the free access to a large collection of “FlexJobs skills tests.” The idea of these is that you can show off and prove your abilities in everything from language skills to specific software packages. These too have had a visual update.

My issue with these tests is that I’m just not that convinced that taking a test on FlexJobs is something a potential employer is going to be all that impressed with. (I’d personally rather spend the time completing a course on Coursera or somewhere similar, where you can get an accreditation from a known university or company).

There have been some improvements made to the skills tests. Many (not all) are more up-to-date than they were. However, I just don’t see these tests as a particularly alluring feature. The presence of one for Mac OS 10.5, when it’s now up to version 10.15, also doesn’t help to inspire me!

FlexJobs Skills Tests

FlexJobs Career Coaching

FlexJobs also offers a couple of types of career coaching. Private coaching is a bolt-on service, and it comes at a significantly reduced price for FlexJobs members.

While I’ve not put this coaching service to the test as part of my FlexJobs review, it’s not bad value at the discounted price of $64. This buys a 30 minute private call that can cover things like resume reviews, mock interviews and cover letter writing.

There’s also new weekly career coaching in live Q&A format. This is one of those features that illustrates that FlexJobs is one of those services that rewards the effort you put into it.

Blog Articles and Other Content

FlexJobs has a busy blog. The blog content is open to non-members as well, and you’ll find it here. It’s a useful compliment to the information in the Learning Center.

FlexJobs also gets heavily involved in the wider flexible working community, with initiatives such as National Flex Day.

Video Review

If you prefer watching to reading, there’s a video review of Flexjobs here, where you can see some of the features in action. I will update this to show the newer, “facelifted” website in due course.

FlexJobs Review Conclusion

FlexJobs deserves its positive reputation.

It’s not perfect: The interface remains a little cluttered, although its fair to say the new design has gone a long way to putting this right. I’d personally get rid of some of the less enticing features in exchange for a “leaner and meaner” experience.

But there IS plenty to recommend here. There are lots of genuine jobs to choose from, and if you have the right skills and put in the right effort – you can expect this to be rewarded.

I’ve spent a considerable length of time searching through the listings on FlexJobs over the years. I consistently find the kind of jobs I’m often asked about: remote sales jobs, data entry work, home-based programming roles, and freelance writing gigs.

FlexJobs Blog

There is a steady stream of jobs added to FlexJobs daily, so if you’re willing to keep checking the site over the course of a few months you probably will find some roles to apply for that suit your own definition of “flexible.”

Let’s end our FlexJobs review by returning to that issue of cost. I don’t honestly think that anyone who finds a life-changing job on FlexJobs is going to moan that much about the small subscription fee. A whole year costs less than a modest meal out.

Nothing in this world is perfect, but here we have the kind of flexible jobs people are looking for, complied by a firm with a very strong reputation among its customers. FlexJobs also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. FlexJobs is legit, and could be where you find a remote job or your next freelance gig.

You can sign up here with this link. Don’t forget to use the coupon code “AFFILPROMO” to save up to 30% off your membership.

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4.7 of 5 stars 1 review


  • Access to jobs that may prove hard to find elsewhere
  • Inexpensive subscriptions and a money-back guarantee
  • A good “Learning Centre” complete with free courses
  • Gradual, incremental improvements to the feature-set and search facilities
  • Excellent blog content
  • Solid reputation for customer service and integrity
  • Useful new search widget


  • Search and filtering features still need improvement
  • User interface remains unnecessarily cluttered
  • Skills tests and CV profiles feel like superfluous features