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In this Copify review, we look at whether writing for Copify is a worthwhile use of time and / or a good way for a novice writer to get started with some professional work.

What is Copify?

Copify is a platform that aims to bring together clients wanting content and copy with writers available to produce it.

The type of writing required can include product descriptions, blog posts, press releases and web copy, and whilst the amount of work available varies, there’s usually some good variety.

Lamenting the difficulty of building a portfolio of work that can be shared, rather than writing content that remains confidential, it was recommended that I sign up to see what I could produce through Copify. The recommendation was honest: ‘it’s the kind of thing you can do quickly over breakfast.’ Here’s what I found while working on my Copify review:

How Copify works

After signing up with the usual credentials, profile picture and CV, you are asked to do a writing test. This involves writing a couple of hundred words on a topic they give you. It’s a timed test of one hour, and you have to type directly into the box provided – no cut and paste allowed. There’s no indication of whether they use this copy anywhere.

After you’ve been accepted, you are free to log in and look at the job board. Here you see a list of ‘orders.’

You simply select ones you like the look of, read the brief, and if you want to write it, click to accept. This then becomes an ‘In progress’ task.

Copify Job example

You then have a few hours to write the copy and submit it through Copify’s portal. During this time it sits in your ‘Pending feedback’ section. It is sent for review by Copify’s editors, to check you’ve met the brief. If they have any concerns or questions they use the message portal to contact you.

Once the copy is submitted and approved, it’s moved to ‘Complete’ where you can see it in your dashboard.

Clients can rate you, based on your work and ability to meet the brief. The number of orders you can take is determined by your feedback. The better it is, the more orders you will be able to take at any one time. Once you’ve completed 25 pieces you can apply for ‘Professional Writer Status.’ This means that you will be granted access to all orders placed on Copify, including those with higher rates of pay.

Copify Review: The Pros

– Unlike Upwork or Freelancer, you don’t have to apply for jobs – you simply accept an order. This reduces the amount of time you need to spend pitching for work or liasing with clients.

– It’s often suggested that a good way to hone your craft is writing the sales copy for a product, or 100 words on new brand. A lot of the work on Copify focuses on product descriptions or short web copy, so it’s possible to think of the site as an outlet for your training in that way.

– It’s contract-free, giving you flexibility around your commitments.

– There’s no minimum or maximum amount of work that you can do. This means that you can just log in and write copy in the fifteen minutes over a cup of coffee, or between other projects.

– Once your copy has been approved, the pay appears in your Copify account for you to withdraw when you want to. There’s no invoicing or chasing payments.

Copify review - jobs

Copify Review: The Cons

– The pay is very very low, working out to roughly a penny per word. I worked out that this means you need to be writing 825 words an hour to be making the UK minimum wage!  It’s not impossible, but when you factor in research time as well, it’s not exactly a great rate.

– Some of the work is tedious, which is probably why it has ended up on a content mill. While producing this Copify review, I found one order for 150 words on drill bits!

– The briefs can be unclear. Whilst this is frustrating on any job, the low rates mean that any time spent making changes to copy as a result of an unclear briefing process is really damaging to your time/pay ratio.

– As you’re not in direct conversation with the clients, you won’t know when your copy goes live on their website, making it difficult to track the content and use it for your portfolio.

– The deadlines can be very short – a couple of hours in some cases. It’s therefore only really worth logging on if you are free to work on something right there and then.

– Despite the short deadlines for writers, the time for the copy to be approved can be a few weeks. If the client has not approved copy after 30 days, it is automatically approved.

– Copify clients tend to want words, and the right number of them. Even if you’ve created something beautiful and profound that fully meets the brief, if you haven’t hit the word count, your work will be rejected.

Copify: Review Conclusion

This Copify review illustrates that Copify is a content mill in every sense of the term.

It’s about churning out a vast quantity of words for a very low cost. It’s not a great place for earning money, or for practicing the craft of brilliant writing. If you’re considering trying it, work out what you are worth financially, and decide if Copify really is worthwhile.

What are you hoping to gain from working for Copify? If it’s big money and a stunning portfolio, it’s unlikely to deliver. BUT for mindless exercises to practice your craft, it could be worth a shot. But remember, quantity rather than quality seems to be key.

You can find Copify here. You can also find some alternative places to find writing jobs here.

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Copify is a platform that aims to bring together clients wanting content and copy with writers available to produce it.

12 thoughts on “Copify Review: Writing for Copify”

  1. I don’t know about the UK site but they seemed to have hired a dang picky editor. The tel you once to take the ‘in’ out of place names like cosmetic surgery in LA, then they tell you to add it in another article. When I first started late August, articles passed with hardly an issue, now most every one gets sent back for nitpick reasons. I didn’t have this much trouble at another site that paid double which I’m no longer there.

    • Unfortunately, it’s par for the course at content mills. In actual fact it is something that often crops up with writing in general. I had a well-paid gig recently where the editor would write 1500 words of guidance notes for a 1000 word article – always a BAD, BAD sign, as people like that are impossible to please unless you’re psychic. Sometimes moving on to another source of work is the best option.

  2. So then this is for real?
    I really want a job from home, I just want to earn maybe $200-300/month. This will serve me just as traveling money as I already have a full time job.
    Even though the cons can put one off, I would like to give it a try but I just want to be sure it’s not scam.

    • I’ve used copify to travel the world for the last 2 years. The pay isn’t the best but you should easily be able to make 200-300 USD a month with less than a few hours a week. In best months Ive made up to 1500USD. But I strongly suggest trying to find clients elsewhere at the same time

      • That’s very much the spirit Kev 🙂 The people who make money on all of these platforms are the people that get stuck in and do the work rather than whine about the rates!

  3. Absolutely not recommended. I’d give this site a 20% rating.
    Not only does Copify pay ridiculously low, there are very few jobs posted. Often the posters would require the writer to read everything on the client site to learn about the industry and style, tone, etc., rather than include relevant detail. For US $6-$9 (400-1,000 words or more).
    I was approved quickly but it took about two weeks for any postings to appear. Since then, postings trickle in at one or two each day. I deleted my account after a month.
    I suspect so-called agencies pick up well-paying jobs elsewhere then post at below minimum wage on Copify.

  4. It sounds like a good place to get my feet wet, and an idea of what potential clients would be looking for. Does Copify provide the ability compile a portfolio of all the work that I would do?


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