Content Writing Jobs: Three Places to Find Them

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If you’re new to the world of freelance writing, or an old hand looking for some new content writing jobs, then we’ve got a helpful list for you right here.

If you are looking to really get your freelance writing career kickstarted, you’ve got to know where to go to find work. Websites like Upwork and People per Hour are great options, but other, lesser known job boards do exist that are either free or cheap to subscribe to – and provide better-paying job opportunities.

So, what are some of these websites? We’ve compiled a helpful list below that can assist you with your writing career.


Writers can access WriteJobs for a small yearly donation of about $15. This small fee opens up a world of freelance writing jobs, which are posted six days a week.

In operation since 2010, WriteJobs gives writers information on new content writing jobs – many of which are remote or freelance. WriteJobs also functions as part of the Resource for Writers, the biggest community of writers in existence worldwide.

WriteJobs Content Writing

After paying the donation, you are given access to the job boards within 24 hours, and can then apply daily to new opportunities. Many of the jobs come from a variety of resources, including ProBlogger (see below), Craigslist, Indeed, and other job board services.

Writers applying for work at WriteJobs (as with other content writing sites) are encouraged to follow all directions, proofread their application, resume, and cover letter submissions, and apply to the freelance writing jobs as quickly as possible. Positions are often filled quickly.

WriteJobs also provides an opportunity for writers to announce and promote their services on the WriteJobs website.

2. ProBlogger Jobs

Updated daily with various types of work-from-home writing jobs, offers writers a variety of ways to achieve success. For more information, we have a detailed feature on ProBlogger here.

Don’t be misled by the “Blogger” moniker – offers much more than blogging jobs. Available work includes copywriting, ghostwriting, blog post writing, editing, journalism, research work and social media marketing.

ProBlogger jobs also offers a litany of articles about freelance writing and loads of helpful blog posts, as well as educational podcasts.

Writers should check out the job boards every day, since many of the freelancing jobs at receive several applications. We discuss this service in more detail here. Jobs on ProBlogger are regularly filled within 24 hours of being posted, so writers are encouraged to act quickly and apply to the jobs correctly, following all directions in the posted job ad.

A useful trick for writers wishing to stay on top of jobs as they are posted is to subscribe to ProBlogger Jobs’ RSS feed.

When applying for jobs at, it’s essential to sell yourself well and try to be specific about why you are a good fit for each job.

3. Virtual Vocations for Content Writing Jobs

A great place for home working jobs of all kinds, Virtual Vocations works well as another low-cost job board for freelance writers, offering new opportunities daily. While Virtual Vocations offers more than just freelance content writing work, and posts a variety of telecommuting jobs daily, it also offers some opportunities for writers.

The goal of Virtual Vocations is to provide a legitimate resource for telecommuting jobs all on one website. Jobs are posted on the website Monday through Saturday.

Virtual Vocations

Freelancers can either sign-up with a free account, or for paid premium subscriber access. Free registration provides writers with partial access to the job opportunities posted on the board, and there’s plenty available even without a subscription.

Free subscribers also receive job alerts when new job opportunities that match their requirements become available. Furthermore, even with a free account, users can track their job application history, save jobs they are interested in, upload and store job application documents, and get discounts on the paid membership offerings. To register for access, go here.

Paid premium subscriber access adds a bit more on Virtual Vocations. Premium subscribers receive complete access to all telecommuting jobs, priority alerts for new jobs that match their previous job searches, the ability to save jobs and the option to upload and store job application information, enabling them to apply for jobs more quickly.

As an exclusive bonus, paid premium subscribers get online courses and action plans as well, to help them with their job searches. Virtual Vocations offers three different types of plan for paid premium subscriber access. For anyone dissatisfied with the service, the website provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Monthly Subscription: $15.99
  • Three Month Subscription: $39.99
  • Six Month Subscription: $59.99

Once writers obtain access to Virtual Vocations through either a free or paid subscription service and complete their registration, they are able to create an online portfolio to help them apply for jobs more quickly. Once that is complete, writers can start applying for jobs.

UPDATE: We’ve now reviewed Virtual Vocations in detail here and didn’t find it that great for writing work.

Any hidden sources of content writing jobs you’d care to share? Let us know in the comments.