111 Legit Companies that Hire Home Workers in 2021

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If you dream of working from home, this detailed round-up of 111 companies that hire home workers is a great place to start looking for opportunities.

An accurate and up-to-date list of work from home companies is surprisingly hard to find online; While there are plenty of lists out there, most of the ones we looked at included incorrect information, dead links and scammy opportunities.

We set out to create something better. We did the same compiling the latest home working statistics, which you can check out here.

If you’re in a hurry and want some of the searching work done for you, take a look at Flexjobs. We have a full review of that here. Another alternative is Virtual Vocations (see review).

Tips for Finding Home Jobs

On this list you’ll find lots of ideas divided into categories.

Plenty of the companies listed here hire home workers directly, so are ideal for people who want the flexibility of working from home with the security of a conventional job. There are also some opportunities that could work for freelancers, or as part of a portfolio career. 

While some jobs are US-only (reflecting HomeWorkingClub’s largest audience), we’ve done our best to include lots global opportunities and plenty in other countries too.

For every company, we’ve provided a link to where they usually mention their home-based job opportunities. Please note that things do change and opportunities come and go, so it’s often worth checking back at a later date if you don’t find anything from a specific company when you look.

It’s also worth searching our own job board for phrases like “remote,” “home based” and “home working,” as this can often uncover jobs that would otherwise be hidden in plain sight.


It’s essential to do your own due diligence on any company you apply to as scams are out there. We’ve done our best to only include legit companies on this list but you should still do your own research. You can find some information on avoiding scams here.

Many companies have mixed reports from ex staff-members if you look at reviews on Glassdoor and similar websites. As with any online reviews, it’s best to look at the balance of opinions and then form your own! If you strongly feel a company shouldn’t be on this list, please feel free to contact us. 

Let’s get straight to the list!

Tech Firms Hiring Home Workers

Desk with two monitors

Many of the companies that hire home workers are looking for techies. A tech firm is obviously going to be looking for the cream of the crop when it comes to tech hires but it is important to remember that these firms also need copywriters, managers, acoountants, and customer service reps.


A website and content creation platform based in Seattle, but employing people remotely all over the world.

Remote employees get the same benefits as any other employees, with a 401k and insurance. 10up offers a wide range of job roles including those for developers, project managers and strategists.

Where: Global, US.


This American company’s products are known across the globe. Part of the reason for this is reflected in the fact that they have three times as many remote sales positions as they do tech job openings. Still, if you are looking for a work from home job with a tech company you fill find some good opportunities here.

Where: Global.

AdviseTech Inc

This IT support firm is based in Pasadena, California. They advertise both for tech roles and for part time telemarketers to work just two to six hours per week. They specifically suggest that the latter job is suitable for retired people or college students. (If you are a college student, you’ll find more job options here).

Where: US only.


The well-known online retailer hires home based virtual employees in a huge variety of roles including web services, HR and sales. There are jobs at all levels including senior management roles. When we looked, most roles were in the US and UK, with several in Italy.

Positions available depend on your experience and skills. Some positions are seasonal roles and come up during the company’s busier periods only.

You can find more on Amazon’s remote working practices on FlexJobs, or in our article on Amazon work from home jobs.

Where: Global.


Apple employ students (more online jobs for students here) but there are positions available for others too as part of the “At Home Advisor” program. You need at least 2 years’ experience of technical troubleshooting – this can be either by phone or face to face.

You need an excellent knowledge of all Apple products, and must agree to work at least 20 hours per week.

You’ll find more information on Apple’s work from home jobs here. 

Where: Global.


Atlassian uses technology to empower team work and is perhaps better known for its products such as Trello. Although this company has fewer remote positions than you might expect given that its products help support remote teams, it is still worth a look.

Where: US.


This Identity-as-a-Service company secures and authenticates millions of logins on a daily basis. 

This safety-focused company has plenty of remote openings although, ironically, at the time of writing there were none for IT. 

Where: Global.


You may not be familiar with Automattic, but there is a good chance you’ve heard of WordPress.com and Tumblr, the two most famous brands in its portfolio.

Although the company is  looking for people to fill a wide range of vacancies, everybody spends their first couple of weeks working on support for WordPress. This is designed to give the whole company a feel for the main product. All employees continue to spend a further two weeks per year doing this.

Where: Global, Fully Remote.


Project management tool Basecamp may well be familiar to anyone who has worked on tech projects over the last few years.

Based in Chicago but committed to a “remote first” hiring strategy, jobs for homeworkers at Basecamp come with attractive benefits packages. While this company has plenty of different jobs, openings do seem to fill rather quickly. But don’t worry. If there are no current openings you can sign up to be notified about future job openings.

Where: Global.


If you are looking for cutting edge tech work from home then this might just be the company for you. CleverTech avoids normal, off-the-shelf solutions in their products and also in the way they work. This remote company does not enforce a work location, hours or even timesheets.

If this sound like the right fit for you they have plenty of opportunities for engineers and developers.

Where: Global.


Cybersecurity is increasingly important as more and more people work from their homes. It is hardly surprising therefore that this leading cybersecurity firm has hundreds of remote job openings. Intelligence, IT, and engineering options aren’t the only ones though. Even tech firms need sales, HR, and professional development staff.

Where: Global.


DataStax offers data management products and cloud services. While it does not have as many opportunities as some other tech companies, DataStax does have some nice perks for its employees, especially those in the US.

At the time of writing most job openings were for technical support interns and account executives.

Where: US, Canada, UK, France, Germany.


This telecoms company employs home workers in the US for both technical customer support and sales team roles. Some of the jobs are hard to find, so use the words “works from home” in your job search, and consider signing up to email alerts so you know when they become available.

Where: US.


Dell hires remote workers globally in all kinds of job roles. There’s a vast range of opportunities available at all levels.

Roles include technical support and system architect positions, and non technical jobs for sales reps and account managers. Strong experience is required and the ability to speak more than one language is beneficial for some roles.

Where: Global.

Elevate Labs

Elevate is an extremely popular brain training app, previously one of Apple’s “apps of the year.”

The company is based in San Francisco, but has remote roles for Engineers, Data Analysts and Spanish proof readers

Where: North and South America.


This tech company is fully remote so all its job openings are apt for home workers, but they are rather demanding in terms of hiring the best. They claim that their stronger applicants have 5 years of experience so this is definitely not for newbies.

If you do have the necessary experience to compete against other applicants then there are quite a range of opportunities available.

Where: US.


Another name familiar to software developers. Unsurprisingly the company seeks designers, engineers and UX specialists.

There are also roles in the wider company in sales, legal and finance. This is a remote-first company, and everyone works “asynchronously”, during the hours that suit them best.

Where: Global.

KLIM Technologies

KLIM is a small, but rapidly growing, consumer electronics company. Despite its size, it is committed to fully remote work and is willing to hire the best workers no matter where they are located.

In addition to hiring home workers for regular full-time positions, KLIM offers paid internships allowing those interested in a particular field to gain more experience.

Where: Global


What started out as company focused on PC gaming is now using computing expertise to impact areas as disparate as healthcare and blockbuster movies. It promises challenging opportunities to impact multiple industries.

If you think you have the talent and expertise to rise to the challenge then you will find a large number of work from home opportunities in engineering and other fields.

Where: Global.

Red Hat

This award-winning technology firm may have more than 100 offices but they are also serious about providing remote options. They have hundreds of remote opportunities scattered across the globe.

In order to keep Red Hatters happy and productive, the company offers  flexible scheduling, opportunities for career growth, health and well-being initiatives, and even associate recognition programs.

Where: Global.


“The Front Page of The Internet” is based in San Francisco but does offer remote roles. While some departments seem to have limited remote roles, the company does seem to hire plenty of homeworkers for engineering, finance, marketing, legal, and HR.

Where: US.


SalesForce specializes in customer relationship management and has been on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies several times. Despite having over 130 offices scattered across the globe, the company was hiring for over 1,200 remote positions at the time of writing.

While the bulk of the remote positions involved sales, there are plenty of openings in engineering, recruiting and project management. The company also has remote positions for interns.

Where: Global.


As the market leader in enterprise application software has a lot of great opportunities for those looking for tech jobs. You will have to do some searching to find the work from home roles but it is worth it to find a job at a top company which offers competitive salaries and plenty of perks.

Where: Global.


Perhaps a site you’ve become familiar with when searching for pictures, Shutterstock sometimes employs freelancers to review and edit images. You can manage your own working hours but may be expected to include weekend working time. These and a few full-time opportunities are available worldwide.

Shutterstock is also worth a look for selling photos if you’re a skilled photographer. Read this article for more information. 

Where: Global.


Slack is another company that has benefitted from the increase in remote work. They offer a variety of work options to their employees including working from home a few days a week and fully remote positions.

A lot of the opportunities are in design and engineering but Slack seems to have roles available in all their departments.

Where: Global.


This company provides basic computer support and troubleshooting services. The majority of roles are explaining technical instructions to inexperienced computer users, so a high level of empathy is required, along with strong verbal communication skills.

Like many other companies, Support.com has decided to embrace remote work and so many new opportunities for home workers are now available.

Where: US, Mexico, India, and the Phillipines.


This 100% remote working company sells a solution that helps US businesses manage sales tax. The company advertises positions in various departments ranging from marketing to programming and development.

TaxJar is a progressive “remote first” firm, and allows workers to work from anywhere with a suitable WiFi connection.

Where: US.


Toggl is a time tracking and reporting service accessible over web, mobile and desktop applications. As well as openings for developers and designers, there are also editorial roles here, as well as social media marketing jobs. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Toggl recruits remote workers all over the world.

Where: Global.


An API and service management platform with clients all over the world, Tyk has offices in London, Atlanta and Singapore.

With a remote first policy, Tyk offers flexible working hours, unlimited holiday and a dynamic, supportive culture.

Where: Global.


Focused on helping organizations deliver better digital experiences to their customers, this subsidiary of Dell has received numerous awards for its employment practices. 

One of the interesting aspects of working here is that they have job rotation programs to help reignite and broaden your work experience.

If you tend to think holistically and are up for a challenge then this could be the place for you.

Where: Global.

WP Buffs

WP Buffs, as the name suggests, specializes in solving a variety of WordPress issues. Although it is a fairly small company it has a number of roles which are open to anyone with the right attitude and experience, regardless of location.

Where: Global.


A company that creates workflow and automation software, Zapier is fully remote and global in its hiring outlook.

The company offers technical and business support roles. There’s a competitive benefits package and a genuine remote first culture.

Where: Global.


Zoom meetings have become a ubiquitous part of working from home for most people. But what if you actually worked for Zoom? Zoom hires home workers for positions as varied as engineering, security, finance, customer service, and sales.

Where: US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, and France.

Work from Home Jobs in Call Center / Customer Service

Call Center Telephone

NOTE: With many people looking for remote opportunities, jobs with well-known companies that hire home workers for call centers are being snapped up quickly. It’s important to check back frequently as these are companies that normally recruit home workers regularly.

The AA

This UK breakdown company employs remote workers. With phone lines open 24/7 teleworking opportunities arise frequently. You are expected to attend a 12-week training programme before starting to work from home.

You need a designated work space and an excellent broadband connection.

While you work independently, you have a monthly one-to-one session with a manager and can ask for support if necessary 24 hours a day. The company provides all the equipment you need including a computer.

Where: UK only.


Asurion is a leading provider of device insurance and warranty services for cellphones, consumer electronics and home appliances. The company takes on remote workers in several customer services positions.

Many of these opportunities are for bilingual workers who speak English and French. You will need excellent communication skills and at least one year’s customer services experience.

Hours are negotiable but can include evening and weekend working.

Where: US and Canada.


As well providing sales and CRM solutions for clients, Close also recruits its own sales people, alongside  development and engineering staff. All of the workforce is able to work remotely.

If you are in the US there is an excellent medical policy and 401K, as well as sabbaticals after five years.

Where: Global


This business process services company, an offshoot of Xerox, offers a range of opportunities in data handling and customer care.

To find their remote roles, a good start is to search for “work from home.” These jobs mainly involve answering incoming calls. You must have a proven record for problem solving and the ability to multitask.

Where: Global.

Direct Interactions

This company employs remote workers across most areas of the US. However, note that you work here as an independent agent, so you don’t qualify for insurance and benefits.

Most jobs involve making and receiving customer calls from your home. Direct Interactions looks for workers with good communication skills and a strong work ethic who can work quickly to troubleshoot and resolve problems.

Most jobs are part time and the pay is around $10-12 per hour. You must be over 18 and have a High School Diploma.

Where: US – most states.

Enterprise Car Hire

Enterprise employs virtual call center reservation agents, taking incoming calls for customer enquiries and reservations. The jobs cover long hours so could likely fit around other commitments.

Some jobs are likely to require you to assist with requests for breakdown assistance. Applicants are required to provide their own equipment and there are restrictions on what is accepted in terms of tech and connectivity.

You can expect an hourly rate of around $13, and there are commissions and bonuses for sales agents.

Where: Many US states, Canada, UK.


Most people are familiar with HSN, or the Home Shopping Network as it was formerly known. Well, all those customers buying from them need support. This means that HSN hires a lot of work at home customer order specialists.

If you are willing to work shifts then you should easily be able to find a position. Pay starts at $12.85 per hour and thereare automatic increases every 6 months.

Where: US.


Liveops offers numerous options for home-based virtual call center agents. There are openings in a number of areas including insurance, health care and tech support.

You will need a quiet work area, a wired phone and fast internet. You must be a legal US citizen and are required to undergo a background and credit check. You can schedule your hours around other commitments.

Where: US.


LiveWorld employs agents working in a range of customer services positions. These are not telephone positions – they are primarily online chat-based. The company provides services in a number of languages. You are required to take language tests and provide writing samples.

You must be a fluent English speaker with experience in online moderation, as well as call centre experience. A college degree is preferred. You need high-speed internet access and a strong knowledge of social media platforms.

There are also some remote engineering positions available to those in the US.

Where: Global.


KellyConnect hires home workers to provide customer service over the phone and via online tools. Although the work might not seem to be very different from other customer service jobs it is worth noting that KellyConnect frequently appears on lists of the top companies offering remote work.

The company even pays you for your training at a not too shabby rate of $13.50.

Where: US.

Sitel Group

Sitel’s customer service jobs involve dealing with calls relating to a wide range of sectors including health care, communications and tech support. Tasks include managing billing inquiries, dealing with customer accounts and processing orders.

You will need previous customer services and sales experience, and excellent verbal and listening skills. This work can be fast-paced.

Full and part-time employment is available, and you receive full training at home. There are also some remote management positions available in the US.

Where: Primarily US.


Not all companies focused on customer experience will only hire for expressly customer service roles.

There are plenty of tech and recruitments jobs on offer and the support roles often have interesting twists, such as ESPN Fantasy Sports Support Specialist.

Where: Global


TTEC is another global company that works to improve the interactions customers have with major brands. Among the current 347 work from home job listings there are a wide array of opportunities aside from Customer Service Representative.

Where: Global


This residential moving and self-storage company hires remote workers in various customer service and sales roles, in departments such as reservations and roadside assistance. You need to complete a training course on site before you start working at home.

You will need a quiet work space, fast internet connection and strong knowledge of the Windows operating systems.

Experience is preferred but not always essential. Many roles are part time and involve unsocial hours. We noticed some seasonal opportunities too.

Where: US.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions was one of the first virtual workforce companies in history. They have thousands of independent agents from a vast array of backgrounds, and a diverse range of clients who outsource work to them.

You must take an assessment when you apply, which includes written and verbal questions and an aptitude test. You can schedule your own hours to work around other commitments. Full and part time roles are available.

Where: US.

Healthcare Companies that Hire Home Workers

Doctor's equipment and schedule

The majority of healthcare companies that hire home workers are only looking for staff within the country in which they operate. So, if you do not find anything in the list belos, we suggest you check the websites of the largest healthcare companies in your country.


Anthem employs over 35,000 professionals across the US. The company offers medical and health roles, as you would expect, but also has many openings in sales, business support, data analysis, and customer service.

You should search for “remote” jobs on the site in order to find those for which they hire home workers.

Where: US.

CVS Health

This leading health care benefits company employs remote workers in a number of roles. Medical advisors must hold the appropriate qualifications and have clinical experience. Jobs are available at all levels and include senior management positions.

Training takes place at company offices. Some roles, despite being home based, require applicants to live within a certain distance of a specific office.

There are additional benefits available alongside basic salary, dependent on the role applied for.

Where: US only.


Dict8 is a leading provider of UK-based medical transcription and digital dictation services. Their systems are used by a large number of healthcare trusts, GP surgeries, private practices and other health-based organisations around the UK.

Dict8 employs transcribers with significant experience of working as full-time medical audio secretaries within the NHS. You will require a reference from either a consultant or previous line manager.

You are paid per line of transcription on a monthly basis.

Where: UK only.

Fast Chart

This medical transcription company hires contractors with at least two years previous experience in a hospital or clinical environment (hence us listing this opportunity under healthcare, rather than transcription!)

Hours are flexible, and full and part-time roles are available. On application you must complete an online qualification form and provide your current resume. You will also have to take typing and medical terminology tests.

There is 24-hour support available and all the software you need is provided.

Where: US.


HealthCatalyst aims to transform healthcare through data.

Some experience of working in the health sector is useful, but by no means necessary for all roles. A significant number of the remote openings are for analytics engineers.

The company has received a lot of attention recently for its emphasis on work-life balance, corporate culture, and the benefits it offers employees.

Where: US


Around 47% of the workforce of this Kentucky based healthcare company work remotely. The career areas include clinical jobs, customer care, tech and analytics, and corporate positions. This means that there are plenty of opportunities even if you do not have much experience in the health sector.

The company even has a number of programs for undergraduate and graduate students.

Where: US.


iMedX work in the sector of health information and clinical documentation in the US. The company offers flexible part-time, full-time and weekend working patterns. Their remote working opportunities allow for virtual attendance at meetings too, so no trips to offices are required.

At the time of writing the openings are coding related but we’ve seen medical language specialists and registrar positions come up recently too.

Where: US Only.


Parexel offers biopharmaceutical services to clients in more than 100 countries. The majority of home based roles are therefore in research, science, medical and health fields.

If you have experience in these fields then Parexel is a good place to start your search for a work from home opportunity. The company looks for ingenuity and technical expertise and there are lots of roles available. While the majority are in the US you won’t find a shortage of opportunities in other countries.

Where: Global.

United Health Group

In this world-leading health and wellbeing company, over 25% of the workforce work from home. The company looks for driven employees with excellent time management skills who are able to prioritize tasks and work to strict deadlines.

Interested parties usually take part in a recruitment chat as the first stage of the process before applying. You will need excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Proven experience is required, along with at least a bachelor’s degree.

Where: Global but the majority of telecommuting opportunities are in the US.

Travel Companies that Hire Home Workers

A tropical beach

NOTE: It’s important to note that at the time of writing, the travel industry is going through extraordinary times. However, under normal circumstances, these are companies that hire home workers regularly.


One of the largest cruise specialist companies in the world, this company offers home working opportunities for salespeople, support agents and customer service agents.

The company looks specifically for people with existing cruise industry experience. A second language is an advantage. Pays a basic salary plus commission. Applicants must complete a back-ground check.

Note that these jobs specifically mention selling insurance, so appear to lean more towards sales than customer service. They currently have openings for Cruise Sales Agents

Where: US but some states are excluded.

Dollar Flight Club

This  “travel hacking” company has a remote team, based all over the world, that finds cheap flights for its members.

Ideal for those who are looking for good travel benefits along with remote working.

Where: Global


Hertz often recruits for home-based positions. We’ve seen roles for sales reps and reservation agents in the past, but at the time of writing a search yielded some supervisory and management roles as well.

Hertz is a huge company, so it’s well worth checking their listings regularly.

Where: US, Canada, UK.

Hilton Hotels

This worldwide hotel chain hires home-workers as reservation agents and customer care co-ordinators. You need previous sales experience and at least a high school diploma. Jobs are available in a number of US states.

The job and associated training is all done remotely. Salary and other incentives are the same as for onsite employees. Most of the equipment you need is provided, though you will need a landline and a quiet workspace.

Although there were no homeworking openings available at the time of writing, the Hilton Reservations and Customer Care Work From Home program is a clear indication of their dedication to hiring home workers during normal times.

Where: US – some states only.


This airline offers remote working opportunities for customer support. You need to attend training on-site at a base in Utah or Orlando before beginning to work from home.

You need to have at least two years’ experience of customer service. Pay is at entry level but there are additional bonuses and travel discounts on offer too.

Where: US (must be able to travel for training).

Work from Home Jobs in Education

Thanks to COVID restrictions forcing education to go remote this is an area that is booming. The number of companies that hire home workers seems to grow constantly. We have included some top picks in this list but you will quickly find that a little digging unveals plenty more opportunities.


The growth of online learning has seen Articulate go from strength to strength, allowing people to create their own courses and offering a huge array of subjects to people all over the world.

There are plenty of roles available including areas such as sales, product, design and software. 

Where: US, UK and the Philippines.

Connections Academy

This virtual education company hires education professionals in both teaching and non-teaching roles. They are particularly keen to hire those with specialist skills in specific subjects, as well as counsellors and administrators.

You should search for “home-based” jobs. Requirements for teaching can vary from state to state and you may require specific additional qualifications or licenses.

Where: US – certain states only.


This huge education training services provider offers opportunities for teachers and instructors, and also sometimes advertises remote jobs in marketing and customer services.

Strong written and oral communication skills are required for all positions. You will need at least a bachelor’s degree and to have a proven track record of working to deadlines.

For a more detailed profile of Kaplan, click here.

Where: US.


Stride, until recently known as K12, offers teaching opportunities via a digital learning platform. It supports over one million home-educated students.

Stride often has vacancies both for teaching staff and support workers. Teaching staff must have the relevant teacher certification (often state-specific), at least three years’ experience, and strong written and verbal communication skills.

Where: US.


This leading international learning company based in London offers opportunities throughout the world in a wide range of educational services. They offer flexible working in a wide range of educational fields and several jobs are entirely or mostly home-based. Many roles require a degree and classroom experience.

Aside from the educational positions you can also find remote work in fields such as sales, customer service, and engineering.

Where: Global but the bulk of the home working positions are in the US.

Rosetta Stone

This educational software and online education company hires native speakers to facilitate language classes for students of all levels. You must have internet access from your home PC, and be available to work at least 10 hours per week.

Hours are flexible and may include evenings and weekends. You can expect to earn around $15 per hour.

Where: US only.


Created to provide expert assistance to students in colleges, universities and K-12 schools, Tutor.com offers the opportunity to work from home by tutoring in one of the more than 200 academic subjects and test preparation areas they provide.

This might seem like a simple job to apply for but the company is very serious about the quality of its tutors and so only 1.5% of all applicants make it through the rigorous testing process to become qualified as tutors.

Where: US only.


This English language-learning services company offers ESL services to children in China, providing a high-quality English education for children up to eight years of age. The company hires online ESL teachers that can work remotely from anywhere.

Working hours are flexible and hourly rates are from $14-22. You need at least a Bachelors’ Degree, and application is through the VIKID website. We have a full review of VIPKid here.

Note that unlike some companies that hire home workers on this list, VIPKid doesn’t employ staff directly – teachers work for them on a freelance basis. There are more freelance teaching opportunities here. 

Where: Global.

Secretarial Home Working Jobs

Lady doing secretarial jobs

Secretarial staff are a necessity at almost every company but the companies that hire home workers primarily for secretarial work are usually selling their services to other companies. This can make the work both more interesting and more complicated.


This US company offers working from home opportunities for virtual assistants, bookkeepers, and social media strategists. Note that many of these are contractor positions so you would be working for yourself and responsible for your own benefits and insurance.

Pay is on the lower end of the scale but the company does receive very high reviews for its corporate culture.

Where: US only.


This remote staffing company offers flexible, long-term positions as executive assistants, marketing and social media specialists, or legal assistants. What makes Boldly different is that they hire home workers in the US as a W2 employee rather than as a freelance contractor. The pay is also pretty good at around $20 per hour.

Where: US (23 states) and UK.

Profit Factory

This company helps business owners grow their businesses by helping them to break free from some of the day to day responsibilities. It also provides educational and consulting services.

The main job opportunity here is as a virtual assistant.

Where: North America.


This digital marketing and customer service outsourcer offers opportunities in phone support, email, web chat, social media and other digital channels. SYKES offers opportunities for remote work in over 40 US states, as well as in Canada.

Positions are available in customer services, as team leaders and in support roles. Previous experience is always an advantage. There are also specific opportunities for bilingual applicants.

You can find a profile of SYKES here on FlexJobs.

Where: US and Canada.

Writing, Translation and Transcription Jobs

Globe showing translated words

As is the case with secretarial work, companies that hire home workers primarily for writing, translation or transcription work are most likely offering said services to other businesses.

Allegis Transcription

Allegis offers a range of transcription services to small and medium sized businesses. You must be experienced and able to produce high quality accurate transcripts. These positions are for people working on a freelance basis, and you can choose jobs most suited to your knowledge and abilities.

You need your own computer and a reliable high-speed internet connection. Training is provided. You will need to show you have excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skill, and the ability to type at 75 words per minute.

For more information on getting into online transcription, read our detailed guide here. 

Where: US only.


Cactus is a global medical communications company. Their philosophy is that their remote workers are as important as their office-based ones. Cactus has opportunities for skilled writers and editors in a variety of academic fields.

Full-time home-based working hours are available. Full training is provided. You will need a bachelor’s degree, excellent written English skills and a good understanding of MS Word and Excel.

As we discuss in our beginner’s guides to writing, full time writing work is hard to find, so this is an interesting opportunity.

Where: Global.


If you’re not familiar with FlexJobs, we have a huge review of the company here. However, that focuses on how to find jobs using the platform rather than working directly for the company.

FlexJobs is fully remote, but jobs are primarily in the United States, with some requiring you to be in a particular state.

There are roles to suit a variety of skills, including career coaches and job description writers. You will also find plenty of technical and marketing jobs.

Where: US.

Grow and Convert

Grow and Convert is a content marketing agency and consultancy, hiring content writers and analysts on a remote, contract basis.

Though most of their clients are US based the jobs are fully remote and contract based. The Business Writer role is paid on a fixed-price-per-article basis.

Where: Global.


This language services company provides a range of telephone services as well as document translation and remote video interpretation. Opportunities are available for remote staff in a range of interpreting and translation roles. The company provides services in over 200 languages and dialects.

Where: US, UK and Canada.


As one of the largest communications platforms, Lionsbridge is a company that hires homeworkers for lots of roles. The key thing here is to be clear on whether it is a contractor position or not.

Although it is perhaps best known for offering freelance translation work, the company also hires gamers, raters, annotators and testers. Or maybe you would prefer to be a corporate associate helping with the running of the company itself.

Where: Global.

Responsive Translation Services

This company specialises in medical and legal translation. There are also opportunities to work in real-time interpretation. Headquarters are in the US, but they also have overseas offices in Europe and South America.

Many positions are home based. A variety of positions in sales and management were available also, when we looked. You will need previous experience and good technical ability too.

Where: US ,South America and Europe.


This company has multiple opportunities on offer. There’s work in transcription – both video and audio , video captioning and document translation. The company takes people on on a contract basis, with successful applicants working freelance from home.

Rev has been estabished for nine years and has a global reputation. There are many leading brands among its customers. You will need your own computer and fast internet connection, and can tailor your hours to suit your situation.

Rev is still accepting applications but there could be a waitlist due to the number of freelancers applying.

Where: Global.


This online transcription company works with over 65,000 legal, government, law enforcement and private sector clients. They employ independent typists on a freelance basis. They are actively looking for transcriptionists with Legal, General or Spanish transcription experience.

You need a typing speed of at least 60wpm. You must have at least a year of transcription and word processing experience in an office environment, and must also have specific experience of the creation of formal letters, memos and reports.

Open to fluent English speakers only.

Where: US (except California) and Canada.


This company offers opportunities for experienced remote working translators. They have two categories of translator: generalist or specialist. WorldLingo will only use you for translation into your native tongue and for projects that are targeted for the country in which you live.

You will need previous experience, and to belong to the professional translation body in your country of residence. You will also need to be educated to degree level.

Where: Global.

Work from Home Jobs in Finance

Picture of cash money - working in finance

It might surprise you to learn that positions in financial companies that hire home workers are not always limited to just one country. Then again, not all financial companies are focused on accounting and taxes.


This Company provides opportunities for remote workers to provide accounting and book keeping assistance. You will need previous experience. Applicants are required to undergo book keeping tests and the success rate for applicants is only one in four.

You need to provide your own computer and phone line. You will also need a quiet working space as much of the work is on the phone.

AccountingDepartment.com has a notably positive Glassdoor rating from previous workers.

Where: US only.

American Express

This leading financial services company has a wide variety of remote opportunities. Jobs can range from customer service roles up to senior IT department positions. American Express works 24/7 so there are sometimes opportunities for those needing to work unsocial hours.

FlexJobs has an information page on the American Express home working jobs here.

Where: Global.

Citizens Bank

It may be one of the oldest financial institutions in the US but Citizens Bank has definitely kept up with the times. It has won multiple employer awards and has an impressive number of work from home opportunities. Most are positions related to finance and mortgages but there are several admin and IT roles available as well.

Where: US

JP Morgan Chase

This global financial services company offers plenty of opportunities for remote workers. There are typically remote roles on offer in various departments including account management, sales, marketing and IT.

Applicants must have experience in their chosen field and a relevant bachelor’s degree. Due to a large number of jobs available, finding suitable home-based roles on the website can take some effort.

Where: Global.


This company is looking to hire financial nerds to help people make financial decisions with confidence.

This somewhat unusual financial company has offices in San Francisco, New York and the UK but are now offering the majority of jobs as fully remote from anywhere in the US.

Where: US.


A $20bn electronic payment startup, headquartered in San Francisco, California, Stripe has been a big success story in recent years. Stripe’s product supports payments from small websites, right up to the likes of household names like Lyft.

Although Stripe is a global company it currently only hires home workers in the US. All jobs offer health insurance, parental leave and stock options.

Where: North America.

Supporting Strategies

This company hires home workers on a part-time and full-time basis in order to provide outsourced bookkeeping and back-office support to a wide variety of industries.

You will need a bachelor’s degree and five or more years of bookkeeping/accounting experience to become a Financial Operations Associate but the company does provide equipment, training and support.

Where: US.

YNAB (YouNeedABudget)

YNAB is a fully remote company offering budgeting software for individuals and companies. The workforce is global, but US-based staff gain W2 employee status. Elsewhere, you work as a contractor, but the YNAB site insists that all staff are treated the same regardless of location.

Where: Global, Remote

Remote Work in the Not for Profit Sector

Many people have the misconception that a Not for Profit cannot pay well – that is not the case. These companies usually place values above money and one of the things that they value are their employees. So do not hesitate to check out this type of companies that hire home workers.


350 is a global climate pressure group, primarily involved in lobbying and campaigning.

Great for those with a passion for conservation and climate issues, 350 specifically looks for remote workers with experience in campaigning and fundraising.

Where: Global

Civic Actions

Civic Actions works with a variety of governmental organisations, helping them move more of their services to digital alternatives.

The team is primarily remote, with some roles limited to physical locations, and offers good benefits.

Where: US.


Ghost is a company that is focused on creating free open-source software to support sustainable journalism. This fully remote company hires workers for content writing and design as well as the more obvious engineering, product, and marketing roles.

Where: Global.

Miscellaneous Companies that Hire Home Workers

Not all the companies that hire home workers fit into neat little categories – which is a good thing. People and jobs come in all shapes and sizes and that is what makes the world an interesting place. If you have a particular passion it can be worth-while having a hunt to see if you can find work in that field. In the meantime, here are the rest of the best when it comes to finding a company that will allow you to work remotely.

ABC Fitness Solutions

This company provides software solutions to the fitness industry in order to help fitness clubs and professionals put their clients first.

As you might expect, the company hires home workers for tech, sales, and customer service roles.

Where: US.


This popular music platform helps artists get their music to new audiences, for a small fee of course.

Bandcamp is a fully remote company but if you would rather get out of your home they will pay for co-working spaces. The only requirement is that you have a strong wi-fi connection and can overlap with the GMT-7 time zone for four hours a day. Job openings tend to get filled pretty quickly and some positions are only open for inside hires so, if this interests you, make sure to keep an eye on their jobs page.

Where: Global


Providing online legal services to startups, Clerky has a variety of fully remote and co-located roles.

Aside from offering flexible hours and health insurance, the company is committed to the ongoing education of its employees.

Where: US.


Billing (sorry) itself as “the search engine that doesn’t track you” DuckDuckGo is an international company that offers a variety of remote jobs.

The majority of remote jobs available are naturally in engineering, product, and development roles. Unlike most companies, it was nice to see that most openings were worldwide remote rather than specific to a particular region.

Where: Global.


Most of our readers are probably more familiar with GoDaddy from checking them out as a possible hosting service when starting a blog but they also hire a lot of home workers.

In fact, they had 86 job openings for home workers in multiple fields and in locations all over the globe at the time of writing.

Where: Global.


If you have a knowledge of moderating forums and managing online communities, and a love of social media, this is a freelance business opportunity that could be of interest. You can choose hours and projects that suit you and your lifestyle. Some jobs are evening/night work.

You will need fast internet and a quiet workspace.

Where: Global.


Nielson provides companies with information on what people listen to and watch in order to help them understand their audience. So it is hardly surprising to find that the company hires a lot of remote research interviewers.

There are plenty of opportunities if you live in the US and Nielson has now added a lot more global opportunities although some of these are listed as being remote only on a temporary basis. So, make sure to read the job post carefully to ensure that it really is a long-term home working position.

Where: Global.


This well-known global company is a leading player in healthcare, electronics, and various other sectors. Philips employs over 100,000 staff across the globe, and these include numerous remote staff in many countries.

You need a bachelor’s degree for some positions and medical experience is a particular advantage for some roles. Local language skills are usually a must.

There are many jobs available on the website, which can be overwhelming, but searches for “home based” and “remote” usually yield results.

Where: Global.


Splice is another company which is likely to appeal to music lovers. It has positioned itself at the leading edge of the digital revolution in the music industry and offers full-time positions and internships.

Although a significant number of job openings are for its office in New York, Splice does offer many remote positions, especially in engineering.

Where: North America.

Stitch Fix

Love fashion? Stitch Fix is looking to revolutionize the retail shopping experience by helping men and women find clothing that fits their tastes and lifestyle.

As you would expect, there are oportunities to work as stylists but this company actually has loads of job postings for remote work in other fields as well.

Where: US and UK.


Twilio is a PaaS company focused on communication. If you are passionate about helping people connect and are technically inclined then this could be a great fit.

The company is proud of its flexible work environment and is currently offering several fully remote positions.

Where: Global


Voxnest connects podcast producers and advertisers.

Though fully remote, and offering yearly meet-ups, roles seem to be European time zone only, and include support roles and other customer focussed jobs.

Where: European time zone.


This unique company takes on independent 1099 contractors close to retirement age, giving them the opportunity to continue their working lives remotely. WAHVE places such people with firms looking for knowledgable and experienced workers.

It’s great for people who wish to extend their working lives but without the daily commute. WAHVE specialises in roles within the accounting, human resources and insurance sectors.

Where: US.


Household-name Xerox has over 8000 employees working from home, providing a range of services including customer care, tech support, quality control and programming. Some specific opportunities are available for bilingual applicants.

Required experience and qualifications vary, but excellent computer skills are always essential. Xerox’s job search functionality is rather clunky, so uncovering the remote roles can take some work!

Find out what FlexJobs has to say about the telecommuting jobs at Xerox here.

Where: Global.

Important Points

Important points graphic
  • We’ve made a big effort to ensure that all the information in this guide is accurate. However, we obviously have no control over the companies listed here, or their websites and recruitment plans. As such, please feel free to contact us if any of the opportunities listed here are no longer current when you check them out. We intend to keep the guide regularly updated.
  • If your company is looking to recruit home workers and you would like to be added to the list, please contact us about that too. Similarly, if your company is already listed here and you feel the details are inaccurate, please put us straight!
  • This list is intended as helpful information. A mention of a company doesn’t represent a recommendation to work for it. Always do your own research.
  • We’re always delighted to hear of people’s experiences of working for any of these companies that hire home workers. Feel free to discuss them in the comments. 
  • For help getting your resumé and LinkedIn up to scratch, check out this software.

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    • Hi Janeen,

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