Clickworker Review: Good for Microworkers?

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In order to create this detailed Clickworker review, I’ve spent several weeks using the platform. I was keen to find out how realistic it is expect to make decent money from micro working via Clickworker. As you will find out, I nearly delivered a very different verdict to the one below – you’ll need to read on to find out why!

Established in 2005, Clickworker is an online platform for crowdsourced microwork. In case that sounds like meaningless jargon, in plain English it’s a website you can join and use to carry out small work tasks for small payments. The idea is that you can dip in and out of the work as and when you have time, which makes it a great home working option for students or anyone who wants a little side income.

However, for people willing to grind away at the work (some of which is plentiful and straightforward), it’s possible to put the hours in and earn real money from Clickworker.

We’ll come to exactly how much a little later in the review.

Getting started with Clickworker

It’s possible to sign up as a Clickworker from “many different countries,” so long as you are able to receive Paypal or bank transfer payments. However, Clickworker seems to open and close applications from specific countries depending on their need for workers. As such, it makes sense to join when you can, in order to “get your foot in the door.”

Once you’ve registered with the site, you’re required to fill out some basic information relating to your language skills, work experience and “hobbies and know-how.” This is so you can be offered work suited to your skills.

Clickworker assesments

Once all this is done, it’s best to head for the Assessments section (shown above). Here you can learn how to complete certain Clickworker tasks and test your abilities, which is a prerequisite for accessing certain jobs.

The screenshot above shows no assessments available, and this often seems to be the case. It’s worth checking the site regularly so you can grab the assessments when they’re available. Presumably, they only show up when there are related tasks available. A persistent effort to log on several times each week, however, tends to result in assessments becoming available, including the all-important UHRS assessments, which we’ll discuss shortly.

What kind of work is available on Clickworker?

In order to respect Clickworker’s confidentiality agreement, I can’t be too specific about the work I’ve done there, but the Clickworker site gives plenty of examples.

Work can include:

  • Proofreading
  • Categorizing websites and other data
  • Completing surveys
  • Online research
  • Writing product descriptions

These are just some examples, and I’ve come across plenty of other tasks. They’re typically jobs that only take seconds or minutes, rather than hours, to complete. By settling in and getting into the flow of a particular task, you can perform hundreds of these “micro jobs” and end up earning a reasonable hourly rate – so long as the work is available.

Clickworker jobs

Clickworker Review: How much work is there?

We now arrive at what, for some, can prove the biggest problem with Clickworker: Sometimes there’s very little work available.

I encountered this for the first few weeks I was with the platform. Despite logging in regularly, I was only managing to find occasional jobs I was happy to do. I also completed a couple of assessments that never led to any related work.

However, just as I was preparing to write the service off, assessments opened up for UHRS, the “Universal Human Relevance System.” This is a secondary microworking platform that Clickworker members can gain access to. As I understand it, entry into UHRS opens and closes in various countries depending on the volume of work available and the need for microworkers.

Once you gain access to UHRS (and it’s well worth waiting to do so), the amount of work available is seemingly endless. No doubt the quantity will ebb and flow throughout the year, but while there’s UHRS work available, home workers who are prepared to sit and grind away at the tasks can earn decent regular money from Clickworker and UHRS.


UHRS runs on a separate platform to Clickworker, and requires additional registration. There is more training to complete and more assessments to pass. However, it’s all worth doing. Access to UHRS turns Clickworker from a pocket-money platform to somewhere you can earn serious side-income.

How much can you earn on Clickworker and UHRS?

As I’ve already explained, you won’t earn much at all from dipping in and out of Clickworker’s basic tasks for a few minutes here and there. It took me nearly a month to push myself above the EUR 5 payout threshold when I was only doing this.

However, if you have UHRS access and find a task you enjoy doing, you can get into earning money that represents a reasonable hourly rate.

Looking at a couple of the UHRS tasks I’ve been working on, I’m already at a pace that clocks up about US$8-11 per hour – for fairly simple work I can do with music playing in the background. There are better-paid tasks I’ve not yet investigated, and there are plenty of anecdotal reports online of people making more like $15-20 per hour once they’ve hit their stride.

Despite these encouraging rates, I’d be inclined to advise against recommending Clickworker (or any microworking platform) for any kind of full-time income. There’s no guarantee of constant work, and performing these tasks for more than a couple of hours at a time would be rather soul-destroying. However, for those willing to “make hay while the sun shines,” this is a solid way to make some solid money.

The best way to tackle it is to find a task you enjoy and just get into the flow of it. It’s particularly good for paying for extra expenses. A student, for example, could work out that an hour sitting performing a specific task will pay for a takeaway or an evening in the bar. It’s hard to complain about any kind of “money tap” that can be switched on at will – and in that regard Clickworker excels.

Clickworker Problems

Nothing’s perfect in this world, unfortunately, and Clickworker’s not without its issues.

Clickworker problems

The most significant is the inconsistent availability of work via the platform. If you happen to sign up from the right country at the right time and find the UHRS assessments immediately available, you’ve unlocked an immediate stream of reliable and reasonably well-paid microwork.

But if you’re less fortunate, you could find yourself logging in every other day and only finding enough work to add a few pennies to your balance here and there. The best strategy to increase your chance of success is to check Clickworker regularly and be ready to dive on top of new jobs and assessments as soon as they appear.

Another problem is technical issues. It seems there are often tasks that don’t work quite right, causing you to invest time before abandoning them. The amount of money involved is usually so small that it doesn’t seem worth emailing support about it.

These difficulties are less frequent within UHRS, but they still exist. UHRS also requires Windows PCs running Internet Explorer for certain jobs, which isn’t great news if you’re a Mac user. However, don’t worry about outdated reports online saying you can’t use UHRS at all with a Mac. This is no longer the case.

Finally, some tasks may not “sit well” with all users in terms of adult content or revealing personal information.

Clickworker Support

It’s worth mentioning that if you do have problems, Clickworker’s email support service is fast and efficient.

Whilst testing out the service for this Clickworker review, I queried several different things, related to assessments and technical issues, and always received prompt and helpful answers.

Clickworker Review: Conclusion

Without UHRS, Clickworker is still a decent platform, but one I’d only be able to recommend as a tiny side-gig for extra pocket-money.

With UHRS access, Clickworker its a different beast altogether. Unstable income is a really scary thing for many homeworkers, so having access to a platform where it’s possible to grind away and earn some extra when needed is a God-send.

There may be some luck involved as to whether Clickworker is recruiting in your country and whether assessments are open for UHRS, but it’s worth hanging in there to gain full access. I’d suggest signing up to Clickworker straight away, and grabbing the first opportunity to get onto UHRS. Even if you don’t end up doing much of this “micro work,” knowing you’ve got it to fall back on provides a great sense of security.

This link will take you to plenty more homeworking opportunities you can get started on TODAY!

Clockwork Review: Good for micro workers? Clickworker is an online platform for crowdsourced microwork.

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