Clickworker Review 2021: Read This Before You Join.

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If you’re looking for a casual and flexible way to make some extra money, Clickworker could be worth a look. This unbiased and detailed ClickWorker review explains exactly what you can expect from the site, and discusses what you can hope to earn…

Clickworker was one of the first sites I reviewed for HomeWorkingClub.  I frequently log on to my own account, check the service out, and revisit this review to report on any changes. I last updated this Clickworker review in February 2021. 

Having used Clickworker for several years, it’s worth emphasising that the level of work available on the platform tends to wax and wane. The number of projects on Clickworker’s books can influence this, as can the number of people actively working on the platform and scooping up the jobs.

There are two important things to learn from this:

  1. Sites like Clickworker are best for side income. You can’t depend on sites like this for permanent, ongoing work.
  2. Just because you find nothing on Clickworker one day, it doesn’t mean there won’t be a flood of available work the next.

Before We Start! I

Alternatives to Clickworker that you may want to check out include Prizerebel (see Prizerebel review here) and Swagbucks (see Swagbucks review here).

What is Clickworker?

Clickworker is a website where you can carry out small work tasks for small payments. Clickworker also has an app so you can complete tasks on the go. Tasks on Clickworker include data-entry style work, taking photos, and training Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.

The idea is that you can dip in and out of the work as and when you have time, which makes it a great home working option for anyone who wants a little side income. Most tasks require no specialist skills so this is a good entry-level home working option to look into.

For people willing to grind away at the work (some of which is often plentiful and straightforward), it’s possible to put the hours in and earn real money from Clickworker – but only when the work is available. We’ll talk exact numbers later in the review.

Clickworker was established in 15 years ago. With how quickly things move in the online jobs world, this means it’s been around a long time.

Clickworker review - sign up page

Is Clickworker Legit and Safe?

Clickworker is a legitimate site. The company has been established for many years. There are plenty of microworking sites out there that aren’t worth your time, but Clickworker is one of the better ones.

Getting started with Clickworker

Where is Clickworker Available?

It’s possible to sign up as a Clickworker from “many different countries,” so long as you are able to receive Paypal, Transferwise or SEPA bank transfer payments. Transferwise is a new addition, which is nice to see.

Clickworker does seem to open and close applications from specific countries depending on their need for workers. As such, it makes sense to join when you can, in order to “get your foot in the door.”

How Old do you Have to Be to Work for Clickworker?

You must be 18 or older to work for Clickworker. When you register, the only dates of birth available are for those over 18.

If you’re a little younger and looking for some work you can do online, check out our online jobs for teens article. 

Once you’ve registered with the site, you’re required to fill out some basic information relating to your language skills, work experience and “hobbies and know-how.” This is so you can be offered work suited to your skills.

Once all this is done, it’s best to head for the Assessments section (as shown). Here you can learn how to complete certain Clickworker tasks and test your abilities, which is a prerequisite for accessing certain jobs.

Clickworker Assessments

There’s no telling which assessments will become available at a specific time. On our previous update of this Clickworker review, I noticed a new assessment to become an “author for English texts.” But it wasn’t there this time around.

A persistent effort to log on regularly will give you your best chance of grabbing assessments when they’re available. These include the all-important UHRS assessments, which we’ll discuss shortly.

What Kind of Work is Available on Clickworker?

In order to respect Clickworker’s confidentiality agreement, I can’t be too specific about the work I’ve done there, but the Clickworker site gives plenty of examples.

Work can include:

  • Proofreading
  • Categorizing websites and other data
  • Mystery photography (going into shops and photographing certain displays)
  • Online research
  • Writing product descriptions
  • Completing surveys or participating in academic studies

These are just some examples, and I’ve come across plenty of other tasks. They’re typically jobs that only take seconds or minutes, rather than hours, to complete.

Notably, in recent years there seems to be quite a bit of work around speech recognition and training artificial intelligence. This is work that Clickworker promotes to its corporate clients.

Screenshot of an example clickworker job

By settling in and getting into the flow of a particular task, you can perform hundreds of these “micro jobs” and end up earning a reasonable hourly rate – so long as the work is available.

Variety of Clickworker jobs

Find Clickworker here.

Clickworker Review: How Much Work is There?

When it comes to the amount of available work, things have really changed since my first ClickWorker review. Back then, it felt like digging around for scraps – whereas nowadays there are often plenty of decent tasks involving a fair bit of variety (though that doesn’t mean there’s never a dry patch…)

On my most recent check, the task list was a little shorter than usual. However, there were UHRS tasks available (see below).

There’s also a Clickworker app. This has been around a while now and provides more opportunities to earn money, it’s also great for those people who prefer to work from a mobile device – something I’ll never personally understand!

In addition to all this, assessments are sometimes available for UHRS, the “Universal Human Relevance System.” This is a secondary microworking platform that Clickworker members can gain access to.

As I understand it, entry into UHRS opens and closes in various countries depending on the volume of work available and the need for microworkers.

We try to keep this UHRS article updated as and when we find out which countries have work available.

Once you gain access to UHRS (and it’s well worth waiting to do so), the amount of work can feel endless. There’s plenty at the time of writing, but I should point out there have been times when it’s dried up. When there IS UHRS work available, home workers who are prepared to sit and grind away at the tasks can earn decent regular money from Clickworker and UHRS.

Coupled with the additional work on the native Clickworker platform, this means Clickworker is well worth getting involved with. 

UHRS runs on a separate platform to Clickworker, and requires additional registration. There is more training to complete and more assessments to pass. However, it’s all worth doing. Access to UHRS gives you an extra means of earning money, which is useful as and when there’s less work on Clickworker itself. You can read more about UHRS here.

(It’s fair to say the initial process to get into UHRS involves jumping through a few hoops).

The Clickworker App

A year or so ago, Clickworker added an app.

It’s available for for iOS and Android, and allows you to complete some Clickworker tasks “on the go” from a mobile device.

Clickworker app

As someone who prefers to do all my work on a laptop, it surprises me how many people treat their smartphone or tablet as their primary “computer” these days. But regardless of my personal view on that, this is good news for those people!

Furthermore, there are tasks on the Clickworker app that you cannot access in any other way.

The app is slick and works fairly well, and there have always been at least a few tasks available each time I’ve looked. However, the app isn’t perfect yet, as it’s not unheard of to tap on a task only to be told there are none of those tasks available.

Still, if you want access to the full range of tasks Clickworker has available, it’s well worth installing the app as well as using the desktop version.

How Much can I Earn from Clickworker?

Clickworker tasks can earn you anything from a few cents each to several Euros / Dollars. It’s very hard to predict an average hourly rate for Clickworker as it varies considerably on how much work is available, whether you qualify for it, and how quickly you can do it.

Interestingly, Clickworker used to make a prediction of an hourly rate in the region of $9 per hour, or “well over $10” with experience and concentration. When I re-checked the FAQs in September 2020, the company seems to have removed this bold prediction and given a more realistic prediction of variable earnings.

Microworking platforms aren’t a place where you’ll earn “mega bucks.” However, if you find a task you enjoy doing and there are plenty of those tasks available, you can get into earning money that represents a reasonable hourly rate. If you get into UHRS, you have even more chance of this being a realistic goal.

Based on some of the UHRS tasks I’ve worked on in the past, I quickly built up to a pace that clocked up to about US$8-11 per hour – for fairly simple work I could do with music playing in the background. There are better-paid tasks out there there, and plenty of anecdotal reports online of people making more like $15-20 per hour once they’ve hit their stride.

Your own mileage WILL vary!

Despite these broadly encouraging rates, I’d strongly advise against relying on Clickworker (or any microworking platform) for a serious full-time income. There’s no guarantee of constant work, and performing these tasks for more than a couple of hours at a time can be rather soul-destroying.

Clickworker itself makes the same point, stating in the FAQs that it “should not be considered a substitute for full-time employment or self-employment.”

However, for those willing to “make hay while the sun shines,” this is a solid way to make some solid money.

The best way to tackle it is to find a task you enjoy and just get into the flow of it.

Clickworker is particularly good for paying for extra expenses. A student, for example, could work out that an hour sitting performing a specific task will pay for a takeaway or an evening in the bar. It’s hard to complain about any kind of “money tap” that can be switched on at will – and in that regard Clickworker excels.

Clickworker Problems

Nothing’s perfect in this world, unfortunately, and Clickworker’s not without its issues.

The most significant is something we’ve already covered: you can’t count on any consistency of work via the platform. But in fairness, there are MANY more options these days, and that’s been the case throughout this year.

If you happen to sign up from the right country at the right time AND find the UHRS assessments immediately available, you’ve unlocked an immediate stream of reliable and reasonably well-paid microwork.

However, that’s not to say the work won’t dry up at some point. As such, you can’t really make Clickworker something you rely on to pay the bills. The best strategy to increase your chance of success is to check Clickworker regularly and be ready to dive on top of new jobs and assessments as soon as they appear.

Another problem is technical issues. It seems there are sometimes tasks that don’t work quite right, causing you to invest a little time before abandoning them. The amount of money involved is usually so small that it doesn’t seem worth emailing support about it. This is particularly aggravating on UHRS.

Since my first review, Clickworker has “modernised” somewhat. There don’t seem to be so many issues with browser incompatibility and things like that, but I’d be lying if I said that there wasn’t still a “clunky” feel to the platform – at times.

Finally, some tasks may not “sit well” with all users in terms of adult content or revealing personal information.

Clickworker Referral Scheme

As a signed up member of Clickworker, you can refer friends to the platform. You receive a €5 payout for anybody who signs up once they’ve earned €10. 

Clickworker referral scheme

While this is a good way to earn a little extra, you need to refer people who are going to stick with it, and not forget all about it if there’s not lots of work available the very first time they log in!

Clickworker Support

It’s worth mentioning that if you do have problems, Clickworker’s email support service is fast and efficient.

Whilst testing out the service for my Clickworker reviews, I’ve queried several different things, related to assessments and technical issues, and always received prompt and helpful answers.

Clickworker Review: Conclusion

Clickworker is a decent platform. It’s improved significantly in recent times Work is available more consistently, and the app gives you more options too.

If you gain UHRS access, Clickworker becomes even more useful. Unstable income is a really scary thing for many freelancers and homeworkers, so having access to a platform you can turn to when you need to grind away and earn some extra is really handy.

There may be some luck involved as to whether Clickworker is recruiting in your country and whether assessments are open for UHRS, but it’s worth hanging in there to gain full access. As of early September 2020, UHRS applications were available in all countries, but this is subject to change.

I’d suggest signing up to Clickworker straight away, and grabbing the first opportunity to get onto UHRS. Even if you don’t end up doing much of this “micro work,” knowing you’ve got it to fall back on provides a great sense of security.

Find Clickworker here.

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