How to Change Career and Gain a New Qualification at Home

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When you’re thinking of switching career, it can be incredibly difficult to know how to become qualified for another one while you work. Juggling a full-time job to pay the bills with children or other commitments, PLUS attending school, is practically impossible.

Training at home

Luckily, there are thousands of online courses you can take to improve your employability in your desired new field, so that you can become qualified without even leaving the house. This means you can cook dinner while studying for exams, develop a new skill relaxing on your sofa, and play with your children while learning via your laptop.

Types of Online Course

  • Free – some are free to study, but require you to pay for your qualification certificate upon completion. Some result in no formal qualification, but allow you to develop new transferable skills and gain knowledge.
  • Paid – this type requires you to pay for the course and any exams upfront, and finish with a certificate that you can present to prospective employers. These are often the best and most reputable courses formally recognized by businesses.

Here are a few ideas of careers that can be built through online courses, helping you break into a new job or improve your position in your existing role.


There is a selection of online courses available for those who would like to study health, diet and nutrition. Learn about the components of a healthy diet, how nutritional needs differ among groups of people, and begin to understand the food industry.

A qualification in nutrition can also lead you into personal training, becoming a physician, pharmacy work and more.

Building Contractor

Get a contractor license if you are in the laboring or building industry. This will show clients that you are an approved and qualified laborer, which will gain you more business and even allow you to work for yourself.

Become more reputable in your line of work today by visiting which will show you a list of courses you can take in various states. Some are online, but require you to attend some classes and exams in person.

Interior Designer

If you are a talented artist, have an eye for color and detail, and love filling your home with unique furniture and décor; interior design could be your calling. For a small fee of around $34, you can study an interior design course online and build a new dream career.

These courses span a duration of 100 hours on average, and can be completed as and when you’re available. These kinds of courses offer perfect flexibility for busy parents or those with demanding schedules.


Are you bilingual, or fluent in more than two languages? The world is constantly in need of translators in various fields, from journalism and publishing to social care and law.

Make a career out of your linguistic talents by becoming a qualified translator. You can do this at home, with courses from the Open University and other institutions that provide learning facilities online.

App Developer

Technological and computer-based careers make perfect sense to study at home with your own laptop or computer equipment. There are a wide variety of IT-related courses that you can study online in your own time.

Choose from niche Android app developer courses, to learning the art of coding, to beginning a career in cyber security. If you’ve always been an Internet whiz, courses like this would suit you well.


Study for an online marketing qualification and find yourself in a new job in no time; or move to a different department within your current company. Choose an online course that will teach you how to interpret and analyze sales data, understand consumer psychology, and give you the tools to create effective marketing campaigns.

Develop your career portfolio today with a professional marketing course, offered on a self-paced basis that fits around your lifestyle and commitments.

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