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Today’s case study continues the story of Sam Guss, a new freelancer who’s giving us a blow by blow account of his forays into the world of freelancing. After reporting on a frustrating dry spell in his last update, it’s pleasing to see that some new opportunities have come up for him, including the prospect of some bulk content writing jobs.

There’s a really important lesson here! A huge number of aspiring freelancers give up as soon as things get tough, or when they’re just a month or so in and haven’t yet started seeing meaningful money. This update alone is proof of how quickly things turn around, something I discussed myself in this article. It goes to show that “feast and famine” is how freelancing works, whether you’re ten weeks in or ten years in!

If this is the first instalment of Sam’s case study you’ve come across, it would probably make sense to read the previous articles first:

Over to Sam!

It’s been a while since my last article and I apologize for that.

Let me catch you all up with all that’s been going on in my discovery of freelance writing and working. This isn’t a weekly column but intended to be every two weeks. Between my regular job and my budding freelance career, this time frame offers just enough time to see cause and effect when I try something new.

When I last wrote, I was going through a very dry spell; I was struggling to find new clients, and gigs in the international market for content writing.

I ended up putting up a second gig on Fiverr, and also did some tweaks to my existing gig. The results were almost instantaneous. This kicked off a theme that’s now been on going for the past two weeks, and the reason for me holding back on putting out this article.

On one hand, it’s exciting stuff – but it is a little frustrating on the other.

Bulk Content Writing Opportunities

I have been approached by four content editors who want on-going article series or bulk content writing.

We’re not talking about just a few lines here and there, but providing all the content to fulfil bona fide content strategy action plans. In one case it’s just two content updates per week for the foreseeable future.

Bulk writing

However, the big, big fish on the line is a travel site in Eastern Europe that wants 10 content updates every two weeks for a total of 250 updates over the next 24 months! None of these clients have said “no” to me yet and while I haven’t heard back from two of them, two others (the ones in my examples above) are still in negotiation.

I am fairly excited by the fact that there are content editors out there offering bulk content writing jobs like these. As a result I am actively looking into creating a new gig on Fiverr to find more content editors like this, by offering special deals on bulk buys.

Part of the reason I think I am getting these approaches is due to some of what I have specialized in so far. (It might be a stretch to call myself a specialist, but let’s roll with it!)

By using keywords and phrases, I can direct the reader to my experience of technology content, a history of producing on-going series content, and my ability to back up my work with references. Moving forward, I want to push this even more, by showing more examples of my work and putting across the idea of hiring me for bulk content writing. The result, if successful, will be a larger, regular pay check for my efforts.

Other Progress

In other news, I have discovered (or re-discovered) through my regular job that I have the niche skill of being able to write and organize training documentation. This may be something I can expand on in the freelance world as well.

I am also continuing my education on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and also web site design.

That brings me up to my last point for this check-in – my web site. It is still very much under construction.

I’ve designed and built at least a couple of dozen web sites and blogs over the past decade. However, now that I am working on my own, fully hosted website, I am caught between writers block for the content and a lack of creative inspiration on how I want it to look.

The result is I keep changing the look and feel. I haven’t found anything I like yet and am struggling to put in my own content. I am actually considering using some of my earnings from Fiverr to invest in my own site, if not for content, then at least for design!

Until next time everyone, keep the faith, keep the good, leave the bad and keep on going!

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