Black Friday Roundup: Savings you Won’t Want to Miss!

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Black Friday is here. The annual retail extravaganza so many of us love to hate.

If you feel the same way as me about Black Friday, you probably think that joining hectic queues of people to buy unnecessary clutter is not a fun way to spend time.

However, it’s fair to say that this IS the time of year when most companies run their best promotions.

Thanks to the savings, this is the very best time to invest in yourself, or in a new venture. 

Over the past few weeks, I’ve received dozens of secretive emails telling me about the deals coming up. I can now reveal them, and this article is a carefully curated list of those I think are the very best for the type of people who visit HomeWorkingClub.

There are genuine bargains here, and opportunities to start things, learn things and improve things.  If you’ve been wondering whether to pull the trigger on something new, now could well be the time. It’ll be another year before you can do so so cheaply.

NOTE: Expiry dates on these offers vary, but most run until the end of Cyber Monday, 2nd December 2019. Please check the price you are paying!

An Important Note for the Cynics

I know what the cynics among you are thinking:

“Ah, yes, well…there must be something in it for you, promoting these things.”

Of course there is. I am an affiliate for lots of products. Advertising and affiliate marketing is how most blogs make money.

There are hundreds of completely free articles on this site. Some, like this one on online jobs, are over 10,000 words.  Much as I love this topic and love my readers, I have to make a living from doing this.

However, as I’ve discussed in great detail, I don’t endorse things I have no belief in. Many of these products and services are things I use personally and pay full price for. For example, I’ve been a Dreamhost customer myself since 2009, so you can certainly trust that recommendation!

Similarly, I use Aweber for this very site, and have personally paid for and taken the affiliate marketing course listed here. A couple of months ago, I bought Teachable, also on this list, and am happily paying $168 per year more than it’s on offer for this weekend!

So yes, if you buy something here, I may earn some commission. Hopefully, if you’ve enjoyed and benefitted from my content, you won’t begrudge me that.

Let’s get on with the offers:

Start a New Business of your Own

Dreamhost from Only $2.59 per Month

Dreamhost Black Friday Offer

What and Why? 

If you’re thinking about starting a blog or online business, you can do so now for as little as $2.59 per month – a big saving on normal prices.

You get:

  • A free domain.
  • WordPress pre-installed.
  • Support for unlimited traffic.

Dreamhost is the web hosting company I use to host this very site, as well as several others, and I’ve been delighted with their service for over 10 years.

How Much?

From $2.59 to $4.99 per month, depending on how long you want to commit for.

If you’re in it for the long-haul, it’s worth paying as much as you can afford up front as it’s cheaper overall. However, the ability to pay just $4.99 on a month to month basis with no commitment is very good if you just want to dip a toe in the water, and much better value than normal.

Why is this a Great Deal?

Dreamhost is a trustworthy provider, and it’s easy to get a site up and running, even if you’re not too technical. There’s also a 97-day money-back guarantee, so no risk if you’re not happy with your decision.

Grab the Dreamhost Offer Now

Teachable: from $468 to $299

Teachable Offer

What and Why?

If you have knowledge and skills to share with the world, why not join the many entrepreneurs making great money from creating courses?

Teachable is one of the market-leading platforms for this. I actually recently bought it myself and am half-way through creating something of my own. You also get access to TeachableU – an extensive course that teaches you how to create and market your courses.

How Much?

It usually costs $468 to subscribe to Teachable’s “Basic” plan for one year, but this Black Friday it costs just $299.

Why is this a Great Deal?

The package of Teachable and Teachable U both shows you how to make money from courses, and gives you the tools to create them. The cost is a drop in the ocean compared to what you can make from selling a good course, and this is a seriously substantial saving on the regular price.

Save $169 on Teachable Now

25% LIFETIME Discount on Mangools

Lifetime Mangools


Mangools is a suite of tools to help with Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a huge part of running a successful blog or online business. The Mangools suite, which includes the popular KWFinder keyword tool (reviewed here), is already much more affordable than the closest competition.

KWFinder was the first tool I bought to help running HomeWorkingClub and researching topics. I’m a paying customer and still use it to this day.

How Much?

Mangools is offering a 25% LIFETIME DISCOUNT on ALL plans and packages. This is particularly notable, as many discounts are time-limited. Mangools continually add new modules and features, so this is an offer that will likely becoming increasingly valuable in years to come.

The discount brings the monthly price down as low as $37, but for the best savings of all it’s worth paying annually if you can afford it.

Why is this a Great Deal?

SEO tools aren’t cheap, but they’re essential if you want your website to stand a chance. This is a great opportunity to grab a huge suite of tools and lock in a lower price for life.

Save 25% on Mangools FOREVER!

Learn a New Skill

25% Off Launch your Blog Biz

Blogging Course

What and Why?

Launch your Blog Biz is a huge and comprehensive blogging course from Alex and Lauren at Create and Go. They’re two well-known and hugely successful bloggers who also run Pinterest Traffic Avalanche (reviewed here).

I’ve been going through this course recently, and it is a great blueprint for launching a blog, that really covers everything you need to know from start to finish.

How Much?

You can grab 25% off Launch your Blog Biz if you use the code BLACKFRIDAY2019. This brings the price down from $297 to $222.75.

Why is this a Great Deal?

Time after time, people tell me they’d love to start a blog, but that the process is too complicated. There’s certainly a lot to take in, and it’s easy to suffer from information overload if you try to rely on random online info. This course is a significant investment, but it lays everything out in manageable stages. If you wish you could have a blog but keep being put off by the complexity, now could be the time to get started.

Use Code BLACKFRIDAY2019 to save 25%

20% Off Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Black Friday
What and Why?

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is an extremely popular course, run by somebody who makes literally Millions of Dollars from blogging and affiliate marketing. We reviewed the course in detail here. It’s great for both beginners and intermediate bloggers, and I learned plenty from it myself, despite having been in this industry for many years!

How Much?

If you use the voucher code “BLACKFRIDAY201920” you will get 20% off the normal course price, which brings it down to $157.60.

Why is this a Great Deal?

This course isn’t especially cheap and it’s rarely discounted, so it’s well worth grabbing at a discounted price while you can. There’s been a flash sale recently too, so I suspect it will be quite a while before the next promotion.

Save 20% with code BLACKFRIDAY201920

Find a New Job

FlexJobs from Just $5 – Up to 67% Off!


What and Why?

FlexJobs is a very popular service that collates listings of flexible jobs and freelance roles. We have a full review of it here. We recently revisited the service and were pleased to find some good enhancements. FlexJobs now includes some great courses and learning resources, so it won’t just help you find a job, it could you increase your chance of actually getting the one you want too.  

How Much?

If you use the voucher code FRIDAY, you can save up to 67%. The cheapest option is a month’s subscription at just $5, but if you’re taking your job hunt seriously or want to regularly dive in to look for freelance opportunities, it’s worth paying $25 for an annual membership, a saving of 50%.

Why is this a Great Deal?

FlexJobs has a good reputation, and this is the biggest saving we’ve every seen for it. At just $5 for a month, it’s worth paying that just to try it out. A trip to McDonalds costs more than that!

Save up to 67% on FlexJobs (Voucher Code: FRIDAY)

Boost your Business

25% Off Aweber

Aweber cyber weekend deal

What and Why?

Aweber is a comprehensive and well-regarded email marketing solution. If you subscribe to the HomeWorkingClub newsletters, they are all sent out via Aweber, which also handles signups and unsubscribes.

Whether you have a blog or an online store, it’s crucial to establish an email list to maintain contact with your customers, and Aweber is the platform I recommend for this. Yes, there are newer alternatives out there, but Aweber has always been dependable. It won’t let you down.

How Much?

Aweber is offering 25% off the first year’s subscription costs for all new users. No code is required, just click through from the link. The cost can go as low as $12.92 per month depending on your subscription length. As is often the case, it’s worth paying for a year up front for the biggest saving.

Why is this a Great Deal?

Aweber is already decent value, and this makes your first year with it even more affordable. There’s also a one month free trial, so you can try before you commit.

AWeber: Grab 25% Off and a Free Trial

50% Off FreshBooks


What and Why?

Once a business gets off the ground, you really can’t carry on creating invoices in Word and keeping your accounts in Excel – you need a proper accounting package. FreshBooks is perfect for freelancers – it’s modern and easy to use, and has the kind of features people want nowadays, such as baked-in time tracking, online payments and a mobile app.

How Much?

FreshBooks is offering 50% off for the first three months of a new subscription (not valid with free trials). This can bring the initial cost down as low as $7.50 per month.

Why is this a Great Deal?

Tax season is coming up, so it’s the perfect time for freelancers and small businesses to get their accounts in order. There’s a 30 day guarantee so you don’t have to continue unless you’re completely happy.

Get 50% off FreshBooks Here

Savings from Amazon

Although I try to avoid the “retail” side of Black Friday, the one place I never manage to resist looking is Amazon.

They have all sorts of Black Friday promotions that you can check out here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post contains offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019. Exact expiry dates and timing can vary. Please check before ordering.

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    Don’t forget cash back!!! I saved more because I’m relentless with ebates!! If you don’t participate and you shop online, you’re leaving cold hard cash on the table. 🙂

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