Black Friday For Home Workers and Freelancers: 2021 Round-Up

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Love it or hate it, Black Friday is very much a thing nowadays.

I’m no fan of buying things I don’t need, or queuing and fighting for a new TV! BUT it’s undeniable that the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend can prove to be the best time to buy things you were planning to buy anyway.

And one way to truly benefit from Black Friday savings is to invest in something that will enrich your life, rather than a disposable consumer product.

With that in mind, in this roundup, I list the best of MANY Black Friday deals I’ve heard about. These are all tailored to the usual HomeWorkingClub audience – people interested in remote working and freelancing.

Black Friday Offers on Courses and Training

Freelance Kickstarter: 33% Off Plus Brand New Bonuses (Use Code BF21)

I make no apology for listing my own course first!

Described by one recent student as “without doubt, the most thorough and beneficial course that I have ever bought,” Freelance Kickstarter empowers you with all the knowledge you need to launch a rewarding and lucrative freelance career.

Freelance Kickstarter Course screenshot

Given I’ve already been told that the standard price is “absurdly low,” the 33% off that I’m offering is a huge saving. And I’m also throwing in three additional bonuses that have never been seen before:

  • “The Truth About Blogging:” A new video lesson revealing all the realities of making blogging that people in my position usually gloss over and refuse to share.
  • “The 10 Side Gigs I Do Myself:” Which side gigs does somebody who spends his life writing about online earning actually do himself? I reveal all in this new bonus.
  • “Fatal Mistakes Revealed:” This new bonus lessons teaches you all about common mistakes freelancers make. Sidestep these, and you can jump well ahead of the pack.

I take supporting my students very seriously. One recently said, “I never felt alone in this journey because of Ben’s availability and never-ending interest in my success.” That’s perhaps the feedback I’m most proud of. Unlimited personal responses to your queries are included.

You can find out much more about the course on this page.

ENDS: Monday November 29th 2021 (Midnight PT).

Coursera Black Friday Offer: Coursera Plus With First Month for Just $1!

I’m a big fan of Coursera, having taken several courses on the platform myself – and the Coursera Black Friday offer is a good one.

Coursera Plus Offer Screenshot

The site has links with big-name companies and universities, and has received lots of recent press for it’s sought-after Google Professional Certificates.

Coursera Plus subscription gives you unlimited access to over 3000 courses – and the Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal allows you to get your first month for just $1!

For more information:

ENDS: December 4th 2021.

FutureLearn Black Friday Offer: FutureLearn Unlimited for $90 (£60) Off

FutureLearn is another huge online course provider, currently offering $90 (or £60) off a FutureLearn Unlimited subscription.

FutureLearn Unlimited Offer Screenshot

The subscription gives unlimited access to a great many short courses, on subjects from digital marketing to financial management.

We have a full FutureLearn review here.

ENDS: 6 Dec 2021 at 23:59 (UTC)

Teachable Black Friday Offer: Up to 58% Off Annual Plans

This was a slightly hard one to categorise, as Teachable isn’t a course – it’s a course platform – a place where you can create courses of your own to sell.

However, as part of every subscription, you get access to TeachableU – a great (and extensive) course on course creation, which runs through everything from structuring your course to launching, marketing and making sales.

Teachable Offer Screenshot

I use Teachable for my own course and am very happy with the platform – and the Teachable Black Friday offer means you can get yourself set up for their “lowest price ever.”

There are people out there making a living from online courses – on anything from cupcake decoration to dog training! If you’ve ever thought about creating one of your own, this is a great time to get started.

ENDS: November 30th 2021.

Black Friday Offer for Job Hunters

FlexJobs Black Friday Offer: Up to 67% Off Membership (Starts at Just $2.25!)

It’s not hard to find offers on FlexJobs membership, but the FlexJobs Black Friday offer consistently provides the steepest discount on offer all year.

FlexJobs is a global job board decidated to flexible positions – such as home based and remote jobs. But aside from that, members also get access to a wide range of resources, including free courses that are certainly worth the cost of the laugably low Black Friday subscription prices.

FlexJobs screenshot

Anyone who’s been reading HomeWorkingClub for any length of time will have heard of FlexJobs – but in case you’ve been living in a cave, there’s an honest FlexJobs review here. If you’ve been wondering about giving it a try, a week’s membership at a tiny $2.25 is a no-brainer.

ENDS: December 5th 2021.

Black Friday Apps and Software Offers

The purpose of this roundup isn’t to list every single Black Friday offer I’ve come across. If I did that I’d still be typing it at Christmas!

What I would say, however, is that if there’s any software you’re planning to buy, do have a look for a Black Friday offer, as most companies will be running some kind of promotion.

Here are a couple that I thought were particularly outstanding:

iDrive Black Friday Offer: 90% Off Your First Year!

This is an insanely generous offer on iDrive’s online backup service for PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

As I discussed in my article on keeping data safe, many people are way too slack about taking care of their valuable data. The implications can range from heart-break (losing family photos) to serious financial loss (losing client’s data if you’re a freelancer).

iDrive Offer Screenshot

With your first year’s membership for just $7.95, this is a great opportunity to get your digital life in order. iDrive has a great reputation and holds a PCMag Editor’s Choice award.

Blinkist Black Friday Offer: 50% Off Annual Subscription

I’m a big fan of Blinkist, and it’s my companion on many a walk.

Blinkist is an app that gives you unlimited access to condensed, bite-sized summaries of thousands of non-fiction books, in both written and audio form. If you’re someone who’d love to read more, but never has time, you really should check it out.

Blinkist Black Friday Offer screenshot

It’s a great saving at 50% off, and you can begin with a free trial – so you don’t even need to buy it at the reduced cost if you don’t enjoy using it. But I think you will.

Read my Blinkist review for more details.

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