Big Savings! Our Black Friday Roundup

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This post contains offers from Black Friday 2018 which will now have expired. However, links to companies will still function and lead to products at full price. Please ensure you check what you’re buying!

Ah, Black Friday. The ever-growing annual retail event that seriously divides opinion.

On one side you have the people who set their alarms to queue up for bargains at local malls; On the other, those who hate the tacky celebration of commercialism and tut disdainfully at the annual video footage of human beings fighting over discounted flatscreen TVs.

I’m firmly in the latter camp. However, doing a bit of research online to look at the possibility of saving money on stuff you were planning to buy anyway is common sense. 

Using Black Friday to save money on things to help you further your career or a personal project is even wiser. Instead of grabbing a soon-to-become-obsolete TV or games console, why not invest in boosting your skills or finally starting that blog you keep thinking about?

That’s what this article is all about.

I’ve sifted though the dozens of emails I’ve received in the run up to Black Friday, and curated some of the best offers I’ve seen for freelancers and home workers. They really do represent great value, and are well worth considering.

If this is your first time on the site and would rather earn money than spend it, take a look at our home working ideas and side gigs before you go!

A Little Explanation Before we Start

There aren’t that many offers listed in this post.

I’ve seen a great many products and services with big Black Friday discounts, but that doesn’t mean I’d recommend them.

Black Friday offers

Black Friday is often used as a way for companies to clear out their out-dated products or to sell services that simply aren’t worth their usual “retail price.” Just this morning I saw some offers for software products referring to a “huge” 95% discount.

Just because a company is giving you a “95% discount,” it doesn’t mean that paying $50 for something that’s apparently “worth” $999 is automatically good value. All it really serves to illustrate is how ludicrous the original price was, and how high the company’s profit margins usually are!

As such, this is very much a curated list of what I’ve seen out there for Black Friday 2018. Yes, in some cases I am an affiliate for the products I mention here. However, I wouldn’t be willing to stake my reputation on rubbish. That’s why I’ve not merely compiled a list of every single relevant product I’ve seen.

Let’s get started.

Finding a Home Working Job

Flexjobs – 67% OFF

We begin with FlexJobs, a subscription-based job board for home and remote positions.

67p offFlexJobs isn’t perfect; It heavily leans towards job opportunities for the US. However, if you’re US-based and looking for a home-based job with a single company, it gives you a good chance to uncover roles you probably wouldn’t have heard of otherwise. You can read my in-depth review of FlexJobs here. There’s also a recent comment underneath the review from someone speaking highly of the company’s integrity.

For Black Friday, Flexjobs is offering subscriptions for as little as as just five Dollars for a month. That is a 67% saving. You can also get a three month subscription for $15, or a full year for $25, both of which represent 50% off.  To get these special prices you need to use the voucher code FRIDAY. 

Whether you just want to spend five bucks to check out Flexjobs for yourself or invest a paltry $25 on having access to the job listings for a full year, this is a very worthwhile promotion.


When is this available?

The Flexjobs Black Friday offer is live from Wednesday 21st November to Wednesday 28th November 2018.

Find Flexjobs here

Learning New Skills


Udemy is always a very inexpensive place to learn new skills. In reality, the company’s online training courses are almost always on a promotion of some description.

That said, their month-long Black Friday course offer with courses from just $9.99 is as good as these offers ever get. You can learn all about Udemy here, and read about some of our favourite courses here.

There’s an even better offer over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. People who buy a course on Black Friday can get a second course for free on Cyber Monday, subject to certain exclusions.

Use this link or the banner below to access this offer.

Udemy banner


When is this available?

The main Udemy Black Friday offer is live from 14th – 25th November 2018. For the buy one, get one free offer, you need to buy the first course between 22nd and 23rd November 2018, and redeem the free one between 26th and 27th November 2018. Be sure to check the exclusions and terms and conditions on the Udemy website.

Find Udemy here

Starting a Blog

Dreamhost – $50 OFF

If you want to start a blog or any kind of website you need reliable web hosting. Dreamhost is always my recommendation. I’ve used the company for about ten years and they host this very website.

50 bucks offAs a Dreamhost affiliate I can offer $50 off Dreamhost’s most popular unlimited shared hosting package. It costs less than $6 per month, including a free domain name for your new site. 

If you’re keen to finally get a website project off the ground, it makes sense to get the hosting as cheaply as possible, making this a very worthwhile deal. Be sure to click through from a link on this site so that the promotion code is automatically applied. Dreamhost

When is this available?

This Dreamhost promotion runs until November 28th 2018.

Find Dreamhost here

Envato Themes – 50% OFF

Nowadays, you don’t need a web designer to produce an attractive site. As I explain in my blogging tools article, the usual way is to use WordPress and buy an off-the-shelf theme.

50P offEnvato (formerly ThemeForest) is always my first port of call when I’m putting a new site together, and it’s where I bought the theme for HomeWorkingClub. The company is running a big sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with many themes available at 50% off. There are plugins and other items on offer too.

To find the deals, access Envato from here and click the “Cyber Monday Sale” banner.

When is this available? 

The offers are all in place until Tuesday 27th November 2018 at 8pm AEDT.

Find Envato here

Long Tail Pro – 50% OFF

I have spoken a lot about how important keyword research is when starting a blog. Not doing keyword research is rather like setting up a nursery or soft play centre without checking there are children living in the area!

50P offThe trouble is, keyword research tools are fairly pricey, so it makes good sense to grab one while it’s on offer.

Long Tail Pro is my joint favourite keyword research tool and I think very highly of it, as I discussed in this detailed review. For Black Friday, there’s a promotion giving 50% all Long Tail Pro subscriptions, so it’s valid whether you want to pay monthly or annually. This means you can get started with Long Tail Pro for as little as $18.50. There’s also a 10 day money back guarantee.Long Tail Pro review

When is this available?

This Long Tail Pro Black Friday promotion runs from November 23rd to November 26th 2018.

Find Long Tail Pro here

Starting a Business

DesignEvo Logo Design – 30% OFF

I reviewed DesignEvo very recently. It’s a cloud based software solution that makes it really easy to design a professional looking logo for a new business.

DesignEvo is actually very affordable even without a Black Friday deal. You can use the software without spending any money at all and access a low-resolution logo for free. At full price, it’s only $49.99 to download your logo complete with fonts and trademarking rights.

However, with the Black Friday deal, you can get 30% off by checking out with the voucher code of BLACKFRIDAY.

DesignEvo review logo design

When is this available?

The DesignEvo Black Friday promotion ends on November 26th 2018.

Find DesignEvo here

Amazon’s Black Friday Deals

Amazon is always worth a look, both on Black Friday and in the run up.

Many of the web giant’s offers are quite random and they’re often time-limited too. But if you’re in the market for anything from computer equipment to business books it’s well worth having a dig around. There are often savings of around 50% on offer. Just make sure you research products you like the look of before jumping it head first.

One thing that Amazon always seem to heavily discount are their own tech products. As such, if you’re after a Kindle, a Fire TV device or an Amazon Echo, Black Friday is often the very best time to grab one.

When is this available?

Amazon’s Black Friday promotions usually begin several days before Black Friday and continue right through until Cyber Monday.

Find Amazon’s Black Friday Page Here

Some Crucial Points

Before happily typing your card details into these (or any other) websites, please take note of these important points:

  1. Make sure you get the discount you expect. Many Black Friday promotions are time-limited or have terms and conditions attached, so make sure you’re getting the bargain you anticipated before handing your money over.
  2. Remember that it’s not worth buying things you’re not going to use just because they’re on offer. Having said that, the offers here do represent genuine value.
  3. Please note that while details of these deals have been listed in good faith, you must verify those details with the companies you purchase from. I have no control over these promotions and cannot intervene if you don’t received the expected discount.

If you take advantage of any of these great deals, let us know in the comments!

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