Black Friday Roundup: Invest in Yourself for Less

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If you hate the whole concept of Black Friday, you’re not alone.

Footage of people queuing around the block or fighting for cheap TVs makes me despair for humanity.

But there is a way to take advantage in a rather more intelligent way.

Undoubtedly, the Black Friday / Cyber Monday period is when many companies of all kinds give out their biggest discounts. It’s wise to see what’s out there, especially if there are things you plan to buy anyway.

HomeWorkingClub is about making money, not spending it! But each year I compile a list of some of the best offers I’ve seen on employment services, courses, blogging tools, and other things that can help you invest in yourself and build a business.

It’s well worth having a good look through, because while companies run lots of promotions each year, the biggest discounts are almost always around about now. And there are some HUGE savings on offer this year.

Two Important Notes Before we Start

  1. Expiry dates on these offers vary, but most run until the end of Cyber Monday, 30th November 2020. Please check the price you are paying!
  2. Yes, some of these links are affiliate links. However, I only recommend products I genuinely believe in. In fact, in several cases I am myself a long-term paying customer for services mentioned here.

Let’s begin.

Boost your Career

Freelance Kickstarter: 33% off with code BLACKFRI – and a free bonus 

Yes, I’m starting with my own course but – hey – it’s my site!

Joking aside, the course has been a great success since it launched and I’d love you to join the people who are already starting to find success on the freelance job boards.

Doing work you love on a freelance basis can be genuinely life-changing. If your career is a grind, you can be assured there ARE people out there who love what they do and do it on their own terms. Get going on the course now and 2021 could be a VERY different year for you.

The course includes direct support from me, and lifetime access including updates. You also get a free bonus, my “Pro Tips for Freelance Job Boards.”

Find out more here, and use code BLACKFRI for the discount and bonus.

FlexJobs: Up to 67% off

Yes, I know, regular readers will be more than aware that this isn’t the first FlexJobs discount I’ve mentioned!

But it IS the biggest.

With the option of signing up for less than three bucks this is a perfect time to check FlexJobs out if you haven’t before. Even better, grab the 50% off annual subscription so you have access over the long term. $25 really isn’t much to invest in a year of job hunting, since there’s no guarantee you’ll find the perfect role the very first time you look. 

You can find my full and detailed review of FlexJobs here. Sign up here with coupon code FRIDAY to get the discount. This one runs to December 6th.

Learn New Skills

Coursera: Free courses and free months

I’m a big fan of Coursera. In fact, only last night I was up until the early hours learning how to use Ableton Live, some music production software, using one of its courses.

Coursera has never offered a Black Friday deal before, but this year there are some free courses on offer, and there’s also a “first month free” deal on course specializations.

Coursera has courses from big universities and professional certifications from giants like Google and Facebook. The range of options is mind-boggling, so make sure you fully research what’s involved with the course you choose, and what it will cost in total. My full review will help.

Find Coursera’s Black Friday offer page here.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: 20% off with code BLACKFRIDAY20SALE

I learned a lot from Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s affiliate marketing course. It teaches you lots about how to make money from blogging and it even taught this old dog some new tricks.

I’ve previously interviewed Michelle here, and there’s a full review of the course here, so you can check if it’s a good fit for you.

Michelle doesn’t discount her course very often, so now’s a good time to grab it. Use code BLACKFRIDAY20SALE here.

Create and Go: 25% off ALL courses with code BLACKFRIDAY2020

Create and Go are perhaps best known for their Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course that we’ve reviewed here. It’s THE course for aspiring Pinterest experts, and has won a lot of points in my eyes in recent months as I’ve seen how much it’s been updated to keep up to date with Pinterest’s many algorithm changes.

Create and Go also have blogging courses including Launch your Blog Biz and Six Figure Blogger. You’ll find full details on their site. Use code BLACKFRIDAY2020 here for the discount.

Save on Blogs and Creative Projects

Teachable: Up to 50% off

We’ve covered courses you can study, but how about creating one yourself and selling it? All the cool kids are doing it!

Teachable is the platform I use to host my own course. It’s easy to learn and allows you to focus on content, rather than how to handle payments or deliver the training materials.

Discounts are on annual plans, so you need to be committed to making use of the service. However, this is consistently the largest discount you see from Teachable each year, so jump on it if course creation appeals to you. Find the offer here.

Dreamhost: from $2.59 per month

If you’re thinking about starting a blog or online business, you can do so now for as little as $2.59 per month – a big saving on normal prices.

Dreamhost is a web hosting company I’ve used for multiple sites – I’ve been a paying customer of theirs for over 10 years.

NOTE: If you’re in it for the long-haul, it’s worth paying as much as you can afford up front as it’s cheaper overall.  Presumably you want your blog to last a long time anyway?!

You can find the latest deals from Dreamhost here.

If blogging is something you’d like to get into, take a look at my new Patreon group too. 

YayImages: $99 per year

Another service I pay for myself, YayImages has a library of millions of photos, graphics and videos – ideal for bloggers and creators of all kinds.

Yes, like many stock image libraries there’s no shortage of cheesy images here, but using a service like this at least gives you plenty of choice. It also beats using the same free Pixabay images that every blogger out there is using. For Black Friday, you can get an unlimited annual subscription for just $99.

Organise and Equip

Sage Accounts: 6 Months Free!

This is a pretty exciting one – or at least as exciting as accounting software will ever be!

You can get your first six months of a Sage online accounting subscription completely free. There’s also no follow-up commitment, so there’s nothing to stop you cancelling if you don’t end up using it.

If it’s time to get your books in order, this is an offer well worth taking advantage of. Find it here.

Amazon’s Black Friday Extravaganza

Although I try to avoid the “retail” side of Black Friday, the one place I never manage to resist looking is Amazon.

They have all sorts of Black Friday promotions that you can check out here.

Think about what you may need throughout the year. For example, I found some great deals on monitors and flash drives, and some good office furniture options.

Black Friday is what you make of it. While you’ll never find me in a scrum for a flatscreen TV, I always hold back on purchasing things until the big Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend. Don’t buy things you don’t need, but if you’re tempted, don’t miss out.

After the Black Friday weekend, prices tend to go back up for the Christmas season, and you often don’t see the same discounts until the following year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post contains offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020. Exact expiry dates and timing can vary. Please check before ordering.

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  1. Don’t forget cash back!!! I saved more because I’m relentless with ebates!! If you don’t participate and you shop online, you’re leaving cold hard cash on the table. 🙂


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