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I can’t quite believe I’m writing HomeWorkingClub’s final post of 2018! However, I’m really excited to share some plans for 2019. They’re all designed to help home workers and freelancers thrive – into next year and beyond.

The site has come on leaps and bounds since its inception. I keep seeing pleasing statistics, including rising monthly visitor numbers and positive metrics around how long people stay on the site. In less than two years, HomeWorkingClub has gone from helping hundreds of people each week to helping thousands each day.

A definite highlight of 2018 was reading positive responses to the survey we conducted at the end of the summer. I truly wanted to help other people when I started this project, so it’s gratifying to know that there are individuals seeing real results from the advice we provide.

Website visitors

If you’re reading this article, the chances are you’re one of the people who’s signed up to the HomeWorkingClub newsletters or someone who follows the site on social media. If so, a special thanks to you for supporting the site. We look forward to producing more content for you in the year ahead.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s planned for 2019.

New Resources for Remote Workers

An Extensive New List of Home Working Jobs

One of the first features we have planned for 2019 is one we’ve already been working on for a while.

Intended for those who’d like to find a solid home working job with a single company, it’s an extensively researched list of companies known to hire remote workers. Finding such lists online is easy, but – as we discovered – finding an accurate list is another matter entirely.

As well as helping existing HomeWorkingClub readers, I have high hopes that publishing the best such guide online will attract lots of new visitors too. The article should be ready in early January, and I’ll announce it in the newsletter when it is.

More Job Search Resources

Another thing on our “to do” list is to create some new resources to help unearth more jobs where the companies are happy to hire teleworkers. I’m currently looking at partnerships and ways to do clever custom searches around this, and will definitely have something to share early next year.

When I conducted the 2018 survey, people told me they’d like to see more content about remote working as well as articles on freelancing, so these plans show we are actively working on it!

Two New Websites

HomeWorkingClub will be getting at least one sibling in 2019!

Advice for Writers and Bloggers

I have one “sister site” almost ready to go, but not quite ready to reveal. It’s concentrated on advice for aspiring writers and bloggers, and will also be a place to access mentorship and coaching, as well as some workshops I plan to run in the year ahead. I already have a waiting list of people who’ve shown an interest in these things – if you’re one of those people, I promise you’ll be first to know when it’s all ready.

New website

New site under construction – big reveal coming next month!

There will be plenty of content to get your teeth into right from the day of the launch, and I can’t wait to show you more than the teaser image above.

Something a Bit Different

The other website project I have in mind for 2019 is rather more vague at this stage.

This will probably sound like the kind of delusional nonsense everyone tells themselves just before a new year, but I have some big plans to get fit and lose weight in 2019. I’ve reached the age where it would be foolish not to start taking these things more seriously.

As such, I’m considering launching a side project in the very crowded health / fitness / weight loss niche.

It’s not something I hope to make that much money from. However, what I am considering doing is using it as an “open book” kind of project. I can then take people right through how I do everything from the site setup to the keyword research to the promotional activity.

I’ll be putting a lot more thought into this over the Christmas break. I tend to get my best inspiration after a bit of downtime! I’ll be sure to let you know when I’ve decided exactly what to do.

Who knows…it may even be the project that finally pushes me to up my Instagram game

Site Enhancements

Sometimes it really does feel like a shame that there aren’t more hours in the day. There’s a whole host of enhancements I have planned for HomeWorkingClub in 2019. Many of them were inspired by some of your survey responses.
Here are some of the things I have planned:
  • A general navigation overhaul, to make it easier to find content that will be of interest to you.
  • New “hub” pages to group together content about similar topics, such as finding telecommuting jobs, freelance writing, or completing surveys.
  • Jazzing up the email newsletter so it’s more engaging and not just a wall of text.

Sadly, these are all things I have to find time to do, and that time is always limited. But I hope that it won’t be too far into 2019 before I get all of these things ticked off, and more.

New Articles

A steady flow of new articles is something you can be certain of throughout 2019.

While I’m happy to show a screenshot of some of the Trello board where I plan out new content. I’ve blanked out the juicy details, because I’d rather my competitors in this niche did their own brainstorming and keyword research!

HWC article plans

That being said, here are a few of the things you can look forward to reading about on the site in 2019:

  • Articles about home working, freelancing and mental health.
  • Lots more detailed reviews of survey sites and side gigs from Hannah.
  • Reviews of everything from job boards to apps.
  • Round-ups of legitimate opportunities in all kinds of business sectors.

Forays into Video

American journalist Jerry Pournelle once said that “the thing you want least to do is probably the right action.

I’ve always thought this is a hugely relevant quote when it comes to finding work, developing a business, or working on any kind of self improvement. It’s certainly very valid when it comes to that desire to get fit and healthy that I mentioned above!

When it comes to HomeWorkingClub and its related projects, the time has come for me to accept that I’m missing out on opportunities for more growth by holding back from making content for YouTube, doing video reviews and walkthroughs, and generally working on my camera-shyness…

I’ve done a few trial runs and have some things to work on, specifically learning more about video editing and – more importantly – training myself not to say “erm” every five words. Once I’ve got through those challenges, you can expect to see HomeWorkingClub’s normal content complemented by some videos.

Looking Forward

Happy holidays

That brings me to the end of my plans for the site for 2019 – for now, at least.

Laying all of it out in such a way really serves to illustrate how much I love working on this project. Much as I’m looking forward to the coming days of relaxation, merriment and family time, I’m also really looking forward to getting stuck into this work once the decorations are down and reality returns.

Apparently, 70% of people “don’t feel satisfied” with their careers. It feels great to be part of the other 30% – and it feels even better to be working on a project designed to help people JOIN that 30%.

Seeing what was once just a vague vision crystallise into something that’s helping people is enormously satisfying. So is the thought that I’ll get to try new things and learn brand new skills in the year ahead, all as part of my day-to-day “work.”

So if you’re reading this with a sense of dread about going back to work in the New Year, I hope that the content we continue to produce will help you change things soon. That’s what the site is all about.

And on that note, I wish you and yours a joyful festive season and a happy new year.

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