Apple Work From Home Opportunities Available!

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Have you ever wondered whether there are any Apple work from home opportunities? I’m pleased to tell you there are!

Apple work from home jobs have been reported on across the web this week, in publications including Entrepreneur.

These home-based jobs with Apple are Apple “At Home Advisor” roles, and there are also some supervisory and area manager positions. Based on the reports that have sprung up online, Apple are recruiting for these in the US at present.

However, reading about these Apple work from home opportunities triggered me to do a bit of wider research, and it appears that these “At Home Advisor” jobs crop up from time to time in plenty of countries. Apple’s UK website, for example, has a whole section about how these home-based Apple jobs work, although I wasn’t able to see any positions currently available in the UK at the time of writing.

I also randomly came across a reference to Turkish-speaking “at home advisor” roles, so it seems to me that Apple employ home-based people across the globe. I’d suggest frequently searching Apple’s available jobs on their website to stay on top of when such roles become available.

Apple Jobs for Students

If you’re a student looking for work, Apple might have something for you too – at least if you happen to be in the US.

Apple Work from Home

While I was researching these roles, I came across dozens of “AppleCare College program” jobs, which appear to be similar customer support jobs, but only available to people actively studying at a college campus in the US. If I were a student in the US right now with an interest in computers, I’d be jumping right on this opportunity!

What do these Apple Work from Home Jobs Involve?

From what I can tell, and from what my research suggests, these jobs with Apple are customer service roles linked to AppleCare, probably including some level of technical support.

Reports state that successful applicants will need a quiet workspace (with a door that can be closed!) and a reliable Internet condition. It looks like Apple supply an iMac to their staff to do this work. They also supply a headset, so it seems certain that telephone-support is involved!

Having worked in telephone-based technical support in the early days of my IT career, I’d describe it as fairly “thankless(!)” but a good stepping stone in an IT career. Doing this kind of work at home must surely be far more enjoyable at home than in a call centre too!

How much do Apple Work from Home Jobs Pay?

I couldn’t resist researching a bit further to find out what the salaries for these jobs might be.

While they’re not enormous, they’re not tiny either, if the numbers I found on Glass Door are correct.

Apple At Home Advisor

Almost certainly, these salaries will vary from country to country.

These figures won’t be enough to tempt me away from my own freelance endeavours, although I have to admit that as something of an Apple devotee the thought of working for Apple from home did turn my head somewhat!

To me, the best thing of all is basic fact that these work from home jobs with Apple exist. The chance to be trained by and work for a company like Apple is a dream for many people, so I expect thousands of individuals will jump in to see what’s involved. If you’re one of them I wish you the best of luck and would love you to share your experiences in the comments.

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