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Hi! I’m Ben, and I founded HomeWorkingClub.com in 2017.Ben and Freddie

I have worked in various freelance capacities since 2004 – including IT consultancy, freelance writing, web design, HR, project and content management. Despite times of feast and famine, I managed to maintain my business through the financial crisis, and via several years living in (and freelancing from) Portugal. I now live in the UK with my wife, and two beautiful sons aged four and zero. You can get an insight into our #freelancelifestyle on Instagram here.

Over the years, I’ve been asked many freelancing-related questions by friends and associates – things like “so you really can make money online?” “how do you get paid for writing?” and, most often, “what exactly is it you do again?”

I’ve had some very long conversations about this stuff, and even wrote several ad-hoc “how to” guides to help friends get started as freelancers.

However, three things quickly became clear:

  1. There are hundreds of genuine, lucrative home working opportunities out there, but there are also a great many scams. Working out which is which is hugely time-consuming, and it’s near impossible not to suffer from “information overload” in the process.
  2. Not everyone is suited to home workingThere are certain qualities, skills and attitudes that make some people succeed and others fail.
  3. There isn’t one single, honest resource out there that helps people make a success of home working. It’s easy to quickly drown in a sea of scams and jargon.

From these thoughts, HomeWorkingClub.com was born, with the following objectives:

  • To provide information on realistic and genuine home working options that everyone can try.
  • To be completely honest about income levels, necessary skills and realities of home working, by never sugarcoating what work is truly involved in making a freelance living.
  • To impartially review products, services and opportunities related to home working and freelancing.

For more details on HomeWorkingClub’s core values and principles, and to find us what makes us different. read this article.

Working with HomeWorkingClub.com

HomeWorkingClub.com has grown significantly in its short existence and is host to more than 60,000 unique visitors each month, clocking up over 100,000 pageviews.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone who may like to:

  • Write for us.
  • Provide case studies.
  • Advertise on the site or form any other commercial partnerships.

Please feel free to contact us if you fit within any of these categories. Our primary audiences are in the US, UK and Canada.

Working with Me

Like everyone, I still have bills to pay, and therefore continue to do some freelance writing work.

Ben Taylor writing portfolio

You’ll find my writing portfolio here on Contently. If I can help you with any writing, editing or content marketing tasks, please contact me. 

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