20 Cogs Review: Is this UK Side Gig Worthwhile?

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Do you like the idea of earning a decent sum of money quickly and with little effort? This 20 Cogs review will clear up whether 20Cogs is the place to do it, or whether it’s all too good to be true.

TL;DR: The reality is somewhere in the middle.

IMPORTANT: 20Cogs is UK only. Take a look at PrizeRebel and Swagbucks if you’re located elsewhere, as both have similar offers.

Having spent some time playing with 20 Cogs, I can conclude that whether signing up to it is worthwhile, or not, very much depends on you.

If you are new to online side hustles it could indeed be a decent earner BUT: if, like me, you have been dabbling for a while in offers and freebies, it might not work out quite so well. I explain why in detail below.

If you do decide to sign up to 20 Cogs, use this link, and you will get a £10 sign-up bonus

What is 20 Cogs?

20 Cogs is a UK-based website where members can earn money from participating in offers and promotions. Members who take part in 20 or more offers typically earn £200 or more.

Is 20 Cogs a Scam?

20 Cogs is not a scam. The service is generally well-regarded and has a four-star average score on TrustPilot at the time of writing. The company has also paid out over £1.2 Million to its members.

As this 20Cogs review explains, however, this isn’t a side gig that’ll please everyone. It’s also important to note that it’s currently only available to UK residents. If you’re from elsewhere, you might want to look at PrizeRebel and Swagbucks, which both have similar offers, but are more widely available.

20 Cogs review

How does 20 Cogs Work?

The concept of 20 Cogs is simple. All you have to do is take up a series of online offers. These are things like introductory deals for products, survey sites and competitions.

From what I saw, each one typically pays you anything from around £5 up to £30. Complete all the offers and when ALL your cogs have been approved the cash is yours.

The “catch” is that you don’t get anything until you’ve completed 20 of these tasks.

The website is easy to navigate and there are some tutorial videos to watch. There’s also an informative FAQ section, and an easily accessible help desk.

How to Earn Money on 20Cogs

Let’s look at how 20 Cogs works in more detail.

Sign up is simple and straightforward, and you don’t need to share too many personal details to get started. However, be aware that you may have to give more information for sign-ups that you do as part of your 20 Cogs tasks.

Once you have signed up, you are ready to begin your first “cog.”

You are offered the choice of several offers you can sign up for. You make your choice, follow the instructions and that’s it. Once you have completed the deal, you can move on to the next one. Basically, you carry on moving through, making your choices, until you reach 20.

For me, things began well; You get your first £1 bonus just for signing up, and the first level gave me the choice of five different offers, all with a simple sign-up. My initial offers included a “free stuff” site, a lottery club, a TV service, a restaurant club and a credit checking service, with payments for signing up ranging from £5 to £15.

Quickly I moved on from one offer to the next. Within a very short space of time I was up to £30 earned and very impressed with how it was working, but then I hit a hitch:

Using 20 Cogs seems simple, and it is IF you are new to the concept of signing up and taking advantage of offers. However, if like me you’ve been side-hustling for a while, doing things like taking advantage of sites like TopCashback, you may well find you can’t get very far before you come across a problem.

20 Cogs problem

So what IS the problem?

Well, first off, you may well already have accounts with all the companies at a particular 20 Cogs “level.” This is especially likely if you’ve already taken advantage of lots of online “free trial” offers, or promotions on bingo and casino sites.

OR, you can find that certain offers involve making a small deposit of your own in order to participate. This is fine if you are willing to invest some of your own cash in getting to the end, but keep in mind this will make your final profit smaller. At this point, I paused for a while, then revisited a couple of weeks later in the hope that additional choices might be available. Unfortunately not.

Some of the offers on 20Cogs ask for your bank details for payments after the initial free offer, so I would definitely suggest keeping a careful note of what you have signed up for and when you need to make any cancellations. Some of the offers involve paying the first month’s subscription in order to complete them.

What Kind of Offers are on 20 Cogs?

Quite a lot of the offers on 20 Cogs are for bingo and casino sites. While these seem to be the biggest earners (I saw some paying upwards of £20), most require you to deposit a small amount yourself (usually £10 or so).

You then need to play your stake through, plus any signup bonuses, before you will fulfil the deal. It’s essential to read the small print very carefully, as there are often strict instructions you need to follow, and sometimes time limits.

In addition, playing off the bonuses can prove time-consuming. It’s also rather easy to get hooked in once you see a small win!

Once you have completed an offer and moved on, the cog turns amber whilst it waits for validation from the company. Once validated it turns green. This can take anything up to 30 days, though most of the tasks I tried were green within a couple of days.20 Cogs progress

If, after a few days, a task is still amber, I would suggest going back and checking that you completed the offer correctly. A couple of times I had made simple and easily-rectified mistakes. You can carry on to the next cog straight away, and you don’t have to wait for the previous ones to turn green.

20 Cogs Review: When can you Cash Out on 20 Cogs?

Once you have fulfilled all your offers and all your cogs are green, you can withdraw your cash. I didn’t get to the end and neither (for similar reasons) did a friend I asked to give it a try. Like me, they were not keen to take on offers which meant giving out bank details, or on spending their own cash in order to move forward.

However, having had a good look online I have not come across any major issues for people getting hold of their cash. Those that did have problems tended to say they were quickly rectified by the support team.

There’s no hard and fast rule as to how much you can earn at the end of your “20 Cogs” experience. According to the site, the highest payout was over £700 but this does seem to be an exception.

There is a list of people who made over £400 online, so depending on your choices and how much you are willing to put in yourself to get there, this could definitely be a worthwhile side gig.

You receive your payment through your bank or your PayPal account. There is also the opportunity to earn more money through a “refer a friend” scheme.

20Cogs Review Conclusion

20 Cogs Sign up

20 Cogs was not a success for me personally for the reasons I stated above.

However, I would definitely conclude this 20 Cogs review by recommending the site for someone just starting out in earning side income from free stuff and offer sign-ups.

The important thing is to be very organised about what you’re doing to avoid paying for subscriptions and services that you don’t want to continue with. If you’re not an organised person, OR suspect you might get financially sucked in by casino and bingo games, you’re probably better off looking at some alternative side gigs instead!

Check out 20 Cogs here and grab a £10 sign-up bonus.


Alternatives worth checking out include PrizeRebel and Swagbucks.

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  1. Thanks for the article, I didn’t earn as much as I thought I might due to the fact I had already had a few weeks on Oh My Dosh. A lot of the offers seem to be the same so I had already signed up to a lot of the companies. I still believe I can hit the payout requirement though. I’m about halfway through at the moment.

    • Good luck – it’s definitely the case that you see the same companies over and over again on these different sites, as the reviewer noted 🙂


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