The 9 Best Blogging Courses: Learn to Blog Today

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Do you keep thinking about starting a blog, but suffer from information overload when you start looking into it? You’re NOT alone! This article about the best blogging courses should be a great help.

I commissioned this article after lots of reader questions about blogging. I’ve dabbled with several of the courses myself, so I’ve added some insights of my own too. 

Blogging is a subject where the sheer amount of online information can prove more of a hindrance than a help. The online world moves fast, and lots of articles teach techniques that simply don’t work any more.

That’s where the best blogging courses come in. You can follow a strategy devised by just one person, and be led through the process step by step. This can be preferable to juggling a dozen browser tabs and not knowing which one contains advice you should act upon, or even in what order!

The courses here range from free (at least with a free trial) to $997 – so don’t let a limited budget stop you from getting started!

Before we Begin!

If you intend to start a blog, you will need some web hosting. Dreamhost, the company I use to host this very site, have a limited time offer on hosting, with prices as low as $2.59 per month. Use this link here to sign up. (It will open in a fresh tab for you).

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I shall now hand you over to Michelle!

Finding truly step-by-step resources on how to establish a blog is surprisingly challenging.

You’ll see many articles that explain site analytics or compare web hosts. But they don’t always seem very actionable. It’s also easy to quickly find yourself down a rabbit hole of jargon.

So, with that in mind, below are some of the best blogging courses that can help you actually establish a blog.

31 Days to Build a Better Blog

This course is offered via the blogging powerhouse Problogger, a hub for digital writers all across the internet.

The course materials are varied, and include video, audio, slides and fillable worksheets. There’s also a Facebook group that helps add accountability. If you’re the type of person who needs structure to learn, this is a great option.

A blog isn’t something you complete once and you’re done. It takes consistent effort. This particular course really helps you develop those good long-term habits that help a blog grow.

You can learn how to set goals for your blog, generate post ideas, understand your audience, develop an editorial calendar, explore areas for monetizing your blog and understand reader engagement, as just a few examples.

31 day blog sales page

Editors’ NoteI shall always have a soft spot for all things Problogger, because it was the Problogger book that kicked off my own blogging journey. This course is particularly well structured, and it’s keenly priced too.

PRICE: $99

Find the 31 Day Blogging Course Here

Launch Your Blog Biz

This course advertises itself as helping you start a blog business that makes over $1,000 per month “without being a tech wizard or a scammy sales person.”

$1,000 per month is an attainable goal. Some courses advertise that you can make thousands a week right away, which is usually a huge red flag.

The site establishes the creators of the course, Lauren and Alex, as people who have been around the block and have learned from their own blogging mistakes.

The course itself has actionable tasks to learn from, such as working with WordPress, creating great content and driving traffic. It also covers making money through tactics like ads and sponsored posts, as a few examples.

Launch your blog biz home page

Editors’ NoteI’ve worked through a lot of this course myself and found the content very thorough and step by step. My one criticism is that the course creators use Pinterest as their main traffic source. As described in our review of the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course, this works better for some niches than others. Just something you may want to keep in mind!

PRICE: $297

Find Launch your Blog Biz Here

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Let’s be honest, affiliate marketing has to be one of the biggest puzzles of professional blogging. (For the uninitiated, affiliate marketing is where you place links to other products on your site. Then you receive a commission when those links are followed or products are purchased).

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing isn’t one of the best blogging courses for absolute beginners. It’s more appropriate for intermediate bloggers looking to start making more money.

We’ve already reviewed this course in detail, and you can learn about it here. For an overview, the course is well-structured and you’ll definitely walk away with a solid game plan for making money online, IF you put in the work!

PRICE: $197 (or two payments of $105).

Find Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Here

Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization

Coursera is a great way to access online courses delivered by prestigious universities. This course comes from Northwestern University. The specializations on Coursera each encompass a number of courses, in this case five.

The courses cover engaging audiences, managing content, expanding content reach and ensuring content impact. The fifth course is actually a capstone project, where you create a content strategy package for a fictional web startup.

This is a rather more academic course, but a good fit if you’d like to bolster your resumé at the same time as learning about blogging. 

PRICE: Coursera operates a complex pricing model, with various options for auditing and testing courses. When studying a specialisation like this, it’s usually best to subscribe for the duration of your learning. The price quoted at the time of writing was £37 (c. $49) per month. We have a full review of Coursera for you here. 

Find Content Strategy for Professionals Here

WordPress 5 Essential Training

If you want to build a blog, odds are you’re doing it through WordPress. So it makes sense to know WordPress inside out.

WordPress changed quite a lot in version 5, so this is a valuable blogging course for both beginners and old hands. It covers how the new editor uses “blocks,” and various other nuances.

WordPress is flexible and easy to use, but the learning curve is pretty steep and it can all be a bit overwhelming in the early days. This course will bridge the gap.

WordPress 5 Essential Training

PRICE: $19.99 when purchased as an individual course. Also available as part of a LinkedIn Learning subscription. (We have a review of the platform here).

Find WordPress 5 Essential Training Here

The Authority Site System

The most expensive of our best blogging courses, you can’t get much more step-by-step than this. Gael and Mark, the founders of Authority Hacker, are true pros in the world of profitable blogs (and we often recommend their great free podcast on this site).

The Authority Site System course has you build a real website as you follow along with “over the shoulder” video lessons.

This course covers everything from market research and keyword research to content creation, link building and analytics. It also covers some aspects other courses don’t, like hiring and outsourcing. If you REALLY mean business, and are ready to invest in yourself, THIS is the course to go for. 

Also notable is how regularly this course is updated. As explained in the intro, you DO find people still teaching out of date tactics – that doesn’t happen here.

PRICE: $997

Find The Authority Site System Here

Blogging for a Living

If you’re on a tight budget, give the courses at Udemy a try. These are often on sale for around $12 to $15. This course gives you a “step-by-step blogging blueprint” and is currently rated at 4.6 out of 5 stars.

The course itself is delivered in 12.5 hours of on-demand video, 11 articles and 29 downloadable resources. The course covers a wide range of topics around starting a blog. These include creating blog posts, monetizing the blog and generating traffic. Once you buy a course via Udemy, you have lifetime access and can work at your own pace.

Blogging for a Living

PRICE: $19.99 (at the time of writing).

Find Blogging for a Living Here

Blogging Masterclass 

This is another step-by-step format course that starts with the basics and moves to the more advanced concepts. It’s been updated for 2020 and is advertised as Udemy’s best selling blogging course.

The course itself is delivered through 3.5 hours of on-demand video and one article. It currently has 4.5 out of 5 stars in reviews. It covers everything in a relatively short amount of time, from creating a WordPress site through generating revenue.

This is a good choice if you are pressured by time OR money, as it teaches everything in a short time for a low price.

PRICE: $23.99 (at the time of writing).

Find Blogging Masterclass here

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

If you like the idea of generating traffic from Pinterest, this is definitely the one for you. Pinterest is particularly effective for bloggers in areas like food, personal finance and crafts. 

The course covers how to use Pinterest itself, set up a strategy, make viral content and track analytics.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

If you’d like to know more about Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, we’ve recently reviewed it in detail here. Note that if you’re starting from scratch with a blog, one of the other courses will probably be a better fit for you, as this is about traffic generation more than getting the site up and running.

PRICE: $197

Find Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Here

So many people want passive income these days. Blogs are a FANTASTIC way to achieve it. However, you need to deal with the learning curve and put lots of work in first. All of these best blogging courses can help you do that work in a structured, methodical way.

For more on the basics of blogging, take a look at this popular article.

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